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WTF: Boss Fantasies

uber gon

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Which TR boss fantasy made you say WTF?


Flawless Technique
Almost all of them, A rich man like him Doesn’t need Pokemon to replace simple tools like heaters and work out tools.
I like when Meowth said he wwould like to have a Bagon to break open Coconuts.


I think the Burmy ep. boss fantasy gave me the most WTF out of all of them.


Slip slidin'
Lunatone and Solrock. First Giovanni was a depressed chibi person sniveling in a corner, and then the big musical number. That was strange to say the least. Funny, though.


Izit cuz I is black?
The Donphan episode where he had one fantasy after another was pretty crazy. And Giovanni dancing with Solrock and Lunatone? Or breaking coconuts with a Bagon's head? Dude, that rocks!


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I would have to say the solrock and lunatune one too. That one was weird.
Almost all them, they make no sense whatsoever. Though every single one has made me laugh.


Or is it the bagel?
Pretty much a tie between the Lunatone/Solrock one(why Broadway?) and the Absol one (how will making him angry get them a promotion?)...

uber gon

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Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
I like the Tarzan one myself. Giovanni probably *is* that ripped, which is the scary part.

I have a theory about the fantasies, that they're Meowth's coping mechanism after seeing Giovanni at his most sadistic in MR. So he created a "fantasy Boss" to crush on instead, convincing himself that the real Boss would be like he pictures rather than the cruel sadist we saw in the special.

Jeff Zero

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By far, "Odd Pokemon Out!" where the Boss is eating Tropius' fruit. Am I the only one whose mind was firmly placed in the gutter with that?

Jeff Zero

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LOL! That reminds me of the old dancing Spider-Man gif! (I'm sure someone out there knows what I'm talking about!)


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