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Worth restarting?


CHANSEY hunter!
Unfortinatly I don't trust alot of shinys in my platinum game ATM.

I only plan on saving the event Pokemon then restarting Platinum.

I unfortinatly havn't gotten all the versions yet though, so I don't know if I will be restarting soon - I do want to get another Oaks Letter though. :S

And I can always trade over my shiny Darkrai/Deoxys aswell. xD!

What I'm thinking of keeping so far is;

- Wish Chansey
- Movie Arceus
- WISHMKR Jirachi
- Fire red Deoxys
- Shiny Deoxys
- Shiny Darkrai
- Birthday Pikachu
- VGC Melotic
- 10th aniv Lugia
- Shiny bold shuckle
- Seismic toss chansey
- Softboiled Clefairy
- 2 or 3 other shinys I like such as Nincada and Spiritomb.

Thats it in my eyes. I would give away the shinys to friends or whoever because I don't need a Box full of rotting shiny Pokemon. xD

I have my brothers DS at my exposle so I can trade between games if I wish without the help of friends being needed.


Nine one six ~
I suggest that you reset one of the games, complete it, then reset another game. Reset one game at a time instead of resetting all at once. When you complete one the game that you have reset, simply send/trade over all the important Pokemons that you plan to keep from your other games that are not reset, then reset the game with all the Pokemons that you have transferred to the other game.

For example, let's say you have Diamond which does not have many importatnt Pokemons and Pearl with many important Pokemons. Reset Diamond and complete it. Then, send all the important Pokemons from Pearl to Diamond before resetting Pearl.
If you want to start again trade all your special pPokemon to another game thats what I'd do. Although I don't think I will ever restart so of my older games, I don't know why?


Just do it. You'll have a ton of fun even if you dont have a pretty colored pokemon or one with a special ability. Detach yourself

Alpha Gamer

Strength & Strategy
I suggest transferring your most important pokemon to another game and keep them there for safe keeping but ultimately the choice is up to you and you can do whatever you want. Or heck if you're just gonna get rid of them I'll gladly take a few of them off your hands.


Don't do it. I lost a shiny riolu when my platinum reset itself, and it was so sad... ;_; my only shiny that i got myself... i regret it, even though it wasn't my fault... if you do reset, only reset one from each generation, and trade all your rarities to your other version. Even if there's hundreds. When you set out to get the shiny form of every pokemon, you will regret losing the ones you had before. (or in my case, one.)
put all of your good pokes on one game and go for it dude!!


The OPs releasing shinies, and i have yet to ever even see one.

And I've been playing since the Red and Blue days.

You suck, OP =p

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
It depends really, if you want to restart it choose the one with less stuff like shinies and other Pokemon in it.

I always have one game that was main Blue/Silver (Battery died though)/Sapphire/LG/Diamond/SS (When it comes out in Australia, don't know if I will get HG) that I collect all Pokemon on it.

One is where I restart them (But I transfer the Pokemon) Red/Gold/Ruby/Pearl (I don't have FR and don't know about HG).

And the third one is random Yellow/Crystal (Went missing, somehow I think it was stolen now)/Emerald/Platium (Never restarting).

So maybe just keep one or two as a restarting one and the others as your main/storage one.


It really depends on what pokemon I have. I know its very tempting to restart the game. If so, I'll just transfer some parties and restart it. Fast and easy to beat.


I you bet
I don't understand what's the problem with trading all your rares and shiny's to one game, for example pearl, and just starting over with diamond? I don't think you really want to do both diamond and pearl anyway.

Seriously, if you delete awesome things like wish chansey, you WILL regret it.
and when you save one game with chansey anyway, why not store the shiny's on there as well?

As for the starting over plan in itself: do it! It's awesome! Just please save the rarest pokemon, because you might very well regret it
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