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Worst Nintendo Game!

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by starxos8, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Krake

    Krake Flabebe's Kids

    In that case, why even make the game if all it is is a 3D Pokemon battler with none of the extra features the earlier 3D games had?

    I didn't like it because it was so goddamn easy. I know that that doesn't necessarily ruin a game, but from what I can remember, the opposing Pokemon were weak and had the worst movesets. I know because the Roulette Cup gets its difficulty if you just so happen to get none of your Pokemon in the pre-battle roulette, and the Select Cup is annoying because you have no choice but such Pokemon, many of which you have seen a thousand times.
  2. Burning Orphanage

    Burning Orphanage Liscensed Pedophile

    So Pokemon Battle Revolution is nothing more than a toy that provides absolutely nothing other than letting you play Diamond and Pealrs online, but in 3D graphics.
    This could constitute as Nintendos worst game simply because they advertised what is essentially an add-on as its own seperate game for the full price of $50.
  3. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    That's just false entitlement right there. First of all, the game can't be an add-on for an entirely different piece of hardware. A companion title? Certainly. Won't deny that for a second. Any Pokémon spinoff/side title that makes similar use of the Pokémon you raise and train in the core titles falls under the same category. Second of all, when Pokémon Stadium and its sequel were retailing for $50, were people making the same complaint? Nope, everything was hunky-dory because those two titles had MINIGAMES! And the ability to try and catch falling sushi as a Lickitung makes everything better.

    Again, PBR can only be branded as the worst "anything" if you feel Nintendo and their second-party developers owe you something they never promised in the first place, either in terms of content or price. The game is what it is - a means of battling your hard-trained Pokémon on the Wii, in 3D and online with unlockable extras like rare Pokémon and items you can transfer back to your DS title. For whatever reason, people have complained more or less since the game came out that it wasn't any of the countless things that it was never presented as at any point.
  4. Burning Orphanage

    Burning Orphanage Liscensed Pedophile

    Fair enough.

    Even while I still think both Stadium games were rather bad games themselves, they at least provided the rental pokemon system and the minigames to allow friends that don't have the availability to handheld pokemon games to play with you. Its still overpriced, but you don't need a whole seperate game to play it.

    Had the game been released as a WiiWare title or at a cheap price like fifteen or twenty dollars, it being nothing more than online 3D battles for your 4th generation Pokemon would be fine.
    Advertising it as a full game at the price of a normal Wii title, while having absolutely no real features that you can use without purchasing the handheld titles is ridiculous. It's like releasing a High-Def version of Street Fighter III and making you pay a full price tag of fifty dollars for it, all while having to own the original game to play it anyway.
  5. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    PBR has a rental system in place, does it not? And as for the minigames, if you didn't have a loaded Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal cartridge to use with Stadium/Stadium 2, are you really going to tell me you would have purchased one or both of those titles anyway on the sole basis of being able to play minigames with a friend?

    WiiWare wasn't an option in 2006 and the cadre of developers and executives that approves new Pokémon spinoff and side titles is under no obligation to hold back software for which there is a distinct and exploitable niche - Diamond/Pearl and the Wii hit within a few months of each other; a Pokémon title for the Wii that can battle online was an obvious choice during the year that preceded both of those releases - just because someone doesn't want to pay the standard software price for it. What was the last genuine, worthwhile Wii title you saw retail for lower than the standard $50?

    Again, complaining that PBR to be the "worst" anything on the sole basis that you need a loaded D/P/Pt/HG/SS game to use with it is simply indefensible, unless you're going to try and make the case that its N64 forebearers were somehow immune from that same criticism on the sole basis that they had minigames completely, totally and entirely unrelated to the primary gameplay.
  6. Burning Orphanage

    Burning Orphanage Liscensed Pedophile

    If I recall correctly, Pokemon Battle Revolution only allowed you to play with random Pokemon sets, you weren't allowed to actually customize your own.
    If I am wrong, I'll retract my statement.

    Doesn't excuse the fact that if the game can't stand on its own, it shouldn't be set at the standard pricing.

    Didn't I previously state that the Stadium games weren't immune to this, but were slightly more acceptable for the rental Pokemon feature?
    They were no masterpieces by any standard, nor should they have costed as much as they did, but at least you can beat the game strictly by itself.
  7. SulkingSableye

    SulkingSableye Hmm....

    Heh. I would not have words put in my mouth. I never said that Nintendo or anyone else owe me anything. I only expect it to deliver what ANY game of its kind should- to have fun. And i didn't. So if i have enjoyed every other Nintendo game more than PBR, it is the worst Nintendo game i have ever played.

    Oh yeah, btw, i never played Stadium 1 or 2, so i can't form an opinion on them. I was more of a Sega person back in the NES-N64 days.
  8. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Even if that is the case, the game still has provisions for letting you use Pokémon that are not your own.

    But the game can stand on its own just fine - the only catch is that you need a loaded DS Pokémon title for maximum enjoyment. And as such, I put the question to you: how many of the million-plus people worldwide who purchased a copy of PBR do you estimate did so without the intent, knowledge and DS hardware and title(s) necessary to get full enjoyment out of the game?
  9. SulkingSableye

    SulkingSableye Hmm....

    Most if not all of them, because this game would only appeal to die-hard fans. Having said that, this game is the kind that only die-hard fans could enjoy for long, because they'll look past the game's many flaws.
  10. pokemaster394

    pokemaster394 JESUS FREAK

    I'd have to say Chaotic: Shadow Warriors for the DS.

    I bought it new, played it, and its got a majorly long intro thanks to the stupid tutorial. And then when you finally get to actually play it, you have two creatures to beat and both of em are incredibly tough! I can't get past em, and all the creatures in my army suck, plus the mugic is weak! I went to return it at GameStop and they wanted to give me $7.00 for it. I just bought it from them for $30.00 and they wanna give me $7.00 for it!? That made it even worse!
  11. Cobalt_Latios

    Cobalt_Latios Well-Known Member

    For those in the process of debating PBR, I'd like to let you know something. To play online in DP (at the time anyways), you needed both a Wi-Fi hotspot/access point, and someones FC to play against. You also needed an FC in PBR, but it wasn't exactly necessary. You could potentially play against random people easily. Sure, there wasn't any voice chat at the time, but PBR was the first Wii title to go online. In other words, despite the many "flaws" it presented, it still allows you to play against any random soul online without the need for an FC, which I find to be it's best quality.

    Sure, you need Diamond or Pearl in order to play effectively. Similar thing with Colosseum and XD, except they had an actual story mode to allow you to look past those flaws. Really, PBR is an enhanced version of what Colo and XD's battle system was, except this time they added extra little "stuff" to it. Also, it gives you different battle styles in order to acquire a more "customizable" character to play as. Sure, it may not be the best around, but it does present you with the ability to have someone to identify as. Even better than what you have in any Pokemon game yet (granted, it doesn't really bother anyone...).

    I think the only reason why you dislike PBR is simply because it lacked an easy way to use the rental system. It's there, you just need to work at it to get more pokes to use. It may not be the best, but it's something.

    Also Pokepark Wii has all your "minigames" there.

  12. Nixoth

    Nixoth Ace Trainer

    so far, id say godzilla: destroy all monsters. one word: repetition
  13. VertigoVaporeon

    VertigoVaporeon New Pearlshipper <3

    Mysims for the DS. It put its Wii version of it to shame. >.>
  14. cascade88

    cascade88 < go ask alice >

    The worst Nintendo (DS) games I've played so far are the My Sims ones. I'm not sure if they fair any better on the Wii or not though. :|
  15. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Try playing Godzilla Unleashed, and you'll pretty much prefer playing Destroy All Monsters Melee than this game.
  16. Darkrai0203

    Darkrai0203 Propaniac

    Whatever... you guys aren't paying attention... games MADE BY NINTENDO!!!
    not games on Nintendo consoles.
  17. Super mario bros.2 is the worst game, i didn't like the game play and picking things up from the ground and throwning them at enemies was kinda dumb, i like the gameplay or the origianl and SMB 3 the best, Blades of Steel, now tht game was the ****
  18. Wii Music is pretty much the worst Nintendo game ever.
  19. Cipher

    Cipher Nothing to be done

    This is a tough question. Nintendo has an amazing track record. By default, it almost has to be one of the Mario or Pokemon spin-offs.

    I'm going to give it to Hey You, Pikachu!. Would've been cute as a tech-demo if it actually worked. As it stands, I've had more fun trying to engage my dog in philosophical debates. And been more successful, too.
  20. Munchlax66

    Munchlax66 Well-Known Member

    Hey You! Pikachu! that game is very unplayable.

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