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Would You Rather....

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The Lemonkraken

The Toad Man Shuffle
Master Belch, so I can give him Fly Honey

WYR fight Kracko or Kraken (Earthbound)?


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Kraken because i always die when doing Kirby Squeek Squad boss rush at Kracko.

WYR fight the Mani-mani in Moonside or in Ness' mind.


Tao is Taokaka!
The Mani-mani. Ness' mind must be scarred after defeating Giygas.

Would you rather listen to "25m BGM" or Classical music?
State a reason, please. Both, neither, or "IDK, my BFF Jill?" = Kracko, and OVER 9000 Jyks.


"IDK, my BFF Jill?"

Ar: There, I said it.

Gon: You see at school, a student who has hassled you since 2nd grade, but you also see a chance to get back at him.

a: "Perfect! Time for revenge!"
b: Your conscience says "No".
c: Pull the joke, blame someone else.
d: Pull the joke on the principal, blame it on the person.


Waiting for summer
Sadly, I would chose pokemon never existing, I have too much moral fiber, and I'll fill the void with my sister's wierd shoujo manga or somethin'. Or maybe just watch Tsubasa chronicles again, even though the OVA makes me depressed, in the romanticly sad way. xD

Would you wrather. . . have to live with a 1000 pound person of the opposite gender of you for the rest of your life as your spouse, or eat a whole entire buffet worth of tree worms?


I Crush Everything
The first one. I'm vegetarian, and single.

Would you rather be in the situation of Owen or the situation of Izzy in Hook, Line and Screamer?

Owen and Izzy were making out in the bushes, but got attacked by an escaped criminal with a chainsaw and a hook. They ran off the cliff, but the criminal cornered them, so Owen threw Izzy in front of him to protect himself, and told the criminal to kill her first. The criminal turned out to be Chef in disguise, so he took them both to his tent, but then Izzy was mad at Owen for doing that, and dumped him, staying mad at him the whole time until she dissappeared in a puff of smoke next episode.

And why? Say both, neither, dunno, or I don't know what you're talking about (I freaking showed you what I was talking about), and face the wrath of a vampiric ghost skeletal uber mr. mime caterpie driving a blue falcon, and get run over by a land master driven by kirbys who never stop taunting.


Or is it the bagel?
Eat a whole buffet of tree worms.

WYR do what Robotnik did in the beginning of "Robotnik Invents the Bagel" (which is laugh until your elevator can take no more and say that you can outdo yourself),or do what he did in the end of it (which is bounce up and down to the Macarena and insult yourself)?

Not stating a reason,and doing something that gets you out of choosing one only = listening to YTPs until your mind rots,and your brain gets reduced to mashed potatoes. (free lifetime supply of potato chips for anyone who gets the punishment's reference)
...And then you get run over by Landmasters.
i would rather bounce up and down doing the macarana. Seems fun!

WYR have a power level OVER 9000!!!!!!Or be able to shoop da woop people to death.
Please choose and answer with details or I will fiya mah laz3r.


Ar: Do I have a choice?

Gon: Would you rather beat me with a chicken flail or with a bob-omb sqaud?


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Well, because the chicken flail is SN's thing and the Bob-omb is my thing, Bob-omb.

WYR kill cel or gon (not Ar, because he is cooler)


Waiting for summer
Anaranjado: *snore* get *snore* Cel.

Would you wrather be forced to listen to the music that you hate the most for all of time, or would you wrather be forced to play the cruddiest game ever for the rest of your life?


Ar: I'd listen to music if time was 3 minutes.

Gon: Would you rather kill me or earn one billion dollars?

Cel: Everyone does think one of us should die, right?


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One billion dollars, and to cel, yes.

WYR fight that uber vampire thing that is in octoboy's punishment or attack of the Bob-ombs.

Not choosing one of those choices=Attack of the Bob-ombs.


All: The bob-ombs. Would you rather have me stop posting in this website, or kill myself. It seems like awlccl123 really wants that...
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