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Would you like the return of the music segment?

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"Who's That Pokemon?" returned out of nowhere. What about Pikachu's Jukebox, the Pokerap, or Karaokemon?

I honestly haven't liked any of the songs that have been put out post-4kids but I'm curious what other fans think.


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I don't think so. The music dubbers back then were good and whoever the hell was singing had a nice voice. I don't know who they will have now to top the original back then so that they wouldn't sound too horrible. This is why I rather listen to it in Japanese and have it subbed.

Kutie Pie

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It would be nice to see if they weren't planning on making a CD out of it. 4KIDS did that about three times, and they would "advertise" the songs on Pikachu's JukeBox so they would get stuck in our heads, and then when we found out they were on a soundtrack, we'd buy it immediately. That was really the only reason Pikachu's JukeBox existed.

But if TPC isn't that diabolical, then maybe.


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I loved to sing the tracks (in the Mexican dub) when I was younger. I wish something like this would come back.

Perhaps a song about Cilan's queerness would be possible?


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I did enjoy watching the music parts when I was little. I liked Pikachu's Jukebox as well. I wish 4kids still showed Pokemon, like reruns of old episodes. It seems like its shows are all anime-based anyway.


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I don't know who they will have now to top the original back then so that they wouldn't sound too horrible.

The folks who performed on 2.B.A. Master were primarily people who John Loeffler (of Rave Music) happened to know from other work. John's still writing the openings/endings, so I assume the same process would apply now.

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Pikachu's Jukebox and the PokeRap were products of a different time when Pokemon was a much bigger force in entertainment. That's not saying it is not popular now - because it is still plenty popular, obviously - but those existed when music about Pokemon was something there was interest in.

Kutie Pie

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You will not like the Unova Pokerap.

Yes; it exists.

Yes; it is terrible.

Oh gosh, is it worse than the Hoenn PokéRap by any chance?

*looks it up*

Well, apparently there was no Sinnoh PokéRap, which means that the Unova PokéRap you're talking about is fan-made (it looks fan-made to me). But if the original exists, post the link, please.

So far, Hoenn PokéRap is the worst.
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