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WSC Week 50

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At Last! I have my new entry! I wasn't sure if i had to stick with Swinub or not, but i went with Dunsparce.

From this here Official Sugimori Art...


6 different pokemon
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Wow this was a cold shower
This it the first and the last time I'm making a pixle-over
I do'nt really like the result and I worked really long for it...
Just when it was almost finished, my computr chrashed and lost alot of shadings..
But I learned alot....
But still, I'm a master with shading with a pencle and paper but not with a computer and paint :p
I hope it wasn't for nothing :p
Ok about my sprite: it's smeargle (suprise suprise :p) and I tried tomake him a little less mad then the original one because he looked to angry :p

link : http://pokebeach.com/scans/secret-wonders/66-smeargle.jpg
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move like the wind
am i also too late to enter?
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Dreams = Reality
This will stay open for about another 3.5 hours or so. (probably longer)
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