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X ____ / Dirt Hits and Guard Spec. Who actually uses them?


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Right so in all the years I've played Pokemon, not ONCE have I ever used an X-Anything, perhaps if I have a spare turn in battle against a poisoned opponent but I don't know when and where these things are actually useful. Who's used them? What for? ~ Just curious

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The only time I've seen them used is for low level runs or solo runs, where the player's pokemon are far too weak to fight but can survive a few turns to spam x-attack, x-speed and x-defend and then heal up.

But I've never used them personally.

Rayze Darr

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I've seen people use them in Nuzlocke runs. You really need to be cautious in those, so it makes sense to set up some extra attack or defense while you have the chance. Personally, I sell mine the moment I get them and buy a few balls with the money instead.
Like the posters above, unless I'm doing a solo run, I sell them immediately. Personally, I don't even heal during battle unless I'm in a tight spot. It's both more difficult and fair.


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I've used X-speed on a few occasions where I knew my opponent had a Pokemon I'd be able to handle if I could outrun it, but that's pretty much it.

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I use them a lot for boss fights, especially when underleveled. Spam a few against something non-threatening, and it puts you in a perfect position to go to town on the rest of the team.


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The only time i've ever used them has been for gym battles. I've never touched one Post-E4 though o_O

Haha! Funnily enough, I'm playing emerald right now and Brawly's Makuhita likes to Bulk Up a lot. So after 2 losses in a row I decided to use X-Attack and X-Defend... I won!! So these X-items really can help you!
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I only use them during emergency cases in solo runs, otherwise I don't. I'd rather train my Pokémon extensively than depend on those items.


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Played since Pokemon Red and never have I ever used one! I feel why use it when you could just do more damage with the extra turns. For example if I use an X attack on my treecko and used Pound and it did 13 damage, I could do more (about 20) if I did 2 hits and take less damage.


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Only when underleveled or Nuzlocke where I can. I don't think I've ever used a Dire Hit or Guard Spec. since first playing R/B/Y.


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Nope never use them. I'd much rather sell them and buy balls like others have said.


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Never used them, sadly. Even if the concept itself is useful. Just stuck them in my bag for completeness purposes, I suppose.


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When I get some I happily sell them to get some money (at least it worth something!).
Otherwise, no. I think I used one once but I've been knocked out in the turn after, bad experience I think.


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When I was solo-ing the Unova B2 E4 with Stoutalnd, I spammed X-Defends when I knew I'd be facing guys with Fighting type moves.


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I really only use them if the opponent is using Bide, and I don't have a weak pokemon to sacrifice or don't have any status moves. But that's generally it.


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I've never used them. I always sell them or give them away to friends.

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I can't remember of buying any X item, but I have already used the ones found in-game.

They're pretty usefull in boss battles when you're stuck. You use some 3 X items, heal afterwards and start sweeping everything.

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I've never found a need to use one. I don't remember if I tried it once back in the day, since I didn't really know what they were used for. I would see Gym Leaders do this a lot in Yellow, more specifically Giovanni and his Guard Spec., but I've been seeing this less and less. I actually gave my DS a weird look when I think an Ace trainer, if not one of the sports people in the Big Stadium/Small Court, used an X Attack in Black 2.

So I don't think I'll ever use one, even though people here are saying they're great for Nuzlockes--which I may never do myself, but that's something else entirely.