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X-men Academy

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~Approved by PsiUmbreon~

hey, this is the first x-men club and to join you must name a charcater to be part of this club

This is for Movie,Tv Show, Comic, Video Game


1. no spamming or flamming or you will be banned.
2. no fighting.
3. no off-topic chat.
4. swearing is a violation that will cause you to be perma-banned.
5. All the SPPF rules still apply!
6. you must choose a character in order to join! or i will choose for you!

PM me if you have any banners that you have made for this club-^^-
Icedragon has some banners

Owner~johnrock (Mimic)
Co-Owner~Civic Avenger (Angel, not Archangel)
Administrator~poopy (Nightcrawler)

1.Sai(Jean Grey)
2. Icedragon (Iceman)
3. Brock Phillips/Redbull (Woverline)
4.Ledian X (Cyclops)
5.Glassgod (cable)
6.sneaky fella (beast)
7. mimoru kiryu (storm)
8. lord deoxys (magneto)
9. jackypika (shadowcat)
10. blackfoxnick (Chamber)
11. Emma*Frost (emma frost) now, there is a suprise
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Oceanic Legend
Technically, it isn't the first, since I started one which has since died.

Anyway, I'll join. For the naming a character part (o_0), Jean Grey.


okay, you may join, but which Jean Grey, Marvel Girl or Phinoex

Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
Could I join please?

A friend of mine, Red Bull (plays a red coloured Minotaur in the AD&D 2nd Ed. games)'s character is as colse to Wolverine/Walter Logan/James Howlett as could possibly be, with the addition of his AD&D differences.

If allowed to join, could I "claim"/use the Wolverine (all eras/versions) character on his behalf please?

Brock PHillips.

BTW, I'll pass on what he says to me for here, and vice versa, should I be allowed to join.

Uchiha Obito

um may i please join and become Co-Owner? May i be Angel from the comics< I want to be the non-blue faced version.


yes, you may all join, and civic avenger is the new co-owner, congrats

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Mind if I join? I've watched some of the movies and I like the series that was on Kids WB! for a while called: X-Men Evolution. I'd like to be Storm. ^_~

Uchiha Obito

Yay!!! Thank You very Much!!! I used to watch the old sereies, it is much better than X-Men:Evolution, cause everyone in Evolution are teenagers!??!

BTW, can i post topics? If so heres one:In your opinion who do you think is the lamest X-Men?

I think it is the Blob, i mean sure he is really fat, so what???


Don Ledianni
Well, that was how X-Men first started in 1963. I have major problems with X-Men Evolution.

1.) Scott, Jean, Wolvie love triangle doesn't work. Wolvie isn't a pedophile.
2.) Kitty is not a dumb valley girl. She's a supersmart Jewish girl from Illinois and was trained by Wolverine to figh in the comics/
3.) Kurt is not a whiny brat in the comics.
4.) Storm should have been younger.
5.) Spyke was essentially Marrow. Lame.

Yes, I know comics and the show are different but X-Men Evolution was just plain annoying. Only ep I liked was when the original X-Men showed up.


Edit: That answer is invalid, Civic Avenger unless you mean X-Men villian. Blob was never a member of the X-Men in any continuity. As for my answer, the lamest mutant was Beak, who became a member of the Exiles and came back to the core Marvel Universe, only to have his powers (and many other mutants' powers) removed as a result of House of M.

House of M was caused by Quicksilver telling Wanda to create an alternate reality where Magneto ruled the world. Mutants were celebs and all of Earth's heroes got what they wanted. Spidey had Uncle Ben back for example. Everyone got their memories back and Wanda saifd "No more Mutants" and altered reality.

She oirignally went insane because she realized her sons with the android Vision were fake and blanked out their existance for a while. Suddenly th memory came back and she ended up killing a few fellow Avengers like Ant-Man and she had She Hulk rip Vision in half. She made Hawkeye dissapear but he came back after the events of House of M. And Vision is back living in an armor left by a young Kang from Young Avengers.

The Avengers were disbanded and later Captain America and Iron Man reformed the Avengers with: Cap, Sentry, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Ronin, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine. They and the X-Men met to discuss the fate of Wanda since she wasn't responding to Xaiver's therapy in Genosha. Quicksilver thought they were gonna kill her and had reality change.

Now..reality's back. Iceman lost and regained his powers. Millions though lost theirs like:

Blob, Angel, Jubilee, Chamber, Magneto and scores of others.
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Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
Thanks for letting me join as messenger for my friend Red Bull who's taking the "Wolverine" role.

Brock Phillips.

Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
Message passed on from my friend Red Bull (taking the Wolverine role) to the Academy:-

"Hey Bub." *Snnkktt.* *Opens the top of a bottle of beer with an adamantium claw, then takes a swig.* "Are we doing anything here in character or do we just listen to the Professor's lectures?"

Brock PHillips, messenger.
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