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Would you like to have another fire/fighting as starter?

Would you like to have another fire/fighting starter on next generation?

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No for a Fire/Fighting type. But I might go with a Fighting/Fire hahahha. I want to see a Fire/Ice.


ground types

its getting old


It needs a fence.
Fire-Fighting isn't a bad typing, but I want something new! Give us a fire-(insert type here) for the love of God! Or go with a plain old fire type, either works.


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I really wouldn't mind another one, but certainly not in the next generation. Three in a row is quite enough for the moment.


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But they didn't which goes to show just how much they actually care if you are bothered if there's another fire/fighting starter.

Furthermore if don't like the fact that Emboar is another fire/fighting starter then just don't use him and replace it with another fire type pokémon.

No one is forcing you to chose Tepig or evolve it.

No they are not.

Dude, I'm stating my own opinion that they are repeating the same types over and over. e-o And I didn't even say that I didn't want to evolve Tepig, did I? And I didn't even say that I hated them as well. No need to be rude about it. In other words, I just think that they should try something else. Yes I said "They are running out of ideas, are they", and I didn't even mean that literally. I already know why they are based on those, since that they are a pig demon and a monkey.
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Oh god no. End this madness once and for all.

I use to choose fire time over all others, my first pokemon was Charmander, and my favorite starter was Typhlosion. But after Blaziken I felt the fires started to become all too similar. So from Sinnoh on I started choosing the water starters because I enjoyed how they looked more, and I enjoyed their typing.

I think overall we need to bring back pure type starters for gen 6. No more duel types for the final evolution, they have their advantages but then they have a ton of weaknesses.

A past idea I had though and I'm sure it's been shared to death is, if they do use duel types (which they will, my above statement was more my whining to a wall) what they should do is make the final evolutions reverse the weakness flow. Fire/Dark, Water/Psychic, Grass/Fighting. Be fun, though knowing my luck they'll do Fire/Fighting, Water/Dark, Grass/Psychic... ugh


I hate nothing in this world more than someone saying that an icecream pokemon is not creative. You say an icecream pokemon isn't creative, but a glob of purple goo is?

True that, mate.

Unless it is a Bruce Lee-inspired Pokemon, No!

...You mean like Hitmonlee?


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It's unanimous. Somebody send a letter to Gamefreak!

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Not really an issue for me, whenever I first play a pokemon game I always choose water. But on my second play though i generally choose Fire, but I'm not overly annoyed about the Fire/Fighting issue. It would be nice for a chance, but otherwise I ain't fussed. I just like the fact Emboar looks like Ganon. I know he's not based on him, but he really does (in my opinion naturally)

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Hahaha maybe. The only way i could see another fire/fighting pokemon fitting in, is as if it was a deity like creature with 4 arms or something like machamp.


Better than Breloom.
Well it does work nicely, but I doubt anyone will disagree on this.

Actually Its not that the other 2 copied Blaziken, its just that it was fitting to their concept as well.

Fire/Fighting may have been a fitting concept for Infernape and Emboar, but nevertheless they did copy Blaziken's typing. Nothing says they couldn't have Fire/Fighting Pokemon that weren't starters that still fit the concepts that Infernape and Emboar were supposed to display.

How about you do some research and find out what Emboar is based on and you will find out why he's a Fire/Fighting.

They didn't have to make Emboar a starter Pokemon. They could've made a Fire starter that didn't have Fighting as a secondary type.

Yeah no Fire/fighting is much stronger that pure fire.

Just because a type combination is often more competitively viable and stronger doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Try another excuse.

Furthermore if don't like the fact that Emboar is another fire/fighting starter then just don't use him and replace it with another fire type pokémon.

The problem isn't in the fact that they don't like the Tepig line. It's in the fact that the player has been given a choice between a Grass starter, a Water starter, and a Fire starter that evolves into a Fire/Fighting type for three generations, which is why people say it gets really old.

You also mention that they should replace Emboar with another Fire-type Pokemon. In that case, why didn't they make Emboar not a starter and put another Fire-type Pokemon as a starter in the first place so that people wouldn't have to do such a thing?

You do know that Monferno existed for a reason to counter that gym as well right?

The reason Monferno existed in gen 4 wasn't to counter Roark's gym. It was coincidentally the second stage in a line of three Fire-type Pokemon that just so happened to be based off of Sun Wu Kong.

Again I don't hear you say that for the Pidove line or for the Rufflet line since we have another flying/normal combo, futhermore as I have said before you don't have to use Tepig so your complaint is unneeded.

Again, the problem doesn't lie in whether or not a person likes Tepig. It lies in the fact that there have been three Fire-type starters whose final forms were all Fire/Fighting for three generations. Pidgey, Hoothoot, and Rufflet are different because there are purposefully counterparts to Pidgey in each generation.

Starters are different, because Game Freak never intended for them to be counterparts of each other in terms of typing. However, the fact that they went with fully-evolved Fire/Fighting starter Pokemon for three generations now warrants such a complaint.

You clearly don't understand why the Rock gym was the first gym in Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Rock is the best type to teach newcomers of the Pokémon series about typing and how they matter in battle.

Pokémon Black and White make this pretty clear when the first Gym Leader would have a clear type advantage over your starter but a clear type disadvantage over your monkey, should have you chosen to pick it up and use it.

Rock is clearly not the best type to teach newcomers of the Pokemon series about typing and how they matter in battle, and you say the answer yourself.
If they wanted to teach newcomers of the Pokemon series about typing and how they mattered in battle, why didn't they go with what they did with Striaton City in the generations where they had Rock-type gyms as the first gym to handle? (Or at least in gen 3 and 4, since gen 1 probably didn't have processing power advanced enough for it.)

All Fire starters are based on the chinese zodiac.
Weve had
Dragon, Rat, Rooster, Monkey, Boar.
Whats left:
Ox, Snake, Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Ram, Dog

I think snake would be too soon after Serperior (but /Poison please! omg)
The rest all seem like casual candidates. Plenty of pure Fire material and I don't see what esle they could possibly want Fighting on, so Im confident this is done.

I think it's purely coincidental. After all, between Grass and Water and Fire, the one type that correlates with the most zodiac animals is the Fire type.
Of course, they didn't have to all be Fire/Fighting, which just goes to show that all the complaints that have been posted in this thread apply.

Not really. They would be running out of ideas if they used something exotic everytime and have nothing new left.
Its more that they stuck to /Fighting because it fit the concepts they chose for the Fire starters, not the other way around.

Again, they could've stuck with Fire/Fighting to suit their concepts but not have made them starters so that these complaints wouldn't have risen in the first place.
And with everybody saying that Game Freak isn't running out of ideas anytime soon, they could've just made another Fire-type to fit in that starter slot.

Excitable Boy

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Wait, people actually believe that GameFreak makes decisions based on avoiding repetition in a series directed at a demographic unlikely to play more than two generations at the most, rather than what would fit a Pokemon's design or balance gameplay?

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By your silly logic Hoothoot is a copy of Pidgey since they have the same typing.

Hoothoot should be Psychic/Flying, IMO. But anyway, Hoothoot is the only regional bird that isn't a clone, every other one in the series is so nauseatingly similar to each other that they're pretty much interchangeable. Same typing, similar design, similar movesets, etc. It makes you wonder why they even bother. While admittedly this whole issue isn't the kind of thing that ruins the series forever, it is something that they have to begin correcting. Rehashing the same kinds of Pokemon repeatedly reflects a sense of unoriginality, and over time that sort of thing can drive people away from the series. There's no point in creating new iterations of typical Pokemon that do the exact same thing, if they want to keep making new Pokemon, they need to be unique.


Better than Breloom.
Wait, people actually believe that GameFreak makes decisions based on avoiding repetition in a series directed at a demographic unlikely to play more than two generations at the most, rather than what would fit a Pokemon's design or balance gameplay?

Not necessarily, no. You're right.

But that doesn't mean that nobody will opine that Game Freak should start making decisions like the one you mention.


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Depends. If they make another fire/fighting starter, I'd like a better design. Something more feminine or elegant.