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Would You Rather....

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Matt Silver

Rest My Chemistry
Pwned by Paras ^

Would you rather eat a pie in front of someone (As an extreme form of torture to the "someone") or throw a pie at someone (As a hilarious form of torture)?


Guitar Ninja
For sure I'd choose to throw it! :D

So if you wanted to kill your best friend would you rather set them on fire or badly poison them?


Adam and the Ants
I'd hate to do either! But I guess I'd poison them

Would you rather listen to David Bowie's "Tin Machine" Album or Adam Ant's "Strip" Album
*Shudders* How can someone so brilliant go so wrong!


Mew of Thunder
Muk brand water (because I would burn in Magcargo type)

Would you rather travel to a dangerous towe miles away from your home and climb up it, or lose all your friends


Mew of Thunder
Join your forum

Would you rather eat a lot of worms, or someone elses sickness


Adam and the Ants
Never heard either...so ill pick tin machine I guess.

Would you rather take a bath using Macargo brand water, or Muk brand water?

Tin Macine Ay? Well it's your choice, I personally would've chosen "Strip" Ah well :p
OOH!!! Go to the bottom of the ocean <3<3<3


Stabby McStabface

WYR obsessed to Califa or Clara? *points at my sig*

Sharpedo Boy

< Don't take drugs!
dont know who is who
WYR marri ripper roo or pinstripe


Rockin' Rock !
pool water
comit suicide...or take a headshot ??

dark rift

Well-Known Member
commit suicide be cause i could just drink too much normal water

WYR french kiss a hogs bum or eat a 30 pound pile of alive slugs?


Resident Jesus Freak

Would you rather be a pidgey or a wobbuffet?


Yay! Pie!
Hmmmm.... Wobbuffet.

Would you rather get D/P early or get $120?


Resident Jesus Freak

Would you rather be executed by firing squad or by hanging?

Meta Knight

firing squad

my favorite: wyr play videogames on your mom's head or a kangaroo's head?
Not open for further replies.