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Write me a Haiku, A Poem with Five Seven, And Five Syllables

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Shiny Hunter
So, if you didn't guess from the title of this game, its about writing Haiku poems! This is a lot harder than it seems ;)

1. All SPPF rules. Obviously.
2. Don't pick any inappropriate categories.
3. Don't write any inappropriate poems.
4. Write something that makes sense. (For example: if someone gives the category Dragon, don't write about flowers. You can, however, write about fire and say "Well, Dragons breathe fire." As long as we can see the logic, its okay.)
5. Your poem must follow the Haiku format (if you don't know, haiku poems are 5 Syllables, 7 Syllables, 5 Syllables). It will be disregarded if it isn't a Haiku.
6. HAVE FUN!!!

Here's how it goes: One poster picks a category and the next poster makes a Haiku poem about it. Then they pick a new category, and so on.

Player 1-- Category: Cthulu

Player 2--
Poem: Cthulu the huge, God of Lovecraftian lore, Waterlogged Menace
New Category: Flowers

Player 3-- Poem: Pretty flowers bloom, Secretely full of poison, Innocent bugs die
New Category: Pokemon

And it keeps going :D

So I will start it off with my Cthulu poem.

Poem: Cthulu the huge, God of Lovecraftian lore, Waterlogged Menace
New Category: Shiny Pokemon Hunting


8000 MMR
Hard is what makes this game a little uninteresting, at least to some.


Shiny Pokemon
Oh, I Finally Found One
Must Capture It Now

New Category: Origami

Erron Black

The Outlaw
All that has happened
Everything that will happen
Takes place thanks to time

new category: Ocean


I ate ColtonL
Oh mighty ocean
Whose depths I dare not plunder
Let me drift away

New category: clothes.


Meme Historian
i hate most clothing
i hate wearing old ripped jeans
i love band t shirts

new catagory: music


Meme Historian
a disgusting food
only cheese pizza is good
all original

new topic: the internet


I ate ColtonL
Soft, Fluffy, and white
I rest my head upon you
Thank you for my sleep

new topic: chocolate
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Fiery Blaze Lucario
What a nice guitar
That place a very nice song
That everyone likes

Topic: Haikus
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