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Would you have prefered Hilda to Iris?

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A question that I'm sure has been asked and answered before, but hasn't gotten it's own thread yet, would you have prefered the lead female to be Hilda, rather than Iris? Personally, I can see Iris being a character like Barry, and show up sometimes, but not as a real lead character. Hilda would have been a far better choice.
Iris and Cilan were purposely chosen because they play off each other and have (somewhat) similar personalities and roles as Misty and Brock did.

I get the feeling Hilda would be almost exactly like Dawn, just slightly less girly. I think we had enough of that.


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Yes but they would need a better name then Hilda. She is not an old German lady!


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Eh...I like Iris better than Hilda. I at first wanted Hilda (when I say this I mean before I knew of Iris's existance) to be the main girl with Ash, but I love how Iris and Dento contrast each other. It makes me think the writers are trying to have a Black and White theme with nature and technology like the games. White Forest, Black City anyone?


Though she's by far my favourite playable female. NO. She would've been turned into the run of the mill girly girl basically. Keep her away from the main anime, just give her awesome cameos like the ones Brendan got.


In b4 Dattebayo comes whining.

Personally, I like the way Iris has been handled thus far into the series. She's far from perfect but still she feels like refreshing change from the usual formula. I enjoy her personality and she's responsible for some of my favorites scenes in BW.


If Hilda was a main character instead of Iris, the group wouldn't look varied enough. Wild child Iris meshes perfectly with Cilan's flamboyant tendencies and Ash's eager nature. Plus, becoming a Dragon Master is more interesting to me than whatever goal Hilda would've had. What would she do? Musicals? That would be a disaster, and I think contests don't need to come back.


Oh yes, a thousand times yes! Same with Hillbert.

The only problem is her role in the group.


Would you have preferred Hilda to Iris?

I hope Dax is proud.​

But yeah, I wouldn't have preferred Hilda to Iris. I admit that there was a time when I was looking forward to seeing Hilda appear in the main cast, but then I remembered that I don't really notice the female characters anyway, so I just sort of gave up on that idea. Iris isn't very interesting in my opinion, but at least she's not into Contests. I'm sure Hilda would've done Musicals, which would've been just like Contests only with choreography and props, so at least Iris has saved us from that.


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I like Iris because of how she broke the mold for female leads. It wasn't necessarily bad to have the "girl that wants to go to the contest" formula, but it sort of seemed a bit redundant after a while. I like the enthusiasm the female lead, Iris, has and how it is shown throughout the show.

Or should I type a less meaningful post?

Iris all the way man. <3<3


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I just get angry when Iris calls Ash a kid plus her design makes her look so much younger then the last 3 girls
I'd have to say no, I wouldn't have preferred Hilda. In my opinion, she would have been similar to May and Dawn in how she fits in the group, which would have been redundant. Iris fits in differently, not only in terms of design but in terms of personality as well; how she, as a "wild child" contrasts with the more sophisticated and flamboyant Cilan and her down to earth nature constrasts with Ash's "up and at them" nature. It makes for a more interesting dynamic.
Yeah, seems like everyone is saying she'd probably wind up too similar to Dawn and perhaps Ash....we don't need to sit through that a third time. Even if she didn't do contests, whatever quest she'd have would probably just be more token collecting.

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No. For me, this is the next best thing to happen without having a main girl. Going back to Ash with two(ish) gym leaders and whatnot rather than having another female player protagonist replace another female player protagonist.


^ Or more importantly, replace Ash all together with two new main protagonists, who are siblings, traveling the region together. You may view it as a homage to Max and May's sibling relationship if you like the Advance saga.
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No. For me, this is the next best thing to happen without having a main girl. Going back to Ash with two(ish) gym leaders and whatnot rather than having another female player protagonist replace another female player protagonist.

So, what? Lenora?
Bad thoughts...


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Umm no...she looks like a Mcdonalds employee.


Iris needs an attitude change. I bet Hilda would have a better attitude.

Just because you don't like her attitude doesn't mean she needs to change it. It's not like she doesn't respect Ash or anything.
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