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WTF Shippings

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Obsolete, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    I never understand siblings shippings, to me that's gross but whatever some people like. If they aren't really brothers like LuffyxAce from One Piece I can kind of understand than. Another one I just can't like is AshxMax from Pokemon, maybe its the big age difference, than again I ship HanckockxLuffy from One Piece and she's a bit older than Luffy, I don't know maybe its cuz I also see them as brothers of some sort.
  2. TabiPianist

    TabiPianist 'Dis ma game face!!

    Ok, so someone was all like you've got to try this Fanfic. So I'm like ok, and it was
    O.O Yuzo x Misty. ????What's with that? I'll give anyone who knows who Yuzo is a cookie.
  3. DaTreeko =3

    DaTreeko =3 Be VERY afraid.

    I've seen Fawful (Mario Brothers) and Hilda (girl in BW) as a pairing.
    Weird stuff, man.
  4. ebilly99

    ebilly99 Americanreigon champ

    Samus Aaron and Fox McCloud? does this count as WTF?
  5. thesmilewolfy

    thesmilewolfy pokemon videographer

    Kyon for TMOHS x Takashi from HOTD :D lol thats a WTF shipping i think?
  6. Simon Alexander

    Simon Alexander basalit-an

    Regina George (from Mean Girls) and Iago of Othello fame. XD OTP
  7. Metal Mania1321

    Metal Mania1321 Stick em' up

    Hitler / Beast Boy (From Team Titans) (Perfect Shipping)
    Ronald McDonald / Missingno ( I forget what it's called)
    Mr. Fantastic / Luffy (Elastic Fantastic Shipping)
    Chuck Norris' Fist / Misty from Pokemon's vagina (Slappy Shipping XD)
    Metal Mania1321 / Next Poster (Smexy Shipping)
    I've read all these...Except the last one.
  8. TabiPianist

    TabiPianist 'Dis ma game face!!

    Cyrus plus a Kirlia? I'm like uh hello?
  9. Allio

    Allio TheManlyTrainer

    lets see

    I guesss

    Blue (pokemon special) and Saiyuri Daimon (Digimon Savers)
  10. Mister Melancholy

    Mister Melancholy Valetshipping ♥

    I used to think Eliteundershipping was insane until 1) I became more tolerable and 2) I started obsessing over it. Haha. :p

    Though, I just don't understand Bart/Sakura (as seen on the "Crossover Ship" page on TVTropes). I suppose the picture is fairly cute, but...c'mon. ._.
  11. Wolfgirl44

    Wolfgirl44 Ignitionshipper

    OK, I guess I'll fess up.

    Anyone here watch Digimon as a kid?
    Well, I ship MyotismonxKari.
  12. Kisothwulf

    Kisothwulf Comes here once in a while during a fandom spurt.

    One of the most WTF shippings I've heard of without looking a list up on the internet would have to be from my 7 year-old niece!

    I like to draw, and she looked through some of my drawings, and so she asked me: "Can you draw him and her kissing for me?"

    And the characters were:
    Goku (Dragonball Z) x Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon (Sailor Moon)

    Yeah, that was a pretty WTF shipping moment.
  13. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    NxGhetsis. I'm not kidding, there's actually a thread on DeviantArt with this pairing. It's probably trolling an all, but WTF. N is a tragic anti-villain who's got a harem of fangirls, and likely doesn't even know what sex is. Ghetsis is not only his father, but one of the worst parents and most evil Pokemon characters in the history of the series. I hope to whatever force presides over our lives that this isn't canon, and Ghetsis at least had the dignity to not do that.

    Thusly, I have formed my own paring: N x Zoroark. I say this because, since N was raised by Pokemon, his puberty would be involved with Pokemon. He and his Zoroark would be more than just friends(in this, I imagine Zoroark to be female). And thus, without any human contact, N became a Pokephile and screwed a Zoroark. It's WTF, but not as much as the above pairing

    Amy/River and Rory/River are now completely ruined
  14. MuffinPaula

    MuffinPaula 。Haru~Desu。

    Pretty much anything Ash and something not a person or a Pokemon.

    Oh yea also sibling x sibling. That makes me wanna go "WTF is your problem?"
  15. Alot of people think my Dialga/Palkia shipping is a WTF shipping. Yet, there's people who support it. I'm confused. lol

    Oh and Sonic the Hedgehog x Anne Frank. I've said fanfiction of it and it's creepy. http://forums.sega.com/archive/index.php/t-284731.html

    Also, I kinda like Giratina/Zero but as a one sided ship on Zeros part lol

    It hasn't really been confirmed that they are father and son. Yes, N has the name Harmonia, but for all we know, Ghetsis could have just given him that name recently when he became king. I see 'em as father and son, but canon hasn't confirmed it.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2011
  16. Darkmagiciangirl

    Darkmagiciangirl OpInIoNaTeD at <3

    I suppose JetxAzula from Avatar the Last Airbender is pretty WTF to me, but hey, that's imagination for ya'
  17. ~Lati~

    ~Lati~ Or not :/

    JamesxMeowth. Don't ask. Or possibly Snape and Jesus. Yes, there is a fic. No I don't really remember it. It should be in ToplessRobot's Fan Fiction Fridays section though, if any of you want to look it up.
  18. MissBluRose

    MissBluRose Rookie Trainer

    The Gym Caretaker & G/S/C/HG/SS Player character's Mom (not written like that, of course)... I can't remember the name of the shipping, but the two being paired up will make me forever remember it in my mind. That and Red & Red's Mom kind make my eye twitch.
  19. MissBluRose

    MissBluRose Rookie Trainer

    And I bet that Zorua you can get in Castelia City is the abandoned grandchild Ghetsis didn't want around. >x<
  20. ~Lati~

    ~Lati~ Or not :/

    If there's not some fanfiction of this, there should be.
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