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Would you eat that?


Bugs!! :3
So much greed, nope, gives me tummy aches :/

Vanilluxe, with sprinkles :D

President People

Eat The Path
Yeh, assuming they're edible and that they don't mind being eaten. :p

Chex with cheese melted over them.


Oh yeah. Beans and Cheese.


Bugs!! :3

Prune Juice with rancid vinegar <3


[Insert Cool Title]
Of course! That sounds delicious, to bad I don't have any right now.

Okay someone beat me too it. If I were dared to or felt like it. (As I say later on I have eaten some weird items including a bunch of breakfast items [including a fully made sandwich] and various liquids blended together. To prove I have a stronger stomach than my brother.)

I've eaten some pretty weird things in my days. Here's one of the stranger ones. (I have eaten one.)

Would you eat a scorpion?
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