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Would you like to see voices added to Pokemon games?

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Active Member
I love the Pokemon games and part of the charm and nostalgia is reading the dialogue.

With Pokemon taking more steps to enhance the overall immersive feeling I believe that adding voices to the game would be a great addition and really add an extra dimension to the game.

Fair enough this idea isn't going to be everyones thing but there would be the option of turning off the vocals and just sticking to the tradtional text.

This isn't from a laziness stand point but for more immersion.

I am sure most people will strongly object to the idea but it is just an idea and wanted to see what other fans thoughts on the matter are. I am sure people will argue that without the vocals the gamer then creates their own characters and voices.
I've actually never really thought about this actually! I think that'd be really interesting to see. I think having voices would take away some of the person aspects to the game, I may just be weird haha. Like, I read my character's lines in my own voice, so it feels like I'm the one going on an adventure, y'know? I may just be lame haha.


Active Member
No not lame at all. Surely that is what we all do and a major reason we are all so invested in the games.

I just think it would be a nice idea that could be turned on and off.

But to be honest I can't think of many if any Nintendo games that use actual voices and all use either text or random gibberish.


Well-Known Member
We have a few cutscenes where I can see voice overs being implanted (main storyline cutscenes like the story about the weapon) however I think if they ever made voice overs it would only be for the main storyline and only a select few dialog, much like how Rune Factory has voice overs in some dialog but not others.


Clefairy Lover ^_^
Maybe. In general Nintendo try and stay away from voices. No idea why but it's been working for them over the years just fine


Livin' The Dream
Voice overs would be pretty awesome, especially for someone like me who half the time just pressed the A button to get through the text that's considered in my mind nonsense. NightShadow said it best, definitely having the voice over in major cut scenes and moments in the game would be good, like parts that are important/highlights of the game. The rest can stick with general text.

At the end of the day, as long as there's not SIMS style language I am completely down for voice overs in future games if Nintendo ever decides to go down that route
I think this would be a good idea, but only for main events, such as a villain giving a speech, because skipping the texts would make them sound wierd.


So long
This is an idea I have never thought about before, but I could see it working. If it happened in any future games, I wouldn't mind it at all. But I think it should be optional so that those who doesn't wish to hear the voices can turn them off.


Well-Known Member
Yes, as much of the fans are younger children, it would help those who can't read, plus the older fans could appreciate the voice acting. I fully support voices in Pokémon.


New Member
I tend to have to volume pretty low when I'm playing my DS or 3DS but voices would be a cool addition. I think they would need to make the playable character actually say something if they were to add voices because they would seem rude if they didn't talk.


Well-Known Member
It is high time voices are added to the games. If scrappy games for scrappy shows like the original Ben 10 can have voiceovers, I see no reason why one of the most lucrative gaming franchises of all time can't had them as well. And not just any voices, but th ones for the show as well. Limit it too cut scenes and major characters like the main protagonist, the professor, the gym leaders and the Elite 4. Also, they need to update the battles and have Super Robot Wars like cut scenes for the fights.


Well-Known Member
Voices wouldn't be too bad of an idea, given the option to turn it off for those who don't like it. I definitely think there should be a voice for the Pokedex at least - it helps in getting the name pronunciation right. :D


Wired, Yet Tired
I'd say they already failed in that regard with Yellow. While the technology is better now, that Pikachu will haunt me forever...

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
Yeah, voices added to the games would be pretty amazing. Hearing the characters talk the dialogue from FE:A; just a short phrase of sorts. On the other hand I sometimes like to give the character that is talking a specific tone and pitch in my mind as I read the dialogue.

Breeder Drew

Well-Known Member
So long as they dare not blaspheme the voice of Oak by not using his anime counterpart, I'd be cool with that.

Noot Noot

Klefki Groupie
I'm not much a fan of the show's dubbing as it's been the last number of years. Considering they would probably go with the anime cast for the voice overs,
I'd likely find it irritating.


Radio - On Air!
I actually like the fact that there isn't any voice-acting in the games. I'm not against it, but I have more fun reading the dialogue in my head with a voice I personally think suit whichever character best. As someone brought up, I wouldn't mind the voice-acting so long as there's an option to turn off the voice-acting.
...But I have to say, there's something charming about the game without any voice-acting. Haha.
On one hand, it would be neat new mechanic to add to future games.
On the other hand, most of the time I'm listening to my own music while playing so I wouldn't be able to hear the voices for the most part.

With that, I'm on the fence about it at the moment.
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