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Would you choose May or Misty to come back to the show?

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I would personaly choose May but just curious.


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Neither one will come back on the show for longer than +- 3 episodes. Though they would probably be shown again both, which is good because I like both characters.

Personally I'm looking forward to May more, because I think she has a more interesting character development.
I want May to come back to give some more screentime to Blaziken, it only had 1 episode after all, and that's a disgrace. Also, her other pokemon are cool too if you compare it to Misty's boring water pokemon.
May shouldn't travel with Ash again since there's no reason for two coordinators on the same group, but I'd like to see some of her Johto adventures in spinoffs. Also, that would mean more of Drew/Harley which is an additional plus.

I also like to see the inevitable May/Dawn meeting sometime in late Sinnoh, these two definitely have to meet at some point.

As for Misty she should make some cameos like she did in AG, but I wouldn't want her on the group again.


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If you're talking about coming back permanently, none of them.

Both of them should make some cameos during D/P but it would be more interesting to see May's and Dawn's encounter. I'm not expecting a serious battle between them though.


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I also like to see the inevitable May/Dawn meeting sometime in late Sinnoh, these two definitely have to meet at some point.
Somehow I never gave that a thought... Having both of them enter the same Contest would be interesting.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if Max would reappear along with May. And if he does, what will he be doing? Is he almost ten yet, and will he be a trainer? They couldn't possibly let him stay the same height.
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Max is in Hoenn while May is in Johto, so if May appears she'll probably just show up alone. I think the fact that the writers purposely split them up at the end of BF says a lot.

I don't expect any old characters to be shown again for awhile though, there's no need for cameos this early on in the saga. Maybe once we get to late Sinnoh but not now.


I want May to come back


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Definitely May and not for a whole season just for a few episodes.

I really don't care about Misty...^_^

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Maybe they'll appear at the same time.:D


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Id really like to see May come back for a few episodes in late Sinnoh. Mostly because she will have all knew Jhoto Pokemon. Also I want May's Eevee to evolve into Glaceon/Leafeon.

I have a prediction, I predict that May will show up around Snowpoint city (from that ship) and meet up with Ash. Soon she will get into a battle and her Eevee will evolve.


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I would choose to bring Misty back as I never really liked May as much as other people seem too.
Both ..but only for a few episodes. NEITHER should return for good. They both had their time on the show, and both gave everything they can to the show.

If Haruka came back, it would totally ruin the reason why she left. She left because she wanted to be able to travel on her own and improve her own style.

Kasumi is the gym leader now, so it's not like she would give up that. Plus ..she already had enough time on the show.

But they both really need to have cameos or mentions (especially Haruka at this point.) Satoshi & Takeshi should have mentioned her by now since Hikari is a coordinator ..and I can see her being a huge Haruka fangirl (of course ..not as big as me. ;D)


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Personally i would want both back. Especially if there is something for misty to do like... Gym leader stuff throught Sinnoh. See some of her new battling power.

May, she was awesome. I so want to see her and drew/Harley battle it out all the time i mean the GF is one of my most favorite parts of Hoenn/BF series.

If you mean right now during sinnoh then if it happens misty will come back. If maybe there is some spin-off series before 5th gen and hikari gets dropped then May might come back.

*sighs* now i miss Harely and May fighting...

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Misty needs to come back. There's no need for 2 coordinators. Now that Misty's been gone awhile, I think many fans would find it a breath of fresh air if she returned now. DP could add another first; the first time there's 2 girls in the group, and everybody is complaining for something new, right?

Think Togepi

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Misty, for sure.
I hate May. She can go die for all I care. -.-
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