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Worst moments?

What were your moments in R/B/Y? Mine was when I took 2 years trying to get to the 7th gym without any knowledge of how to get Surf. :|


I killed Mewtwo and I cried.


Shiny hunter
My worst moment, was when in my haste to complete my pokedex, I traded half my decent pokemon to my other game (including my lvl 100 Charizard), started a new game, saved it, then later realised what I had done. I now call this event "the great delete".

Free Man

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I got bored of Pokémon in the summer of 2000. In the winter, I decided to have a play on my old game, for the memories. :) I turned on my Gameboy to find that the file data had corrupted, and I'd lost my complete Pokédex and my level 100 team.


Oh, I also once ran away from Articuno, because I didn't know that there was only one. :D

Hoshi no Kabii

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When I first got the game, I was so little and unintelligent, and it took me years to figure out what I was supposed to do with the parcel given to mr by Prof. Oak.

That's right, years.


When I got pokemon yellow, even after completing the game, I was still totaly naive about it, and this guy convinced me I should trade my four level 100 pokemon for some lame pokemon of his from blue you couldn't get in yellow. It totaly was not worth it.
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Blessed with evil
I've got 2 equally as bad moments.

When I started my game... I didn't know how to get out of the house o_O

In the Team Rocket hideout thing. I was easily confused by the warp panels
-_-; I was such a dumb kid back then. I thought that I was permantly stuck in that one place that I erased my file with my lv.50 pokemon to get out ;_; (I overtrained my pokemon)

The Graveler

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When I caught Missingno, Glitching my Red forever...


Furret rocks
Not realising how to get outta' the house.


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- When I caught Missingno. At first I thought "I've never heard of this Pokemon, he must be really rare!" Then it glitched my Red.

- Getting lost in Rock Tunnel without Flash for a few weeks.

- When the batteries ran out after I defeated the Elite Four.

Can't remember, but there's more.

The Shadow Knight

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Did not know how to get passed marowak in pokémon tower until a friend told me to use a pokédoll(2 months of walking around doing nothing)


killed mewtwo and i didnt save for like 1 hour befor i begen 2 fight him :(


Abort, Retry, Fail?
My worst moment was when I was trying to beat the Elite Four. After many tries, I finally beat Lance, just barely. I thought I had won the whole game, but then suddenly I realised I had to battle Gary. Then I lost to Gary. I was so annoyed...