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Would you like to live forever? Yes! Why wouldn't I?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by daveshan, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Estellise

    Estellise peachy

    I'm going to say no.
  2. Zevn

    Zevn Lost in Translation

    I still say that an extended lifespan, conscious rebirth at will, more physical durability, and resistance to disease would be far better than true immortality.
  3. Iceberg

    Iceberg A human

    The only reason I can think of to say no to living forever is that you would probably get really bored. It would take awhile to reach that point, and depending on the person you might never reach it. However, there may come a time when you have seen all the sights, done all the things, and talked to all the people you could have ever wanted to.

    Personally, I think living forever would be awesome!
  4. It depends. If i can choose when i die, yes. If i will live for actual eternity, no.
  5. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Though, it would be exciting to experience how the world is changing.
  6. Scaldaver

    Scaldaver Limitless

    When Earth dies, what will happen to you? Boredom, for all eternity. Madness, even.
  7. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    If you mean "live forever" as in biological immortality, then sure. But only so I can keep track of all future scientific advancements. I'd still like to die at some point.

    If you mean "live forever" as in absolute immortality, then no, because the only way that could possibly end is with a constant death-respawn cycle in the vacuum of space.
  8. MagmaGruntTéa

    MagmaGruntTéa Girl with the 3DS

    I wouldn't mind living forever,as a vampire. And I don't mean the crappy Twilight ones either.

    But in all honesty, the only reason that I would ever want to live forever is to play more video games or to read more books. I can't think of any other reason, for me personally, to live longer than I need to. Plus I feel like living forever would be kind of lonely. Once all of your friends and family die what happens after that? You get new ones? Then what if they die? I think that would take its toll on my mental health as well as emotional.
  9. Mitzi

    Mitzi L'Etat c'est moi

    Although I think plenty of us would enjoy eternal youth, it just can't happen. There are consequences to living eternally, and they don't just include outliving your loved ones. Although I don't have a large family to mourn over, I'd still be upset, but I wouldn't spend my life grieving over their losses. In addition, living eternally includes the consequence of constantly adapting to changes in modern society. Not only does this include entertainment, but also topics such as war, and politics. I would oppose living eternally, even though it sounds promising, I don't want to face said consequences.
  10. ChinpokomonOh?

    ChinpokomonOh? Well-Known Member

    I think at first everyone would take that chance, myself included. But after a few 100 years or even longer it would get old and life would lose meaning. There is a famous quote, can't remember who but it's "Life would have no meaning if you have nothing to lose."
  11. lilcwa

    lilcwa New Member

    I would want immortality but it wouldn't be posible, like if you disect yourself
  12. midnightelise

    midnightelise Member

    It depends.

    Part of me would like to be undead, but only if I were a vampire. In that sense, I live forever, but can still be killed. The drawbacks however are pretty severe, like the whole feasting on blood and turning to ash in the sunlight thing. And then the other end of undead, zombies and all sorts of disgusting "living corpse" type creatures, I would never ever EVER use as a means of gaining immortality.

    Personally, I'd rather be more like Wolverine, just in the sense that he regenerates and thus can lengthen his lifespan quite a lot. He's not immortal, per se, just superhuman. I would much rather be superhuman than immortal. I figure this way, you get the perks of extremely long life without the downside of eventually wanting out, because you would die, just a lot later in life and you'd pretty much be ready for it by then anyway.
  13. Celestial Moth

    Celestial Moth Bug-Type Deity

    The only way to further evolve is to die. Energy cant be destroyed only re-directed and stored.
    Re-incarnation, stored reanimation or evolution you choose lol. ;)
  14. DMerle

    DMerle Guess who's back

    As long as I don't have to feast on the blood of orphans or anything i'm down, hell maybe with that too.
  15. Shiny_Wooper

    Shiny_Wooper Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't like living forever, since time would go on, i think i would get bored after a period of time plus its not a happy thought to know that you outlived your great-X8-grandson
  16. Chaos Emperor

    Chaos Emperor ................

    absolutely! immortality would be amazing. if there were a way to live forever, id do it.
  17. Vaco

    Vaco Well-Known Member

    There is a way to live forever. He's called Jesus. And please don't shout at me for bringing up religion, as it directly relates to the concept of immortality.
  18. Ropav

    Ropav Howls of Loneliness

    Yeah I agree.

    I wouldn't want to live forever in this world because of all the grief and pain it causes plus I would hate to see my friends die and me being stuck without any friends.
  19. What if it involved sacrificing every other living on Earth? Yay. Literally forever alone. You'll be so bored that you'll want to die. There wouldn't be any point in living.

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