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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Don't Blink!
Yesterday was awesome! Five shiny pokemon from chain fishing and a shiny Floatzel. Then I got Yveltal through the story and traded for Xerneas, Zapdos and Moltres! I'll capture Articuno and Mewtwo once I've beaten the Elite Four.
Lol I just caught my first shiny and I'm flipping the #### out.

It's a charmander, took about a box and a half of masuda method.

Anyways, how do you chain fish? People seem to have good results.


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So excited. 47 hours down. Now for the last bit of my 'Champion's Journey' to meet the Elite Four and Champion to prove I have what it takes.

Current Team: These 4 Pokemon have been with me through it all, it's been one heck of a journey, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just never ran into other Pokemon that had the ability to just walk right into the team without a hitch. But I have plenty of Pokemon in my boxes for later breeding and training.. my Pokemon journey is never truly over. Plenty of competitive battling and obstacles to go.

Sylveon lvl 62
Quick Attack

Greninja lvl 64
Grass Knot

Garchomp lvl 63
Draco Meteor
Dragon Claw

Charizard (X) lvl 63
Flame Burst
Rock Smash



Isshu's got issues

I got it! I got my baby! Now that that's finally over, I'm going to sadly remove Dragoon from my team.
Now that I finally got him. Going to love on him in Pokemon-amie, EV train him, then finally get some post game stuff done.


The BEST! (I wish.)
Finished Wonder Trading the non-shiny Honedge I've bred thus far. The only Pokemon I'm looking at questionably is this Adamant Scolipede... with Speed Boost. Is that an updated Ability it has (Hidden or otherwise), or no?

Got two more Honedge while Wonder Trading, too. It was cute the first time, but these weren't foreign. :/

Leafy Sea Dragon

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So I caught a shiny Druddigon while farming exp to evolve a lot of low-level pokemon in Victory road.

I just noticed that it knew Dragon Tail. If it had used Dragon Tail during the battle....
Defeated Olympia.
Stopped Team Flare.
Caught Xerneas.
Went to Snowbelle.
Fought some trainers in the forest.
Those fairy girls are creepy.
I love too many pokemon this gen and cant decide on my team.


I challenged Viola at the Santalune City Gym and she sent out her Surskit while I sent out Fletchling. I attached Surskit with Peck and that did a lot of damage. Surskit survived though and it used Bubble. I switched to Pikachu in order to finish it off with Thunder Shock so that Pikachu could gain some experience as well. Viola sent out her Vivillon afterwards and I used my Litleo against it. Vivillon attacked with Infestation which did little damage, and Litleo attacked with Ember. That was almost enough to beat it, but Vivillon survived. One more Ember attack was enough to finally defeat Viola. I obtained the Bug Badge and the Infestation TM from her. I headed out to heal my team at the Pokemon Center and then I saved.


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finished the regional dex without mewtwo and trio birds x) Git the OVAL CHARM which speeds up the timee that eggs are discovered in the day care :D its a key item works like exp share i just switch it on
"oval charm: an oval charm said to increase the chance of pokemon eggs being found at the day care." oh i dont need to switch it on, i just hold it and works 24/7
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Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
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I just received a Japanese Frogadier over wonder trade! I also received another Ditto! I was trading some Klefki's away I had a box full, and now i'm down to 5. I'm putting my shiny hunt for Klefki on hold for now. I received some pretty nice Pokemon over wonder trade tonight, some people are very, very, generous just trading away good Pokemon :D


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So I caught a shiny Druddigon while farming exp to evolve a lot of low-level pokemon in Victory road.

I just noticed that it knew Dragon Tail. If it had used Dragon Tail during the battle....

Next time switch to a fairy just incase.Phew.

Leafy Sea Dragon

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Next time switch to a fairy just incase.Phew.

All I had was 1 level 70 or so from my main team (Which wasn't Florges), and five level 20 or so pokemon feeding off of exp all, haha :x

Also I keep on noticing things, his ability was Sheer Force... Which meant Dragon Tail would not end the battle... I think... Right?


Pkmn researcher
hey sorry for asking but i know all the 718 pokemons. but what is a Hoopa ??



Pkmn researcher
Volcanion, Hoopa, and Diancie are supposed legendaries that have been leaked from a list and turned out legit through GTS. Only the names and types are known iirc.

nice. what are the type of those event pokemon?
is it Poison :p


Charmander is best
Really enjoying this run of shines the past few days. Clawitzer, Quilladin, Smeargle, Frogadier and Pinser in the past 3 days! :) Slowly creeping my pokedex up to respectability... but I won't finish it until bank comes out :s

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
I've managed to look around and replace Inkray with Honedge and found a relaxed natured one and levelled him up after calling him Excalibur and found nicknames for the rest of the team. I levelled up everyone to level 30 after trying out the cave. I managed to get everyone up to level 32 through ther Glistening cave and got to the next city. Went to the mega evo castle place and beat Callum using Slyveon/Qualladin and Honedge.

I have now beat the third gym leader and evoved Fletchlinder to Talonflame. Now heading back to the mega evo place and hoping to get the team up a few more levels.

Beat the gym leader a second time using mega evolution with lucario and popped him in the box. Went over the GTS and got a female and male skrelp and managed to breed myself a female calm skrelp so very happy my final team member is now complete. I have been beating the battle chataue now and training up my team now.

I have also managed to find the name rater and give Slyveon/Helioptile and Skrelp nicknames of Oberon/Sandstorm and Corallina. I am now in the badlands trying to train up my pokemon to level 40. everyone is about 37/38 and little Corrallina is at level 13.


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All 8 Badges in X now... time to face the E4


Pkmn researcher
can you entree the other 2 power plants aswell ?