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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Steel-Clad Wonder
Oh my God, So much has happened since last time! Well.. not really, but I did catch a Goomy!
I went all nuts and laughed like an evil genious, planning what to do with this gooey... thing.
Then I saw its nature and cried a bit. I won't train a Jolly Goomy... That's not the destructive slug-thing I wanted.. Oh, and I nicknamed her Slug-Thing

Colton S

Beware Bewear
Now that I've defeated everyone, I'm starting a new journey in the same save file. I chose two to begin my journey with. I am using the Ralts from Diantha and a Froakie I bred. I won't be able to battle gym leaders, but hopefully I'll be all trained up to re-challenge the E4!


rock dog
Just breed my eevee with the egg move wish c:
Gonna evolve it into umbreon AND KILLLLL EVERYYYONEEEEEE

Colton S

Beware Bewear
So. Here's what I've done so far.
First, I set off from Vaniville once again with my trusty Ralts. I headed to Aquacorde, and further to Santalune. I defeated a few wild Pokemon, and have not caught any others. I arrive in Santalune and grab a Froakie out of my PC. Also bought some clothes. Changed into them and that's where I am now!
Team Members:
Ralts- Level 9
Froakie- Level 9
Headed to Route 22, where my Ralts learned Double Team after leveling up. Froakie also learned Lick after leveling up.
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Pokemon Semi-Master
Woah I've been wonder trading some extra Ditto of mine and a message came up and said it couldn't find a trade partner. That seems really odd haha


Well-Known Member
Managed to get a Japanese Trevenant so I can Masuda for a shiny. Downloaded the patch and derped around in the Battle Maison. EV Trained my Furfrou and Pancham. Now getting a bunch of Zigzagoons for Pickup.


I'm not sure if this should be in this thread, but... I was looking through the GTS for a Sylveon, and, there's one player offering one for a "Diancie"... Could this be a possible new Pokemon, or a foreign name for an already existing Pokemon...?o-o;;


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
Still no luck in the Shiny Honedge hatching department...though I'm not hardly trying much lately (only doing like 10-15 eggs a day), possibly out of disappointment of reading about how much faster certain people find theirs. And yes, I am using the Mesuda Method


So long
Explore it well as your find a Dusk Stone for your Doublade within!
That is what I had planned to do.

So, I explored Terminus Cave. All of it... at least I think so. Except for the part I couldn't enter yet, there was a guy blocking it who said I needed to be as strong as the champion in order to get in there. I'll have to get back there later. But as for the part I did explore, I battled all trainers, captured an Ariados and picked up all items, most importantly a Dusk Stone which I as mentioned above used to evolve my Doublade into Aegislash. This means all members of my team are fully evolved, finally. When I was done with the cave, I flew to Dendemille and taught King's Shield to Aegislash, hoping it will be useful. I have played enough for today, but I will continue tomorrow with going out to Route 19.

- level 71
- level 71
- level 72
- level 71
- level 71
- level 71


Active Member
Could anyone give me advice for a new team I am making?
I am using this to battle my friends, by the way :)

Clawitzer (Shiny)
Mega Launcher

Dark Pulse
Dragon Pulse
Water Pulse
Aura Sphere

Meowstic (Female) (Shiny)
Signal Beam
Calm Mind
Shadow Ball

Goodra (Female)
Sap Sipper

Sludge Bomb
Muddy Water
Aqua Tail

Aegislash (Male)
Stance Change

Swords Dance
Kings Shield
Iron Head
Sacred Sword

Any other suggestions would be awesome :)


I picked up some more items around Lumiose City including a Quick Claw and some Timer Balls and Quick Balls. I visited all the other little boutiques and stores around the parts of the city that were accessible to me, and I finished swapping Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. I arrived at the gatehouse that led to Route 5 after exploring Lumiose City fully, and I met Mr. Bonding or whatever his name was there. He spoke about O-Powers and I continued to Route 5 after hearing his speech. I ran into a Lucario upon arrival at Route 5 and then its trainer came and introduced herself as Korrina, the Shalour City Gym Leader. I visited the skate park after that, then I explored the tall grass and I trained my Pokemon there.


Well-Known Member
I've beaten the elite 4 twice and now I am using Battle Maison to gain Points for EV training. Battle maison is so easy to use to get points!


Well-Known Member
on my x got up to 7 gym then beaten the team flare boss caught the x legend under 13 hours =)

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon
Got the first badge. Caught a timid alert to sounds budew. Added two friend codes. traded a lvl 4 gible for a lvl 52 ursaring.


I caught a wild Furfrou in the tall grass along Route 5 and I encountered a Pancham among some flowers and I caught it as well. I was glad since I wanted to use Pancham on my team from the start. I caught some other wild Pokemon, but I had to return to Lumiose City to heal my Pokemon and to further organize my team. My team now consisted of Froakie, Pikachu, Fletchling, Litleo and Pancham; I deposited Bunnelby since it wasn't very useful. I went back to Route 5 and I trained my Pokemon in the tall grass some more. I then battled some Twins and I met Tierno and Trevor again. I battled Tierno and I beat his Corphish with Pikachu. I then learned about Horde Battles from Trevor. He then gave me some Honey.


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Actually I'm filling up the dex and maybe sooner or later I'll go capturing the legendaries around the region.
Also found a shiny Snorunt in the friend safari. :D


Great Ball Rank Trainer
Just sweeped through Viola on my Y game. I had no idea how much of a powerhouse Dunsparce could be


Strong Winds
Staff member
Super Mod
Just sweeped through Viola on my Y game. I had no idea how much of a powerhouse Dunsparce could be

Dunsparce is easily the best thing to sweep Viola with. Touch Rollout on the first turn and you've won the entire battle.

So I've finished the entire Kalos dex earlier this week, and I'm currently working on the National Dex. What's actually possible of it, at least. Making my way in order of the dex, I'm now at 539 caught and 563 seen. Now looking for Tyrogue for the Hitmon family, Chansey, Tangela and Dex data for Articuno/Moltres to finish up the available Kanto section of the Dex.


After getting my hands on the Honey thanks to Trevor, I continued to explore Route 5. I battled a tough Kadabra that was owned by a Rising Star trainer, then I collected a Super Potion around one of the rails. I headed south and picked up an Oran Berry, then I battled some Roller Skaters. My Froakie finally evolved during those battles, and I was happy to finally have Frogadier. I found the Hone Claws TM after wandering through some purple flowers afterwards and I continued to train my Pokemon against any wild Pokemon that I encountered; training was easier thanks to the Exp. Share. I finally arrived in Camphrier Town after that adventure and after getting a signal on the Holo Caster, I saved the game.