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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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Just wrapped up building my team of Eeveelutions, and I'm planning to buy Pokemon Y Friday and to send over the eevees to it.
Sylveon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, all level 5.
Turning off EXP share, seeing how I fare against the game with these guys.
Spent hours super training them, they all have max evs and desired natures.


a paper man
I did a bunch of Wonder Trading just now, which I decided to also livetweet. It was pretty fun! There were the usual hits and misses, but one of my trades landed me a Japanese Growlithe!


Let's go to the beach, each.
Serena, Shauna and I were ambushed by some Team Flare Admins inside Xerneas' room and Shauna fled and was chased, then Serena went to protect her. Four Team Flare Admins stayed behind and I had to battle against the four of them. I used Pangoro against the one with Liepard and Manectric and I beat both Pokemon with Hammer Arm. I then used Malamar's Psycho Cut against the second Admin's Swalot. I battled the third Admin and his Mightyena and Houndoom and beat them with Greninja. I used Raichu against the last Admin's Golbat and then the tree-like object awoke and became Xerneas. I battled against the Xerneas and weakened it slowly with Pangoro, then I finally caught it in an Ultra Ball.


a paper man
... Summarily evolved earlier mentioned Growlithe into an Arcanine, because "why not" and "Extremespeed at 34".


Great Ball Rank Trainer
Both my Chespin and my Goomy have maximum affection in pokémon amie, & Goomy beat the Dragalge balloon I was having trouble with for days

Flame Haze SnS

Did the Looker Detective Agency side-quest while trying to level up Meditite to evolve it into Medicham on my Y version. During the Detective side-quest, it felt that Emma has better character development, though there's little to no plot in it. After this whole thing, I'll attempt to fill the pokedex via evolutions and tradings.


Spiffy ~ ^^"
Reached Lumiose City, Battled Prof. Sycamore, Received Charmander, Now on Route 5.

Dark Sharpedo

s tier of dopeness
If you have been reading my last couple of "Recent Happenings" Posts you may know that I have been on a hunt for a Sassy Goomy for competitive battling. Well, I finally got one! Thanks to my friend, Rai; he was able to send me over a Sassy Ditto where there on I put the fabulous Everstone on the Ditto. So now I have a Sassy Goomy! :D Now onto EV Training it and becoming better at Competitive WIFI Battling.


Pokemon breeder
So I'm currently MM. For a shiny aron for my boyfriend been at it for 3 or 4 days now and no luck but now what I've been doing is hatching 5 then wonder trading them away just to see if I I get anything good. So far I've gotten a Japanese tyrant with all 3 fang moves and dragon dance. A Japanese gale wing fletchling with 3 maxes. Also got a few other things but I didn't keep them.

I've also been raising up my 3 newest team members a speed boost blaziken/ a multiscale dragonite and my favourite new one a perfect shiny huge power azumarill with aqua jet and belly drum :D love how golden she is. They are only around level 38 atm but once I'm done MM I'm gonna raise them up :)


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I bred DDance and Pursuit onto a larvitar and currently trying to get a 31/31/31/x/31/31. Kind think i should of bred SR on as well just for the hell of it but oh well. This should be allot faster compared to trying to breed a perfect magnemite.


I finally got my Mega Ring updated and I found the Pinsirite
I maxed my Azumarill's affection last night, and this morning I started on Delphox. Got him to 3 hearts before calling it quits for the morning, tho I might continue later this evening to max his affection. The minigames are starting to get boring and repetitive, I might have to switch to Hard mode just to spice things up.

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Finished battling in the Chateau while my Write was still in effect. Evolved Skorupi into Drapion and got it to a level I wanted so I was now ready to take on the next gym. Explored the forest and swamps of Route 14 and reached Laverre town. Got the Gengarite from someone in town. Checked out the Boutique but didn't buy anything. Then I went to the Pokemon Center to rest my team and it was off to the gym. Took my time going through the pretty Dollhouse and battling and finally made it to Leader Valerie. With Pyroar, Drapion and Skrelp I beat her pretty easily and walked away with the Fairy Badge and Dazzling Gleam (which I promplty taught to Floette). Not a bad evening's work. Now I want to raise Floette a few more levels and evolve her.


Active Member
Yesterday i was breeding for a shiny adamant Torchic, finally got it, was only slightly annoyed when it came out with blaze instead of speed boost. It has 27 iv's in attack and has flawless speed stat. Pretty happy with it overall, and I have started Masuda breeding for a shiny charmander.


New Member
Finally bred a shiny Honedge (~450 eggs, Brave, 4 Max IVs, 0 Speed), and shortly after, a shiny Skrelp (~40 eggs, Modest, 3 Max IVs).

Now I'm working on a shiny Ralts (1 box in so far), and then I'll work on the rest of my planned team; Heracross, Weavile and Gliscor.


1 more day ^^
I finally continued with X. I caught a sawk for y version since I forgot about it and am now in the frosty cavern.


65 charmanders now. Also Pokedex at 591/605.


Spent this morning organizing my PC getting rid of the large amount of duplicates that I've gotten from Wonder Trade. Keeping those that had the best IVs, Abilities/HA, and even the egg moves that I've gotten. Going through this I've found a few Larvitar's that I got from Wonder Trade with egg moves, one with Dragon Dance and one with Stealth Rock. That's great considering I'm wanting to create a new Sandstorm team in Gen 6.
For now I'm finishing up breeding my first team so that I can start battling online which I'm hopping I can do in the evening. But I still need to get Leftovers and a few other items from the Battle Masion which I need more BP for that.