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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Let's go to the beach, each.
After passing through a gatehouse I finally arrived in Anistar City. Upon arriving I spoke to Professor Sycamore's assistant and she told me that someone in the city knew about the Legendary Pokemon (Xerneas apparently), then she handed me some Repeat Balls and left. I wandered east and spoke to the Memory Girl outside the Anistar City Pokemon Center, then I entered the building and healed my Pokemon. I then spoke to a girl inside and got the Flamethrower TM, then I bought some Ultra Balls at the Mart section. I wanted to buy some TMs as well, but they were too expensive. After getting an O-Power from Mr. Bonding I headed back outside and visited a boutique in order to purchase new clothes there.


While playing this evening I noticed all the NPCs in Lumiose aren't shaded correctly for night time which isn't too surprising, nor is it a big deal. But walking past Sycamore's lab I noticed the strangely tall man with a blue hat and beige trench coat was shaded correctly. I then noted that I don't recall his character model used at all anywhere else. I can't help but feel that that's a little too much detail given to an NPC who only says: "This is South Boulevard. The Pokemon Lab, the Trainer PR Video Studio, and stylist, Coiffure Clips, are on this boulevard."


a paper man
I made someone very happy by trading him one of my chained female Red Gyarados. I'm still attempting to get a male one, but I keep running into those darned Seaking.

Au Au

A lil bit ditzy
Well, I got a shiny Azurill. I was hoping for a Riolu, but then got a Hardy natured green female Azurill (probably will change genders when it evolves). But then again, I'm already have a better natured Azurill (Adamant and Huge Power), albeit not shiny. So, I'm planning to Wonder Trade the shiny one some time this week. Hoping for something good in return! :D


I have been looking into breeding a sassy goomy for a bit now.... with no luck. I am now seeing if breeding Goomy with a Ditto that has Sassy will actually do anything in the chances of Goomy's Egg being Sassy. It is worth the shot! :D

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Working on leveling up and explored Route 14 a little. Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur and I prompltly checked out its MegaEvo. My Combusken and Flaaffy (Lady BaBa) are close to evolving as well. Once I get them evolved I'm going to work on raising a Skorupi I caught on Route 14 and my Skrelp to take to the next gym. Oh, I also got the Stone Emporium price for Charizardite Y down to an affordable level so I'll need to work on raising Charmander as well. So many 'mons to raise and evolve!
For people who still didn´t find a shiny, I´m gonna motivate you by telling u yesterday I hatched a shiny Bagon with hydropump and dragon pulse after less than a box :) just keep trying with every method. shiny beldum.. soon *_*
Beat the Elite Four yesterday! Should have gotten on that a while ago, but I was distracted by pokemon breeding...


Well-Known Member
After that lucky break yesterday (finding a Xerneas on the GTS in exchange for Fennekin), I've been spending the better part of my evening trading Xerneas for Xerneas on the GTS in the hope of getting one with a decent nature and IVs in the right places. I finally landed one with a Rash nature and 31 IVs in HP, Atk, SpA and Spe. Not too shabby at all, considering people probably wouldn't put Modest ones up on the GTS so easily. To top it off, it has a pretty acceptable nickname "Gaia" instead of some weird nonsense I've been seeing like "Deer" or "X" or "Pokeball". "Bambi" was cool, though.

I'll probably be EV-training the Honedge I managed to breed, which has an IV spread of 26/31/31/19/16/0. Nowhere near perfect, but I suppose it'll do good in Battle Maison and maybe even be viable in online battling. At least, until I settle on a full 6 Pokemon team...

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
I haven't done much other than battle online and won like 80% of them, breed Togepi's and managed to get many Pokes.
Gale Wings Fletchinder, Poison Touch Muk, Bulletproof Quillidan, Spheal, Snover, Phanpy, Shuppet, Huge Power Diggersby and many more oh my lord haha.
IV breed more Pokes, and working on Scizor now.



Platinum fan.

I got to Ramos, but not before having to battle the rival again. So after that I went to Ramos's Gym of vine swinging to reach the old man at the top and he was very easy. Neither he or his trainers around the gym were a threat. I used Talonflame, and my new Tyrantrum and Slyveon. Talonflame defeat Gogoat with one Fly attack, I was surprised since it was only one level higher then Gogoat, but oh well. Afterwords I was able to use fly and fly I did. I got a Good Rod and went to route 8 to finally catch a Pokemon I wanted to use all game and that was Clauncher. It was vastly weaker then my regular team so I had to take it to the Battle Chateau to get it up to speed as well as earn even more ridiculous amounts of money. I named the Clauncher Bluelobster. I was thinking about naming it Seafood, but then I thought otherwise. I got to that power plant that was being run by Team Flare. They were all easy, even the admins. They all fell to Serecham the Pangoro and Tyrantrum who I gave the generic name "Jurassic" lol.


1 more day ^^
I finished breeding my pokemon and also battled some trainers at the battle maison. I also battled my rival. Now I'm going to evolve my pokemon through happiness.


It took longer than the Venonat, but not as long as the Torchic. I was finally able to hatch my fourth Shiny, an Adamant Perfect Attack and Speed Scyther (it's Special Attack is perfect too, but we don't mention that). I rang up my friend for help and had it evolve into a Scizor.

As I was giving him his vitamins I had a sublime thought. After seeing it's Mega Evolution in battle (ooooh, golden...), I ran away from the battle. Looking at the battle style I would teach him, it looks like I was able to teach him all he needs to know at level 1. I will also be able to train his growth plan via Super Training and keep him at level 1.

I went with my plan (after saving my berries from a Spewpa invasion) (okay, it was just one Spewpa), teaching him the proper all the techniques he needed and going through Super Training, all while I was still in the Berry Farm. I haven't used Super Training for quite some time, so I was please that it still went smoothly.

After all of this I went back into the Pokémon Center and stored him into the PC. Sequencer ★, my first Cyber Pokémon. Even at level 1, he can still compete in competitions with normal rulings, allowing the system to boost him to level 50. But he also has a purpose for staying that way.

I can only hope my feelings will reach him. He too will have his time in the sun, to feel the wind as he goes on adventures and battles. He will have his part to play when the world calls for Z.

Happy Hydreigon

Kahuna Mikah
This is probably not the right place to do this but,what is a good nickname for Bagon?

My Training Team

Jett(Tailow)-Lv 8
Mi-La(Mienfoo)-Lv 15
Bagon(???)-Lv 15

Shiny Budew

Well-Known Member
I'm currently Wonder Trading away Synchronize Ralts, and lol at some of the things people are passing around.


i miss the old kanye
While trying to nab a thick club off a cubone, i came across a shiny machop, and after i found the cubone with a thick club. Great chain of events

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
So I finished that Scizor relatively quickly surprisingly (almost panicked about Roost until I looked online and found it was a TM) and after some thought I can up with another annoying stall team starting with Walrein.
Lots of breeding to do, so so little time.