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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

Issued a Black writ of challenge yesterday, not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, my level 92 Pikachu and Level 96 Marowak made it much easier. I actually debated whether leveling up so much prior to beating the elite four was a silly decision on my part- but eh, I'm okay with it. I have LOTS of other pokemon to level up too.


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Just completed the Looker missions and thank god they're over! I thought they were really lame.


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After taking out Team Flare in the Power Plant I made my way back to Lumiose and went straight to the gym where Pangoro went crazy with Bulldoze. Clemont was no trouble thanks to Pangoro and Delphox and so I had my fifth badge. I ran to Route 14 and speaking with Lysandre again and battled Calem again in a easy victory. I got through the swampy route without any problems and soon I was in Laverre City. I explored a little and then took on the gym with Blastoise. He defeated all the trainers but I decided to let my other team members take on Valerie. Delphox beat Mawile with Flamethrower, and my Mawile took out Sylveon and Mr Mime. I then took care of Team Flare at the Pokeball Factory and ran to Route 15 where I took a break. I also decided to turn off the Exp Share as I am way too overpowered right now.



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Got the game today and currently at Santalune City.

Team: Lvl 10 Fletchling, Lvl 12 Froakie


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Hatched about 100 eggs for shiny Goomy via Masuda method and so far nothing. It's my first time shiny hunting so I just wonder how the hell people do this constantly.


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Just beat the champ the other day and now need to start on:

Looker missions
Legendary hunt
Battle Maison
Mega Stone hunt
Friend Safari

and this all before Banks is released and I can transfer my completed dex from Black

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Issued my first Writ..a simple Write of Invitation. Ran around the Chateau battling and raised my rank to Marchioness. Ramos showed up and he owned me with his Gogoat, sigh. Should have had Talonflame with me instead of Blaziken. My Skrelp is ready for the next gym and Skorupi is almost ready. My Writ is still good until later tonight, so I'll be battling some more later.


PKMN Breeder
I had my Mega Lucario around 50% set up at +2 attack against a ~20% Ferrothorn on WiFi and I mispressed Bullet Punch instead of Close Combat. I got Leech Seeded and was forced to switch out. Had 24HP. It was 4-5 then. He had no Fighting resist. I still managed a 0-1 defeat. GAH lesson learned, do not press wildly. >_<


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Just evolved my white Floette in to a majestic Florges at lvl. 51 to get it ready for the League. I liked my time spent on exploring rather than rushing through the game, so my team at current is quite high.

Florges ♀ lvl. 52
Meowstic ♀ lvl. 79
Heliolisk ♂ lvl. 77
Hawlucha ♀ lvl. 71
Goodra ♂ lvl. 73
Bisharp ♂ lvl. 67


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Just went crazy on the GTS and picked up a whole host of Friend Safari Dittos. I now have a decent enough collection to start breeding them to try and get 4IVs. Eventually, I want to breed and do the Masuda Method at the same time. Why I'm bringing all this mental torture upon myself, I'll never know!


I'm currently using Pokemon with Pickup to gather items. Mainly trying to get Leftovers from my Lv 100 Linoone but so far no luck. I've been using horde battles to see if you get a better chance at getting items or not, I have no idea if it is better so far I'm not finding a whole lot. Just Heart Scales and Full Restores.

Dark Sharpedo

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Still hunting for that Sassy Goomy. I will be so happy once I get it! EV Training will resume once the Sassy Goomy is hatched. Other then that I am not doing much on X, might be hunting for a Ditto in every nature soon as well.


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A shiny Graveler just exploded right before my eyes...


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1 more day ^^
Ok I am such an idiot. I found yet again 6 more pokemon I forgot to breed, ludicolo, hydreigon, wobbuffet, and 3 others so I breed those. I also discovered I didn't evolve my tailow or tentacool so I evolved those 2. Now I'm going to evolve my um goomy first evo?, pancham, and inkay and the I will be done until I get my second 3ds.


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I really want to restart my game so I can play through it a couple more times before the bank transfer thing is released.

But pretty much everything I've done over the last week (trying to breed for 5 perfect IV Pokemon) will go to waste.


1 more day ^^
I'm so pissed off. I knew this was going to happen but still my stupid wurmple evolved into cascoon >., not silcoon. Now I have breed another one DX


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I am so annoyed with myself!

In the past week I have accidentally killed a Shiny Scraggy (and today a Shiny Wingull) in horde battles.
And I wonder traded a Jigglypuff not realizing it was Shiny!!! -.-

I need to stop playing this when I am tired


Strider: Spider King
I really want to restart my game so I can play through it a couple more times before the bank transfer thing is released.

But pretty much everything I've done over the last week (trying to breed for 5 perfect IV Pokemon) will go to waste.

No friends/siblings with the game?


I can't Kominicate.
Well, now my life is being used to amassing Battle Points to buy one of every item in the catalogue. After that, I'm having a crazy breeding session in the previous gen to fill out those empty holes in my National Dex with Pokémon Bank.

A shiny Graveler just exploded right before my eyes...

This is perhaps the best trolling Shiny there is.