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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


La Melancolie Noir
Huh, just now realised that I've never posted in this thread, even though I've been playing X for pretty much exactly a month now. So as far as I can recall, the highlights up until this point in my adventure are:
- I picked Fennekin as a starter, and he had an Adamant nature. Not the nature I would have preferred, but oh well...
- I searched for about an hour on Route 4 for a Riolu, but never found a single one. But I searched about 30 minutes on Route 5 for a Ralts and found one, so it's all good.
- The first gym leader (I forgot her name already) was pathetically easy. So pathetically easy that I forgot how the battle went.
- I picked Bulbasaur as my second starter, contrary to the popular choice of Charmander.
- I spend a lot of time trying to evolve my Budew. It wasn't until level 22 that she did so, although I could swear she was at max happiness. Then I realised that she had to level up in the daytime in order to evolve. Well silly me.
- I caught an Abra by merely tossing a Quick Ball at it at the beginning of the battle.
- Before catching Snorlax, I taught Thief to my Braixen, who stole its Sitrus berry during the battle. So I had Sitrus berries long before reaching the tree.
- The second gym leader (I forgot his name already) was also pretty easy. I forgot how this battle went too.
- After exploring Cyllage Town and heading out onto Route 10, the very first Pokemon I encountered there was an Eevee. That would have made me so happy had I done a Nuzlocke challenge.
- I tried to catch a Seviper on Route 8, but it was in a horde battle with four Zangoose, who kept ganging up on the poor snake. They KO'd it before I could get a chance to catch it.
- I got a Steelix in an in-game trade and LOL'd at the fact that she was nicknamed Thumper. Yes, she. Oh gawd.

Okay, now that that recap's done, I can get on to the stuff that happened within the past few days. So I just recently discovered Shalour City and had a nice long(ish) talk with Korrina and the Mega Evolution Guru about Mega Evolution, then had my first battle with Calem in quite a while. His Frogadier was level 30, while all my Pokemon were levels 23-25... I obviously had a lot of training to do (though I beat him anyway, thanks to my trusty Dedenne and her Nuzzles and Charms and Parabolic Charges). So off to more grinding I went...

While heading back through Route 10, I spotted a female Eevee! Naturally, I had to catch it, and I was most fortunate to have both my False Swiping Absol and my Yawning Snorlax in my party. She has a Quirky nature, so I'm still unsure what I want to evolve her to. (My other Eevee will become Sylveon thanks to his Timid nature--if only he could learn a Fairy move...) So far I've been trying to get her happiness up in case I want her to become Espeon or Umbreon (more likely the former).

Eh, enough about Eevees. The other day when watering my berry plants, I came across berry mutations for the first time. Specifically, I got Kelpsy berries where I ought to have gotten Chesto and Persim berries. I had no idea that could happen... A couple of days later, I also got some Pomegs and a Hondew berry in similar ways.

I've also caught a few new Pokemon. I caught a Sawk a couple of days ago on Route 11, though I don't think I'll be training him as I have enough fighting Pokemon in my training party already. (In fact, I recently had to take my Pancham and Hawlucha off that team.) Same with the Solosis I caught today, as I already have plenty of Psychic Pokemon to train. But the one I did keep on my training team was a Ferroseed I found in Reflection Cave. Especially since I had previously been bummed at accidentally KOing the Ferroseed I found in that other cave near Ambrette. And since my team was in desperate need of another Grass-type and another Steel-type. Problem solved! Now I have three of each!

I also recently got an Eviolite, which I've found useful as ever for training my Pokemon. Same with the Pokemon-Amie; I like getting everyone in my training team to affection level 2 so they could get the boosted EXP. And speaking of training, I've also frequently gotten screwed over by the Wobbuffets in Reflection Cave. Not being able to run away from them or switch to someone who can deal with them is so annoying... And I was a bit surprised to discover Mr. Mime is now part Fairy-type, as discovered when my Axew's Dragon Rage didn't affect it. In fact, I taught my Axew Poison Jab so he could more effectively deal with fairies. And I taught my Steelix (Thumper, LOL) Dig so she could actually have a Ground move. Right now she's my only Ground-type team member; I need another one, but I don't like Hippopotas or Sandile or Rhyhorn. Oh, and my Espurr just evolved to Meowstic today. Before battling Korrina, I want to get everyone on my team to level 27. And I'll be focusing on countering the Lucario I know she has.

My current training team:
Coco Puff - Eevee, male, level 22 (Timid) - Swift, Quick Attack, Bite, Refresh
Katrina - Meowstic, female, level 25 (Jolly) - Light Screen, Disarming Voice, Psyshock, Psybeam
Victoria - Vespiquen, female, level 25 (Gentle) - Power Gem, Gust, Bug Bite, Slash
Mandy - Eevee, female, level 21 (Quirky) - Swift, Quick Attack, Bite, Refresh
Vivian - Vivillon, female, level 25 (Brave) - Struggle Bug, Psybeam, Stun Spore, Draining Kiss
Lucian - Kirlia, male, level 25 (Serious) - Magical Leaf, Confusion, Flash, Heal Pulse
Chopper - Axew, male, level 25 (Lax) - Poison Jab, Assurance, Dragon Rage, Dual Chop
Aqua - Azumarill, female, level 25 (Naive) - Aqua Tail, Charm, Tail Whip, Return
Falchion - Honedge, male, level 25 (Serious) - Autotomize, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Shadow Sneak
Helmer - Bagon, male, level 26 (Quiet) - Shadow Claw, Bite, Leer, Headbutt
Sakuya - Roselia, female, level 26 (Relaxed) - Giga Drain, Growth, Venoshock, Grass Whistle
Fatty - Snorlax, male, level 24 (Lonely) - Strength, Defense Curl, Yawn, Lick
Dreamweaver - Drifloon, male, level 25 (Rash) - Minimize, Ominous Wind, Gust, Stockpile
Trixie - Mawile, female, level 25 (Lax) - Fairy Wind, Fake Tears, Vice Grip, Bite
Reynard - Braixen, male, level 24 (Adamant) - Psybeam, Flame Charge, Fire Spin, Howl
Pryce - Amaura, male, level 25 (Mild) - Icy Wind, Take Down, Mist, Aurora Beam
Littlefoot - Ivysaur, male, level 25 (Lax) - Sleep Powder, Growl, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf
Jade Dragon - Mienfoo, female, level 25 (Serious) - Rock Smash, Calm Mind, Swift, Fake Out
Preston - Kadabra, male, level 26 (Bold) - Teleport, Confusion, Disable, Miracle Eye
Asanan - Meditite, male, level 25 (Lax) - Rock Smash, Calm Mind, Confusion, Poison Jab
Hematite - Carbink, level 25 (Adamant) - Sharpen, Smack Down, Reflect, Stealth Rock
Thumper - Steelix, female, level 25 (Impish) - Smack Down, Stealth Rock, Dig, Gyro Ball
Diego - Pikachu, male, level 25 (Mild) - Electro Ball, Thunder Shock, Nuzzle, Return
Nazrin - Dedenne, female, level 27 (Hasty) - Charge, Charm, Parabolic Charge, Volt Switch
Thumbelina - Floette, female, level 25 (Rash) - Wish, Magical Leaf, Fairy Wind, Lucky Chant
Yamiko - Absol, female, level 24 (Brave) - False Swipe, Hone Claws, Quick Attack, Thief
Cthulhu - Inkay, male, level 24 (Rash) - Foul Play, Swagger, Psybeam, Topsy-Turvy
Touch-Me-Not - Ferroseed, female, level 24 (Gentle) - Curse, Metal Claw, Payback, Gyro Ball
Starhawk - Sigilyph, female, level 24 (Naughty) - Light Screen, Tailwind, Air Cutter, Psybeam
Combusken - male, level 24 (Impish) - Peck, Sand Attack, Double Kick, Ember
Cygnus - Ducklett, male, level 24 (Serious) - Feather Dance, Defog, Aerial Ace, Water Pulse


a paper man
I decided that I was done with fishing for shiny things and...

* Caught a Smeargle for the sole purpose of getting the "Never Give Up" medal.
* Played around in a few Safari Zones and managed to get Rhydon and a hidden-ability Onix that I'll aim to evolve as my Steelix later. I registered an ELEC-type earlier, too, but the it figures the slot I want (Galvantula) is the one that needs "unlocking". Guess I'll have to wait.
* Attempted Rotation Battle at the two-star restaurant, which proved to be an exercise in slight frustration.
* Figured I'd try the cafe circuit once again, since I hadn't been in at least a week-- only to find that both Cyllage and Laverre refuse my business? Well, at least tell me that I've seen everything the patrons have to offer. (Even in postgame? Odd.)
* Unlocked Entei's "seen" data in Anistar's cafe, where I'm apparently still welcome. For now. (That's all three legendary beasts counted!)
* Battled Olympia in the Chateau for the second time.


Bred a lot of Pokemon and needed to get rid of them, so instead of releasing i threw them on wonder trade and got 3 Pokemon with Pokerus in return! That was a nice day, a nice day indeed.


Well-Known Member
Got a 8 win streak in the Super Single Battles at the Battle Maison before I got KO'd. I purchased the Battle Weight from the store so now I have 1 of each of the EV training items. Now to get them all again another 4 times!

Also got a Luxury Ball from the girl in the Pokeball store in Lumiouse City and then I won a PP UP in the Lotto!
Last night I started super training my Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. It's been taking a while because I'll only use L bags to boost stats. Cannot wait to get them super strong and breed them though!


Well-Known Member
Been lucky on the GTS in terms of getting Dittos with good IVs and natures, plus they're mostly foreign so I can Masuda Method as well as IV breed. The only problem is with them being traded is that I can't nickname them, so I'm having to make an Excel spreadsheet documentating their stats.


gone gently
Been lucky on the GTS in terms of getting Dittos with good IVs and natures, plus they're mostly foreign so I can Masuda Method as well as IV breed. The only problem is with them being traded is that I can't nickname them, so I'm having to make an Excel spreadsheet documenting their stats.

I've taken to using the PC marking function. There are six shapes, and six stats. It's come in handy often thanks to the PC's search feature letting you single out Pokemon with any combination of marks (and nature, and gender, and ability, etc.).

Anyway, I've decided to put everything else on hold and MM for a shiny Helioptile. Then I read a post by someone who was MMing for Honedge and got it in just 55 eggs, and... *sigh* The motto of probability: "Probability: by definition it has to work for somebody, but that somebody is never you." ^_^;

Dark Sharpedo

s tier of dopeness
Ok. So I have been trying and trying for a Sassy Goomy... still with no prevail. Will probably get back in after school. Anyways, wish me luck!


Well-Known Member
My team is currently: Combusken (31), Frogadier (31), Ivysaur (27), Pidgeotto (25), Kirlia (23), and Honedge (23)

Looking for Gym 3.

Problem is I just got Amaura and I've wanted one so badly because Ice is my favorite type.....and I don't know who to swap it for.

:( I'm weird. I develop personal connections with my Pokemon. I've never liked fire types or been good with them....but when I got the special Torchic....there was like, this bond between us.


Dain bramaged
I started off my game picking Chespin, my favorite of the three starters, which I named Bilbo. After spending some time in Super Training with him, I moved onto Route 2 where I caught Pidgey called Egypt. More Super Training and onward to Santalune I went. The forest and Route 3 posed no problem at all for my Pokemon, and after buying some accessories from the clothes shop, I headed to Route 22 where I caught Nala the Litleo. So now I'm currently giving her some EVs in Super Training as well as spending some time in Amie, soon to take on the first gym!

Current team:

Chespin (Bilbo) - 12
Pidgey (Egypt) - 12
Litleo (Nala) - 6


Well-Known Member
Already on my 2nd run through this game since I said I'd restart if my friend bought a 3DS.

I'm way too late to recap everything (since I'm in Snowpoint), but I can say that I found a Shiny Mine Jr in a horde encounter and then traded it for a Xerneas (since I have Y version). I would have kept it, but its nature was horrendous and I've never cared for Mr. Mime anyway.

After that, my other friend, who doesnt have a 3DS decided he loves Wonder Trade and did that for about 2 hours, getting me a host of amazing crap including a Froakie with its hidden ability of Protean, a Chespin (the only starter I havent used yet), and a Ditto with the ability Imposter!

I'm damn happy there. I'm probably going to take a month long break (or longer) and when I play it again, I'll do an "all" team. Not sure what team I'll go with, but so far my ideas are:
All Turtle Team (Torterra, Carracosta, Avalugg, Torkoal, Blastoise, Shuckle)
All Dinosaur Team (Tropius, Ramparados, Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Aerodactyl, Aggron)
All Dragon Team (Druddigon, Goodra, Haxorus, Dragonite, Salamance, Noivern, with Altaria, Flygon, Hydreigon, Tyrantrum, Dragalge, Kingdra, or Garchomp as either a secondary team or alternates)

I know there's a ton of other themed teams I can do, like All Fire Starters, or something, but these are the ones I've really been interested in doing.


Previously Iota
Gone back to my X game and decided to do a bit more with a new team, using all three Kalos bred starters. Today I was Wonder Trading and ended up with a Bulbasaur and a Haunter that evolved into a Gengar. That happened twice! So I traded the other Gengar away through WT again :)

Also got a nice Mawile that I bred, then WT away again.


This is a title.
Team is at lv90+. Been trying to fill up the Pokedex as for now.
Evolved a lot of Pokemon and searched for those I haven't catch.
Currently trying to get all the Eeveelutions. Only Umbreon and Espeon to go.
Had hard time getting a Thunderstone from the secret super training =.='' (I don't really like super training)
Rock smashing rocks to get Old Amber. Binacles kept on appearing. Heh. Binacles.
I texted with Mi10tic_Fan about how ugly a binacle is and then suddenly a random shiny binacle appeared... o, ok?

Platinum fan.

I went to Lumiose's Gym and did Bonnie's little quiz thing. I was almost expecting her to call herself "The Quiz Queen" and do the quiz song (Megaman Battle Network reference)
The first two were easy. Not surprised they had a Pikachu one. Gotta get that mouse of a mascot in somehow, lol. The last two were a little tricky but I cheated and used my Pokedex to look up what those Pokemon were. Is that cheating? Nobody stopped me. So after four of these things I got to fight Bonnie's geeky brother, lol, Clemont. His Emolga pulled the classic Volt Switch on Jurassic aka my Tyrantrum and out came Magenton. So I switched myself and used Mozilla the Delphox to defeat it. He used Heliolisk and I used Serecham the Pangoro, one Vital Throw was all it took. Emolga was dragged back out and I finished it with my Sylveon. Battle was over, I get a badge and TM, Bonnie interrupts Clemont's speech about science and I'm now waiting for Wednesday so I can buy the clothes I want.
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Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
My Flaafy, Lady BaBa, finally evolved into Ampharos and she is fabulous in her Mega Evolution. Combusken also evolved. Now I need to get back to work on Skrelp and Skorupi so I can move forward to the next town/gym.


1 more day ^^
After I evolved eevee into umbreon and chingling I discovered I forgot to breed my raichu and snorlax >.> After that I evolved my other eevees into glaceon and leafeon and then discovered I forgot to breed my jigglypuff DX Now I'm done breeding XD


Magma Maestro
So my National Pokedex in Y is currently 553 caught, so I'm only 43 away from completing the current obtainable pokemon list (596). Hope to finish it before PokeBank comes out!

I don't think I've ever hated an Elite 4 so much, not even in Black and White... Oh well, at least they have high-leveled Pokemon to train against.


So my National Pokedex in Y is currently 553 caught, so I'm only 43 away from completing the current obtainable pokemon list (596). Hope to finish it before PokeBank comes out!

I don't think I've ever hated an Elite 4 so much, not even in Black and White... Oh well, at least they have high-leveled Pokemon to train against.

Why the hate? Well unless it's Malva, then I can totally relate.


Magma Maestro
Why the hate? Well unless it's Malva, then I can totally relate.
Nice rhyme xD
Yeah, I hate Malva, but it's more the Probopass with its Sturdy ability, as every other Pokemon I can OHKO, but Probopass usually ends up using Earth Power on my Blaziken to kill it (as it usually has low health anyway due to constantly using Brave Bird). Also, Gyarados' Intimidate isn't helpful.