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Would pokemon would you get if they were real?


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Well in Octoboy's poke-reality, I would have to choose a Cubone or Ralts. They both seem easy enough to care for, if not easy to obtain.

In the anime pseudo-reality, I would have the aforementioned 'mons' evolutions (all 3), as well as an Empoleon (for surfing), a Dragonite (for flying), and...possibly a Misdreavus, for it's cuteness.


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Anything that floats and doesn't eat. Like Lunatone and Bronzor. They're cool looking, I couldn't kill them, they probably couldn't kill me, and they'd make neat decorations.

Or Sandshrew and Rattata. So they dig and chew. Feh. I've been keeping exotic rodents for five years. I could handle it.


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For a starter Pokemon from each region:Charmander,Mudkip,Chikorita,Turtwig
General Pokemon:Chansey
Team: Chansey,Weavile,Pikachu,Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon


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Well, considering Octoboy's thoughts...I'd be better off with a plushie XD I've never had a pet, but I suppose Pokemon might react a little more violently to not being fed than fish...to be serious, I would probably choose as a starter...Turtwig maybe? With an Everstone. Can't burn the house out, can't drench electronics (or me) with Water...yep. Other Pokemon...Absol, maybe Riolu (but considering how overrated it is these days...),...urgh, do you know how difficult you've made this, Octoboy? XD

Anime-version? Now this is much easier.

Starters: Torchic, Cyndaquil, Turtwig, Treecko (strange, I always chose Water-types in the games...so maybe Piplup as well?)

Other: Absol, Ralts (evolve or not), Budew (evolve once or twice), Ninetales? Maybe some of the four starters I wouldn't have chosen...

The evolutions of Eevee may be cute, but rather overrated in my opinion. I mean, Umbreon/Espeon/Glaceon etc are cool, but what does it matter if everyone has one or more?


lower shiny ratio!
starter: Squirtle
Legend: Lugia/mew




i find it strange almost all my pokemon are from the 1st and 2nd generations. i guess that shows which gens. were my favorites. haha
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Ofcourse I will go to Pokemon training, to became a Pokemon Master. I think I will start journey with some cat like Pokemon like Meowth or Glameow, or with some dog like Pokemon like Poochyena or Growlithe


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For my starters: Mudkip, Totodile, Bulbasaur, Piplup
My second: Rayquaza

My team: Shiny Rayquaza, Swampert, Feraligator, Venusaur, Empoleon.

Nick names: Black Dragon, Swampy/Swamper, Feral, Miles, Humon.


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these days...),...urgh, do you know how difficult you've made this, Octoboy? XD
*rubs hands together, gleefully with an evil expression*

You see, if I'd never said anything, people wouldn't have really posted what they would have if pokemon was truly real. Notice that in the "anime" version, you pretty much just chose your favourites/maybe your game team? Yeah, it makes things more fun if you think about all this kind of thing. If not, people just post their favourite pokemon/a fantasy team for themselves, then, they're done. This way, there's more to it.

Now, as for myself... I'd think if I did decide to get one, I'd probably choose caterpie. It's a pretty ideal pet, if you think about it. I own a bunch of snails now, and caterpie's similarly, a small herbivorous invertebrate (albeit, an enormous invertebrate), and doesn't have any really dangerous weapons, and not to mention, it's cute as hell. And it's probably a pretty smart and loving thing for an insect too. So, I might go for that. Plus, the great thing about pokemon is that unlike real animals, they're always loyal to you (even the ones based on the less loyal pets), so I'd have less worries just letting the thing munch leaves in the tree in the back yard. ...Unless the neighbors weren't so happy about what it was doing to the tree... But I think I'd be able to keep the thing fed.

The only thing to deal with now, is cleaning up its webs... A bit of a hassle, but still little compared to constant fire hazards like charmander.


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The thing is, real world evil organizations would not stop their plans because a ten year old beat them in a Pokemon match. The Pokemon world seems to be a very peaceful world, because there is very little violence... If Pokemon were real, the world would not be anything like the Pokemon world. Why would they stop their plans because a ten year old beat them in a Pokemon match? Seriously.

Real world evil organizations have no problem killing people... A ten year old would have no chance of stopping them. (and shouldn't even try, for their own safety.)
Not particularly so, actually. Considering the immense powers Pokemon have, it becomes a sort of living shield or weapon, so to speak. If a child were able to beat a criminal organization's Pokemon supply, then that child has wiped out the organization's weapons, and can use his own Pokemon to stand guard over and/or threaten the head of the group until authorities arrive. The Pokemon match becomes the weapon battle, replacing guns and the like. Granted, beating an entire team of bad guys might be a little harder in real life than in the games, but it's certainly not a pointless or impossible venture.

Before answering that question, one has first consider that in real life, pokemon wouldn't be cute little anime characters/pixelated critters which can win cool fights for you. They would be animals with powers to control elements, and likely, many would be an extreme hazard. Take pikachu, for example. Cute, no? Seems like a great pet, doesn't it. But then, consider that this thing packs tons of volts of electricity. If pokemon were real, you would be real too, not an anime character, so if you pissed that thing off, it could easily put you in a coma. Don't get me started on charizard. It's not just an awesome, anime dragon now, it's a beast which could easily destroy your home simply by forgetting to watch where its tail is. Also, remember that in the anime and games, the trainer spends almost no part of his life at home. Pokemon would be ridiculously hard to keep in, say, an apartment, or even a suburban area. And the reality of being a pokemon trainer would mean years of camping out, eating out, and carrying a heavy load of supplies at all times. No chilling out in your room, in your underwear, as you might be doing when you are playing Pokemon.

Now, I consider myself. While I am quite fond of animals, my experiences with owning hamsters gave me this message: I am not a good pet owner. The only animal which I feel safe in keeping is something as simple as a guppy.

Now, let's think of pokemon. I haven't had anything highly intelligent and energetic, like a dog, and my hamsters' fate clearly indicates a mammilian pet isn't my thing. So, it's narrowed down to fish. Goldeen comes to mind, but a goldeen can't be kept in a tank. Also, all pokemon are one foot long or longer, which is enormous for a pet fish. And certainly not large enough to keep in my small room. So, if I did own a pokemon, I'd either be forced to keep it inside its ball nearly all the time, or I'd have to satisfy myself with something like porygon, which isn't a living, breathing creature.

People who could keep a dog or a cat may be better at keeping something like a skitty, or a snubbull, though even then, glameow and persian are extremely fickle, and growlithe could start fires. Not easy pets. Then, there's the big ones. Something like a venusaur would require a whole lot of land to keep it in. Ask yourself if you could keep a horse. You are now looking at something much larger than a horse, requiring much more land to roam, and much more to eat. Then, there's charizard, which would require a small fortune on meat, and would need a place to fly without smogged up air, plus, would probably be trouble, because it might eat peoples' livestock. Happy defending yourself in court.

So, if pokemon were real, they wouldn't have the excuses of being from a video game or from an anime that makes them easy to take care of in that, and would be really tough to keep.

...However, if the question was, what would you get if you were part of the anime is an entirely different question. An anime character can get shocked, torched alive, and can topple over backwards, and come out of it completely unscathed. So, if you were an anime character, keeping a pokemon would be no problem, so go ahead and choose whichever you like. Of course, there'd be no wandering through grass, then having pokemon appear out of nowhere, you'd actually have to hunt the pokemon down, and catch them, but still, it would certainly be easier.

I'm such a killjoy.
Octoboy, you put way too much gritty realism into this. Not to mention it's all speculation, anyway.

If Pokemon are capable of all of these magnificent powers, who's to say they aren't equally as capable of the intelligence or self-control they exhibit in the games/anime? Charizard might not eat entire sides of beef, necessarily; it might be perfectly happy surviving on food pellets or Poffins or something. It would also be much more difficult to neglect a Pokemon to death. They're larger, more interactive, and less forgettable than any hamster that ever walked the Earth, not to mention their ability to vocalize themselves with something more attention-grabbing that a squeak. If you hadn't fed your Rattata since last night, the Rattata would speak up with as much!

And if it was a commonplace lifestyle to travel across the country with Pokemon, there would obviously be centers stationed around the world to help provide for the trainers. Pokemon Centers, maybe? Life as a trainer would be supported in some way, shape, or form.

If I had to have just one, it would be a Flygon. Really, I choose it mainly for the travel opportunites it provides. The strength and coolness are just additional bonuses. If there were more Pokemon allowed, I'd go with Scizor, Umbreon, Rotom, a Wailord (also for the travel opportunites), and so on. The choices are incredibly varied and fun~
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If I had to limit it to just one...I'd probably go with either Wartortle, Registeel, or Kricketot. Mainly because they're my favorites. xD Or a Tropius so I wouldn't have to get a car. Haha.
If I can have up to...let's say 12, I'd probably have:
Torterra, Nidoking, Hippowdon, Gliscor, Whiscash, Cradilly,
Charizard, Wartortle, Registeel, Kricketot, Duskull, and Lickitung.

I'm going to stay out of the "LOL elemental issues" arguments and such.
Because that's how I rolllll.
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gulpin, duh. Oh, and maybe scyther.

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Hmm! If Pokemon were real, I will get a Shiny Metagross, Steelix, Salamence, Machamp, Dusknoir, Wailord, Garchomp, Dragonite, Bronzong, Heatran, Blaziken, Sceptile, Swampert, Infernape, Torterra and Venusaur.... And well, the list goes on! :D .... And finally, when the time's right, I'll try to catch all the Legendary Pokemon too.


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Munchlax, Raichu, or Dragonite. Can't decide between the three.

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..Shinra Tensei.
Chances are, i'd get along well with a Noctowl and Squirtle until evolution.


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I'd start with a Cyndaquil and catch a Murkrow which would become a Honchkrow with a dusk stone.

I'd also get a Banette.


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My starter would have to be two eevee brothers? Or atleast just two eevee. Eventually I'de evolve one into Umbreon/Espeon, and the other into Vaporeon. In the anime, everyone just uses their favorites, so I'm gonna do the same. My team would probly be:

Arcanine, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Marowak, Pikachu and Umbreon/Espeon.

Of course, they'de all start out as growlithe, dratini, eevees, and possibly a pichu.