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Would You Rather....

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Or is it the bagel?
Jason Voorhes.

WYR have your head ripped off by Khameleon's tongue or be blown into pieces by Sindel's Super Scream? (both MK Fatalities)
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scream.....no head...whichever hurts less....

WYR use firey or Change from the book of clow(Cardcaptors sakura).


Or is it the bagel?
Don't know what you're talking about.

WYR lose on Fear Factor* or Ninja Warrior**?

*-6 contestans,3 stunts,winner every episode,$50,000
**-100 contestans,4 stages,3 winners overall,about $42,750
ninja warrior....wait lose? do i die? fear factor is dumb anyways(eating a **** isnt about fear, its about disgust)

WYR have a Kekkei Genkai* or a Bijuu** inside of you?(naruto)

*bloodline limit. special ability within your family

**Beast composed of chakra. has immense power.


The other way.

WYR join the Autobots or the Decepticons?


Street Fighter.

WYR collect Pokemon cards or Yu-Gi-Oh cards?
pkmn cards. prettier pictures....:p

WYR be someone w/ 77 Graphic novels and ALL english shonen jump issues or be you?

^its true, i have all that.......i know someone who has more GN's though....:(


Be me.

WYR watch RoboCop or The Terminator?


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I don't know what those are.

Would you rather crash in a car going 100MPH with no seatbelt, or crash while riding a motorcycle going 100MPH with a helmet?


Webcomic Artist
i wouldnt do either but if i haad to car

again i ask

WYR be Byakuya Kuchiki or Kisuke Urahara


I'll just choose the first one, whoever he/she is.....

WYR get a Wii, or a DS?
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