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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Just beat the Elite 4 :)!

My team:

Jolteon -- lv. 70

Lapras -- lv. 67

Xerneas -- lv. 67

Delphox -- lv. 83

Hawlucha -- lv. 76

Blaziken -- lv. 75

So now onto getting the Pokéradar and shiny hunting.

Holy Smeargle :O, I just ran into Moltres! Didn't see that one coming at all. Didn't get to attack him though, he ran off :(. Dang it.
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Update on Wonderlocke:

Zubat cleaned house through the 1st gym sweeping it pretty easy. I received the EXP Share and continued onto the next Route, continuing to train through hard fought battles. I made it to Lumiose City and met with the Professor. I battled him and he gave me a lovely Squirtle as gift, too bad I can't use it. I went to a restruant where I participated in a couple of Double Battles. I made my way to the next route and I stumbled upon the Battle Chateau, I was named a Baron but after about 7 battles I received a new rank.

During this time Magikarp FINALLY evolved into the beast that is Gyarados. Not many moves right now so he'll be tough to train but I am looking forward to the challenge. As I made it to Ambrette Town I met with the Fossil people and was told to go into the cave to meet one of the scientists. As I got there I had to ride a Rhyhorn to get to the cave. I entered the cave and towards the end I was met by Team Flare. After wiping the floor with them I got to the scientist and he let me pick a fossil. I chose Jaw Fossil even though I won't be using it.

I made my way back to Ambrette Town and went to the aquarium where a nice man gave me an Old Rod. I will start fishing for Luvdisc their Heart Scales. During this time Golbat evolved into Crobat! I am currently training on Route 8 before my next gym badge.

Crobat lvl 27
Honedge lvl 25
Bagon lvl 27
Exeggcute lvl 25
Gyarados lvl 25
Houndour lvl 21


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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I just hatched my first ever shiny using the Masuda Method. I hatched a shiny Froakie with its hidden ability! Took less than 100 eggs!

Congrats! :) I'm working on finding either a shiny Sneasel or a shiny Snover in a friend safari. Maybe I'll have better luck there than I've been having with Pokéradar :p.


well since i haven't posted here before i'll just post some recent stuff i've been doing.

Basically all i've been doing is just battling in the battle chateau, and battle maison, aswell as getting levels in the battle chateau in random pokemon to fill up my pokedex with some evolutions and stuff, in other news my Sylveon is like level 93 now.

I have about 400 pokemon in the national dex owned now. With around 374 owned in the Kalos dex.

I've also ev trained a team of eeveelutions, because of my love for eevee's ;p. And eeveelutions. I'm working on getting items and tms to make movesets, not a terribly serious team or anything, and i don't really have a serious competitive team, but i still think its a fun team, and could work somewhat.

It sucks that eeveelutions can't learn any entry hazards though.

I also got a shiny sligoo which i traded with a friend for a shiny eevee, which is now a shiny umbreon.

I've caught mewtwo, but i still need to catch zapdos and Zygarde, which i'll get to sometime.

Ps. I've done tons of wonder trading...

Oh and i've also collected lots of vivillon forms.

And i think thats it.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I spoke to Wulfric at the entrance to the Pokemon Village and he spoke to me about all the Pokemon there that had left bad trainers. Wulfric then went back to the Snowbelle City Gym. I headed back into the Winding Woods afterwards in order to explore some more. As I wandered into another part of the forest, I arrived at a clearing where a tree was blocking the way and I used Cut and battled against a Poke Fan. I beat his Dedenne and picked up a Protein in the red flowers there, then I found a Repeat Ball on a tree stump to the south. I wandered among the red flowers and battled more wild Noctowl and Jigglypuff. I eventually found a wild Trevenant which was supposed to be rare and I caught it in a Dusk Ball.

Shiny Budew

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I decided to EV train all my Pokemon before taking on Viola. I know EV training is not required at all for in-game, but now that I can see the EVs via Super Training, it bugs me to have them spread all over the place. And I'd rather just get it done now instead of later.

Ember (Fennekin) is done, and I'm currently working on Torchic and Sundance (Vivillon).

Might play around with Pokemon Amie after I'm done with Super Training.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I left Route 20 after battling many wild Pokemon and trainers there, then I headed out to the Pokemon Village again. I wandered through some yellow flowers in the meadow there and I battled and caught a wild Ditto. I then battled a Foongus horde and headed back to where the Pokemon were near the entrance and I got a Chople Berry from a Fufrou and a Pretty Wing from Fletchling. I moved through the flowers some more and spotted some kind of Snorlax monument in the center. I cut some trees and found a Max Ether on a rock, then found Honey underneath another monument. I Surfed across some water and found a Pixie Plate and another Honey on the other side. I Surfed across again and found a cave.

Charizard Lord

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Not too much has happened lately. Just... So much Friend Safari. : P

Still no luck on the Shiny Fennekin, but I haven't hatched too many eggs, so I'm still hopeful. In other news, I defeated Serena this morning, and she mentioned something about Sycamore waiting for me in Anistar. I was pretty busy today, so I wasn't able to accomplish much beyond Wonder Trading away the Non-Shiny Fennekins I don't want. However, I was able to snag a Lv. 1, Jolly Gible with its Hidden Ability and a Japanese Pumpkaboo which immediately evolved into Gourgeist. Not too bad.

I may not play too much tomorrow, but whenever I do, I guess I'll take a break from Friend Safari and Wonder Trade to hunt for some of the Mega Stones, along with hatching some more Eggs.

Main Party (In Rotation):
Nutcracker (Chesnaught, Female, Lv. 62)
Smaug (Charizard, Male, Lv. 61)
Roland (Malamar, Female, Lv. 62)
Frillawatt (Heliolisk, Male, Lv. 62)
Littlefoot (Aurorus, Male, Lv. 61)
Clawdia (Clawitzer, Female, Lv. 61)


Let's go to the beach, each.
I spoke to the man who was blocking the entrance to the Unknown Dungeon, and I realized that I couldn't enter the cave until I beat the Elite Four. I jumped off a ledge and I found a Full Restore near a trash can. I spent a few more minutes battling wild Pokemon in the flowers and I finally encountered a wild Zoroark which I caught in a Quick Ball before leaving the Pokemon Village. I flew back to Snowbelle City and I healed my Pokemon in the Pokemon Center, then I entered the Snowbelle City Gym. I realized immediately after the cut-scene that the Gym was made of ice inside and that I would have to rotate platforms to move around. I battled a trainer and her Ice Pokemon on the purple-colored floor and then I saved.


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I trained all my Pokemon at the Battle Chateau, Lumiose, and against wild Pokemon until my entire team was level 58. Then, I did some trading with my X in order to evolve my Dusclops. After trading my new Dusknoir back to Y, I began to make my way through Victory Road. It was a long journey since I battled all the trainers there and many wild Pokemon too. I even fought Serena again, and defeated her team easily. Eventually, I reached the Pokemon League with all my Pokemon at level 60 or 61. I will fight the Elite Four soon.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After beating an Ace Trainer and her Sneasel and Cloyster with Pangoro, I stepped on a purple button and the purple-tiled floor shifted. I stepped on the blue platform next and I battled an Ace Trainer on that as well. I used Raichu to beat his Delibird and I even battled his Mamoswine with Raichu thinking that Brick Break would beat it, but Raichu just got hurt so I swapped out to Greninja and beat Mamoswine with Surf instead. I moved the blue-tiled platform a bit and arrived at the yellow-tiled platform and battled another trainer on the green platform. I beat her Cryogonal and Jynx with Pyroar's Flamethrower, then her Piloswine with Greninja's Scald. I pushed the green button afterwards and rotated the platform.


Frigid Trainer
Day 13 of Shiny Kirlia Hunt - Success.
Female Shiny Modest Kirlia obtained.

Never have I gone through so much boredom for so long, consistently, to get a Shiny Pokemon. Only in X & Y have I actually gone 'Questing' for a specific SHINY pokemon.
Being stuck in the same 9x9 patch of grass, going left and right for nearly 2 weeks, starts to mess with a person's head. Only last night was I actually beginning to feel actually angry - the good thing is that I had various youtube videos piping in the background to distract me from the utter repetition and boredom.
I used to praise the friend Safari as being more convenient for Shiny Hunting, and in some ways, it is. But if you want to avoid the utter soulcrushing boredom of the Safari, MMing is much nicer. It's slower, BUT on the other hand, it allows you to still go about and adventure, if you're hatching casually. (Casually including hatching power 3 and a flame body pokemon, with 3 eggs at a time as you do other things)

Safari can be soul-breaking if you're looking for a specific shiny, but if you just wanna pop in to find some trade fodder, it's perfect.


Am Tentatively Returned!
Crobat's EVs are done. Now to find a Reset Bag, reset Blaziken's undesired EVs, and fill out as desired. (The Bag is proving quite frustrating to find, I may add...)

Very little leveling since last update, but a little nonetheless.

I've also been visiting the Loto-ID in Lumiose daily, hoping for a shot at more PP Max (or whatever the prize(s) above it are). PP Up aren't so bad, but... well, obviously you need three of those to achieve the effects of one Max.


La Melancolie Noir
Smaug (Charizard, Male, Lv. 61)
Littlefoot (Aurorus, Male, Lv. 61)

Hahaha, what do you know, I used to have a Charizard named Smaug too, though not in X. In X I do have an Ivysaur named Littlefoot, which is my go-to nickname for a Bulbasaur.

Anyway, back to my recent happenings in X. I finally got my third badge! Actually, the gym battle was completely NOT what I expected it to be. I knew Korrina had that Lucario and figured she might use it in the battle (and maybe have it Mega Evolve). She didn't. All she had was a Mienfoo, a Machoke (I think), and a Hawlucha. My Kadabra made quick work of the first two, but due to his practically non-existent defenses and Hawlucha being at a much higher level, he fainted. No matter; I had my Drifblim finish the job with a few Gusts, while all Hawlucha did was use Hone Claws a bunch of times. I had come prepared with a team full of Psychic, Ghost, and Fairy-types (which also happen to be my three favourite types), and yet I only needed two of them.

So then after getting the badge, Korrina asked me to meet her at the top of that building in Shalour dedicated to Mega Evolution. (Gosh, I keep forgetting the names of things in this game. I already forgot the names of the first two gym leaders... then again, they are pretty forgettable.) I figured, okay, she's DEFINITELY going to use her Lucario here, so I made a team tailored specifically for it: I brought my Charming Dedenne, my Stun Sporing Vivillon, my Leech Seeding Ivysaur, my Grassy Terrain Floette, my own Mienfoo, and my Honedge. On the way up, I battled a few other trainers, nothing too hard except for my fragile little Mienfoo fainting. And I finally make it to the top...

And instead of it being my team versus her Lucario, it's me borrowing her other Lucario to battle her first Lucario, because apparently all protagonists in Pokemon games naturally attract Pokemon and their affection. I got a Mega Ring and some Lucarionite, so the battle turned out to be Mega Lucario versus Mega Lucario. I didn't even get to use the rest of my team. But I did get to work with Mega Evolution for the first time at least. The Lucario I used was faster than Korrina's, so I started off the battle with Swords Dance. Korrina's Lucario used that punching move I cannot for the life of me remember the name of (the one she gives a TM for) which almost KO'd the other Lucario, who then OHKO'd Korrina's Lucario with said punching move due to raised Attack. So I won the battle. And then, to my surprise, she let me keep the Lucario! And to think, just a couple of days ago I was thinking about doing another Riolu hunt on Route 22... It looks like there's no need for that anymore. I named him Nimbus, which is pretty much my go-to name for a Lucario.

And then Calem gave me a HM for Surf as I headed out onto Route 12. Better yet, the guy who was previously blocking me from going any further on that route gave me a Lapras! Today is my day for freebies, isn't it? But to challenge myself, I swapped out my team once more, leaving Nimbus and the new Lapras behind (he was at level 32 and the Lapras was level 30, way ahead of the rest of my training team). I almost regretted it. The trainers here were TOUGH. My team was level 27-28, and their Pokemon were in the 30s. I felt like I was re-living the days of Gold/Silver as I battled one particularly difficult trainer with a Miltank. Although I also faced an even-more-difficult trainer with a Tauros right after that. Of course I had failed to bring a Fighting or Steel Pokemon, so that was just my luck. I ended up using all my Revives and Hyper Potions and having everyone except my Ivysaur and Meowstic faint (the latter was really low on health) by the time I finally reached Coumarine City.

And to my dismay, the first thing I learned here was that I couldn't really progress much further until I defeated the gym leader here, who is apparently some sort of actor who probably uses Fairy-type Pokemon (although I may totally be wrong). I didn't really have a lot of time to explore, although I did get a Lucky Egg. Which I find mostly useless, as the Pokemon-Amie is another way to get boosted experience without holding an item. What I really want to find is some Mega Stones for a couple of my Pokemon--namely my Absol and Mawile.

I also headed out onto the "Lumiose Badlands" route--I think it was Route 13? The first three Pokemon I encountered were Trapinch, Dugtrio, and Gible. I caught the Trapinch and Gible, but added only the Gible (who I nicknamed Jaws) to my training team. I was initially going to put the Trapinch on it too, but I didn't really like his Calm nature, and I really need to restrict the number of Pokemon I add to my training team anyway. Although I really like Medicham, I already had to take my Meditite off the team to make room for my new Lucario (and to offset the excess of Psychics on my team). Although this means I now have way too many Steel-types on my team. (Lucario, Honedge, Ferroseed, Steelix, and Mawile--but only two of them actually know Steel attacks, so I'll keep them all for now)

I tried evolving one of my two Eevees into Umbreon a couple of nights ago, but I guess her happiness wasn't high enough. I'll have to try again sometime... And I'm waiting patiently to access the Move Relearner so I could teach my other Eevee Baby-Doll Eyes, or a TM with a Fairy-type move, so he could evolve to Sylveon. So far it looks like either of those won't happen until I get another badge...


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I haven't had much chance to play on my X but I did trade over the eggs i wanted for my Wonderlocke sort of game. I accidently got a Volbeat though instead of Illumise but I'm going to stick with it. I'm just about to head into Viridian Forest (can't remember the actual name of it) but I want my team to be level 5 at least before I head in there so I'm going to do that first. I'm also annoyed that I was just trying to hatch the eggs quickly so totally forgot to nickname them because I don't normally do it. So I have a Froakie called Toadster and then a Volbeat, Heloiptile, Phantump and Carbink all without nicknames :( Oh well...

I did have chance to play on Y for a little bit the other day and thought I'd try out a bit of chain fishing. I've only ever tried it once and wasn't very good at it. So I grabbed my Octillery and made it faint by facing something in Victory Road. I then put my Gallade with False Swipes and Thunder Wave as my second team member and headed off to one of the towns next to the water, it was the town with the monorail (I'm awful with the new town names). I then got Blastoise's back and did a little fishing in a secluded spot with only one space to drop the rod into. After about 15 minutes I pulled up a shiny Gorebyss on a chain of 15. I was so happy :D It has become my first ever shiny that I have actively hunted for and succeeded in. The only other times I've received shinies is when they are given to you in game and I randomly found a shiny Exeggcute in Soul Silver once. So this was a big deal for me. I decided to carry on and after about 10 more minutes I pulled up a shiny Octillery! That was a chain of about 18, not sure on exact numbers. I couldn't believe my luck, two shinies in one day, after never finiding one! I was so happy I though why not carry on and then 5 minutes later I pulled up a shiny Corsola. It was unbelievable. Three shinies in the space of an hour. So that was a good day to play Y for me. :D

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Found that 3rd Leftovers finally, along with like 12 Sun Stones, 10 Moon Stones, 15 Heartscales, 2 Prism Scales, a lot of revives.
And some Max Elixirs to top it off.
Also caught Moltres.
Timid/ 31/x/x/31/x/31 lack of defense kinda stinks but It'll have to do.

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Forgot to mention, raised my Battle Chateau ranch to Duchess. Last evening's activity... Went back to the Snow Cavern to finish my exploration. Caught myself a Beartic and spent a lot of time sliding on the ice and battling trainers. Came to the spot where Team Flare were bothering poor Abomasnow. Battled Team Flare and sent them packing, and grateful Abomasnow gave me the Abomasite. Left the cavern and headed back to the Pokemon Center to rest and save. Now I need to choose one of the Eevee's I've caught and level it up at the icy rock to get Glaceon.


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Trying to get a Onix with the egg move Heavy slam. I leveled up a Golett to Golurk to let it learn that move. It ended up me finding out that it can't breed with Onix, because is genderless and can only breed with Ditto -_-' So now I have to level up a Golem to level 69 to get it to learn Heavy slam and them pass it on to a Onix. The level grinding is going very slowly....sigh

But when its done, The Onix will learn it and then I breed it with Sudowoodo so it can get Fail and Block. Then let the Onix get the hidden ability and THEN IV breeding. :)