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WSC Week 134

...oh. I really have a bad habit of skimming...


Yup, 'tis me!
Oooh, sounds fun :3 Anyone want to team up with me?

EDIT: Oh god, I'm probably too late aren't I? o_O

EDIT2: Partnered :3
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Um, Zadros is it possible for us to be allowed another week with this? I think I can speak for everyone when I say that our schedules aren't exactly, ah, compatible.


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Um, Zadros is it possible for us to be allowed another week with this? I think I can speak for everyone when I say that our schedules aren't exactly, ah, compatible.

Yeah, go for it =) I think I'm gonna go on study hiatus, so yeah.
(My collab with Yoshinichi)

Aww, no entries yet? Come on guys!


Yoshinichi made the first one, I the second, etc. etc.

Once again, Yoshi made the first, etc.

I actually started it this time, but it wasn't up to Yoshi's high standards wasn't very good, so...

And the actual entry:

Driftuff, Hermituff and Gurumit. Fighting>Fighting/Psychic>Fighting/Psychic.

If it isn't already clear they're based on the concept of inner peace, and the harsh road to get to it yadda yadda yadda.
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hehehe we need a bit extra time!!! The logistics of partnering up are more difficult than anticipated.

BTw... the "Everything went better than expected" sequence made me lol

EDIT! Me and Nick Alert's entry:


Salamice, Squartic, and Submodo

Salamice (ICE):
Cool blood pokemon
Salamice takes advantage of his lack of body heat and freezes its body to subzero temperatures to give potential predators frotbite when they touch him.

Squartic (ICE):
Frost Drool Pokemon
Squartic uses its frozen saliva to coat his teeth and build icy armor on his body. They can even replace lost body parts with icy prosthetics.

Submodo (ICE/POISON):
Frostbite Pokemon
Submodo secretes a supercool liquid that oozes out of its mouth to deliver a deadly freezing bite that crystalizes the pray from the inside out. They are know to have cannibalistic tendencies.
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Nick Alert

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For all of those who only care to look at this thread when it say there is a new post (like me) (because kamionero just edited his last post), me and kamionero's entry is now posted right there ^


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So this time Me and Frozen Voltorb worked together:

1. FV made the concepts for the basic stage, which we had thought up a Dinosaur, Fire type line:

We decided on the blue dino

2. While I was working on tweaking the sprite, I thought that blue didn't really match the fire theme (we originally thought of a Mystical fire-type with blue flames) so I changed the color and tweaked with the designs a bit:

3. While working with the basic stage, I thought up the final stage, with no plans of a first evolution:

4. I then colored the sprite in, then proceeded to the in-between stage (had lots of trouble because I had no previous plans of this) this resulted in:
and the colored final evolution:

5. I then finished the sprites up then sent it to FV for a little tweaks:


6. Afterwards I just lined everything up, and here are the final results and our entry:
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shaunybug and I teamed up for this round. We did a Samurai line. Below is the process. We sent it to each other every 5 minutes. The Spoiler holds a snapshot of over the course of the collaboration.


Here's the final piece. :)

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Unrelated to the other (and better, may I add) entries, Yoshinichi and I will be pulling out of the contest.



Noobiess and I made this line based on radioactivity.
One made the outline and then the other coloured the sprite.




So iheard you liek?
Mine and the ash man 83 sprites
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Me and Proby3's should be up either tonight or tomorrow morning, just letting Probs probe the final product before we submit.


Raiga and I have been having some difficulties communicating. I might just run the project myself off his base ideas. Might be done by the weekend.


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If it hasn't, then I might have to get in contact with tomthepom to organise our entry ASAP.


Haters Gonna Hate

against my better judgement, I'm uploading this just incase polls start before Proby get's my PM.

It's an Electric/Fighting Howler Monkey Line.

1st Stage is based on an infant, rolly polly, and interested in everything. Tends to Howl randomly, but has a special howl whe in danger.

2nd Stage is based on the rebelious Teenage years, being a punk and doesn't afraid of anything. Is prone to random mood swings, envoking powerful howls that damage small creatures nearby. When the pack senses a male is about to evolve, they exile it so it an start a troop of it's own.

Final Stage is the Rock Star we all want to become, only one is in each pack of monkeys. It has a gland that constantly emits sparks from it's tail (Think Pyrotechnics) and the spark determines it's health. It comands it's troop by using different howls to form songs.

All 3 stages shoot electricity from their tails.
Oh cool, you posted it. So yeah. For those that want to know, The Infant was mainly my work, the Teenager was many MetalFlygon's, and the Final monkey was more of a collab work (although I admit MetalFlygon did most of it.)

It was actually really fun, once we actually got round to deciding everything.