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Would you like to see voices added to Pokemon games?

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Comes out of Nowhere
Yes, but don't give the main protagonist a voice.

I would love to see the Battle frontier brains get a voice since the sinnoh brains didn't really get a chance to be in the anime.

I would have loved to see what Dahila sounds like.


It would be a neat concept,
But I would only prefer it if they give out a Team Rocket's Meowth as an event that is programmed to translate and communicate with other Pokemon and NPC's within' the game. This would make a great connection with the Pokemon Anime today. Other than that, I am fine with the games just the way it is. :)


One Truth Prevails
Um. No thank you. Am I the only one who remembers when they did this with The Legend of Zelda? My god, that was horrible. And I actually agree with Nintendo's reasoning for making link mute, they want him to be YOU and its the same thing in Pokemon games, the character is supposed to be YOU, you don't get that feeling, if you hear your character speaking in someone else's voice.


Poison Moth
OMG yes.

Anyone who has heard a Pikachu faint would agree.

But it would be a lot of work for them, especially human characters..
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Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ
Not really... I mean, we've seen the worst that can happen...

"Oh boy! I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!"
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Seasons, they turn..
Totally! Always would like to know how people would sound, before the Anime comes around! ^.^
Also, if they could give Pokemon their cries from the Anime, that would be great. Just like Pikachu!


Well-Known Member
No, I don't see the charm in voices in games. I'd much rather just read it. Sometimes the voices in video games are kind of annoying, too - and for a game like Pokemon, that would probably be the case.


What did you say...?
Not in the slightest. Every single Pokemon game relating to Pokemon, except Stadium 1 & 2\Puzzle League\Snap (I think?), have had no voice overs what-so-ever. The only voices in those games mentioned were during battles in Stadium 1 & 2 with the announcer and just the trainers when you had combo blocks in Puzzle League. Changing now would be the silliest and, in my 100% honest opinion, stupidest things ever to do.

I feel like if they did, a lot of people wouldn't like it. As mentioned before in a previous post, it'd be EXTREMELY awkward to have only villains and\or the protagonist speak and nobody else. Just imagine how many different voice actors would be needed for just ONE new Pokemon game or a remake? Reading it is so much funner and gives the player more imagination to just believe what a character would sound like.

But yeah, voices in the games is not a good idea at all in my opinion. I feel like if they were to do this (even though unlikely since most Nintendo games don't include voices unless they HAVE to), they should have it so you can enable\disable the voices much like you could do with the announcers in Pokemon Stadium 1 and Pokemon Stadium 2.


Down... Set... HIKE!
I'm not sure voice acting would add anything meaningful to Pokemon games. It would be super expensive, and pull funds away from developing the actual game itself. Additionally, remember- These are portable games. Many of us play with the sound off, and are in public places while playing. So the voice acting wouldn't be fully heard by the intended audience anyway, making it even more inefficient in terms of quality per dollar to cast voice actors.


Local Cryptid
For Pokemon no. Humans yes, but only in side series games. I literally hated how Pikachu had it's own voice. It sounded weird... Humans having voices in the side series games would be fine be me. It might be pretty cool too...

Iblis Trigger

Voices would be pretty cool, especially for younger players who can't read well. Besides, a possibility would be having an option to turn them off.
For everyone but the main character you play. Since the 1st gen i've enjoyed making voices for each character on the basis of their appearance and dialogue, but i could live with voice overs for everyone but the main character. One of the best parts of pokemon is that the absence of sound from the characters, specifically the main character, makes the player feel personal and instills the notion that it's your journey.
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