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WOW things have changed!!!!

Not sure if this was the right place to post this but here it goes:

Hi there I have just started playing Pokemon again after receiving an original DS and pokemon Pearl,How things have changed since I last played My pokemon Silver version,Anyhow I have been reading about Wi-Fi events and today have downloaded the shiny Raiku(?).

I am positive that i am going to get pkmn black on release,and have read about random Online battles and online trading ETC,

To get to the point of this post is to ask you guys how and what has changed since the original pokemon Silver/Gold (Not the Re-makes),And to say hello!! :D

I hope to become and average member in this forum and to continue my quest to catch them all!!!(Continuing from 8 years ago)


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Well well well, you do have much to learn then. There's now 649 Pokemon. Plus there's abilities, formes, special and physical attacks... lots of new stuff since Gen 2.
OK that's a shock ive noticed a lot of new ones in pearl obviously,But maybe catching them all wont be as easy as it sounds lol


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The most useful information is the addition of natures and abilities. Your Pokemon will have words like Adamant, Quirky, Naive, etc listed in their information. Natures boost one stat more than usual, and leave another stat developing slower than usual. There are a few natures that are neutral. The abilities are basically things your Pokemon do, without having to be told. They are basically automatic effects, either constant or triggered. Anything else, honestly, can wait unless you're a very serious player. Just go and look up the berries and other hold items, because even though you're familiar with the concept, it has greatly expanded.


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p robably the hugest change from Gen 2 to Gen 4 is wireless connectivity. No more link cables, and you can trade and battle globally


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also about 200 pokemon where added. Plus a few innovations. like touch screen in battle.
Where do I even begin!!
Wi-Fi Trading and Battles
New Pokemon
New Abilities
New Formes of Pokemon
New Area's
New Gym Leaders and Elite 4
And so-on

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In addition to what people have already mentioned, there is now a physical/special/status split for moves.
For example, Bite is now physical (as opposed to special in pre-Gen IV), which means it deals damage based on your Pokemon's Atk stat and the opposing Pokemon's Def stat, Similarly, a move like Shadow Ball, which is now special, will deal damage based on your Pokemon's Sp. Atk and the opposing Pokemon's Sp. Def stat. Status moves are things like Synthesis and Poisonpowder.

So, in short, you should always try to have moves on your Pokemon that correlate with their strengths.
For example, Alakazam has very high Sp. Atk, so it is ideal to teach him special moves like Psychic and Energy Ball (a special Grass-type move). On the flipside, teaching him things like Psycho Cut (a physical Psychic-type move) and the elemental punches wouldn't be such a good idea.

In Gen V, there are moves that calculate damage by using your Pokemon's Sp. Atk stat and the opponent's Def stat, such as Psycho Shock and Sword of Mystery, which makes them "pseudo-physical" moves.

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So say if i wanted to battle online ,what things should I look out for in my team,and what should i include,
Been reading up aswell,can someone clarify what the natures do and what type of pokemon are best suited for each nature,

Thanks for the heads up guys Pumped for White

Tyranitar Tyler

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i was just like you, 137 hours of heartgold later and im finally getting it. i still dont breed for perfect natures and stuff, i think pokes are pokes and i dont battle online anyways lol. if you wanna battle online you gotta learn about the different classes of pokemon (uu, ou etc) and see what pokemon counter each.

i get where your coming from, theres alot more then just having good type coverage on your team now, but we'll get the hang of it come pokemon blk/ whte


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Pretty much for Tiers you just need to learn Ubers and OU, because those are the two that are most often used.
Yes,I will probably play my White version more....Um Professional?,If thats the word,But at the moment Im just having fun on my pearl,Floatzel+Monferno are BEAST!!!!!


Pokemon is a game that should be played the fun way. And the GTS is plain awesome.