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Would you like to see voices added to Pokemon games?

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Johto Boy
Not at all. I like how Red was always quiet while you played as him and how he never had his own text or voice. It really made me make my own character and imagine him. It was up to the players interpretation what the characters sounded like and their mannerisms. I feel it would ruin the whole "do it yourself" aspect of Pokemon.

Murder Doll

Button Presser
I've always imagined the conversations and the voices of the characters.

I think it would actually harm my overall enjoyment of the games if voices where added.

As it is now it's sort of like reading a book, the story is there and it doesn't change but you can imagen it how you will.


...and so on...

First - voices naturally limit things. With a voice, the character is no longer who you imagine, but becomes the voice. You're no longer free to imagine who and what the character is, but are locked into the devs' notion of who and what s/he is.

Second, and much more importantly, voices take up time, budget and memory. If voices are included in a game, they're included IN PLACE OF something else. Everything is finite - there's only a certain amount of time, a certain amount of money and a certain amount of memory available to the game. There are MANY things that are more important to Pokemon games than voices could ever be, but if voices are included, it's just about guaranteed that at least some of those things would be limited or even cut entirely, simply to make room for something the games really don't need anyway.


New Member
I would like to see some voices in game for humans in the series, however I rather not hear some voice not just yet maybe in the future when the handheld or console better to run it along with that other big data for the game itself, also it has to be good voice acting, really good.
I believe Pokémon is better off without the voices. Even though I start to play most games in English nowadays, I don't even want to imagine what the voices would be like in my first language. x_x That would be a real nightmare. It could be okay in English if you have the option to turn them off, but still, I don't really think voices are needed. Except maybe for some special cutscenes or in a game for the home console.


No, nintendo is not the best judge of voices, and besides i don't know how i would react. I like having my own interpretation of what my character is saying, which is why i love LoZ so much - i choose to forget the dark ages...

Pokemon has been voiceless from the start, except the grunts and cries of pokemon - i like reading the text, even tho i mash A sometimes to speed through some, mostly nurse joy. I do agree that it would be a big help to those who can't read, and if they EVER do implement voices i would seriously hope they add the option to turn off the voices. But i just don't see it being of any good besides that - helping those who have a hard time reading.


Xenlon Cavalier
Voices would be pretty cool, especially for younger players who can't read well. Besides, a possibility would be having an option to turn them off.

If you can't read it you shouldn't be playing it. The only exception in my opinion is if someone can only get a different-language game (because it's only in Japanese or something). The games are not intended for blind/illiterate people.

In any case I am strongly against voices for the games. I remember the disappointment I felt playing Spectrobes for Wii and hearing the voices. As an older player there are numerous aspects of the games I find childish, and I do not begrudge Nintendo for that, as it's my own opinion and not an issue, however I feel like this feature would alienate a lot of players (typically older ones) who prefer strategic gameplay over a more anime-esque style.


Turning that frown all the way down
I don't think like full on speech without dialogue is needed in Pokemon,but dialogue with like a word or sentence,like Fire Emblem:Awakening,would be nice.I really loved the voice clips in Awakening,so maybe they could have generic ones for random NPCs,and special ones for non-random NPCs.The player has to stay silent,though.That has charm.


Johto Boy
Also Pokemon would be a very awkward game with voices idk.. its just the pacing of Pokemon and the voices wouldn't seem to match up. Pokemon games either move really fast (XY/BW2/RSE) or really slow (HGSS/DPPt/BW).
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