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Would you support Marijuana legalization if it would become like alcohol?

Would you support marijuana legalization if it would become like alcohol

  • Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • No

    Votes: 13 39.4%
  • Dude......wait what??

    Votes: 5 15.2%

  • Total voters
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Destruction to all
I support it


The Awesome Atheist
Please stop being so uneducated, and then come back. It's not a debate though, so just leave?
Your comparison of alcohol and marijuana made me laugh really hard though. You sound so certain of it, it's cute.
If you really knew what you were talking about, you would know that being high off weed is definitely not like being drunk in any way. Especially 'one smoke' of weed is equal to being intoxicated? Whaaaat? Not even being high off your ass is even close to similarity of being drunk. Two TOTALLY different effects and feelings.

People assume weed is horrible because it's a drug that many people use. Learn the facts before you talk.

How can someone make a thread about such issues and not making a debate? I know my fact as well. Sure it may not feel the same, but they both kill brain cells, and a lot of them. that is a fact, i would think everyone would know that but i guess you don't. What would you know about it besides that you probably smoke it? I hardly doubt anyone who smokes MarryJ has gotten smarter. i don't need to get my facts straight, my facts are actually facts not opinions like "huhuhuh, MarryJ is awesome" or "It will help out the economy" That is just avoiding the issue which you are doing. You say "This is not a debate" becuase you can't find a good reason to smoke MarryJ.

It seems becuase you have posted this, it is a debate.

And I can give 5 reasons why it should be legal.

1. If taxed, sales can improve the economy.
2. We won't need to fill up prisons with people guilty of weed related crimes.
3. It can be used for medicinal purposes.
4. Weed cannot kill you.
5. It would weaken the drug cartels and many gangs.
Yeah, becuase prisons filling up is a serious issue. Your just avoiding the issue that MarryJ is bad for you. And it can kill you, i know a few that have. It is a cigarette but worse. Not to mention it does kill you brain cells. that is a fact, and i am confused why people haven't heard of that before.

Also, getting high is nothing like getting drunk. Drunk people have a loss of motor skills and balance, whereas high people are more relaxed. Thinking processes are probably the most similar, and even those are different, as alcohol affects judgment. Trust me, I have been both.
But they both kill brain cells. it may seem different but they both have the same outcome which is that it makes you incredibly stupid.
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No, because unlike alcohol, it doesn't save the environment as it pollutes the air, and according to Family Guy, "air is good".
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