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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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In my american Y version i hatched egg number 458 and out came a shiny charmander! My second shiny using the masuda method! It was modest nature, and has decent iv's (apparently my understanding of destiny knot and iv passing is still flawed). Then in my Japanese X version, which is constantly in the friend safari, found a shiny Fraxure, with 31 iv's in attack, special attack, and speed! It was a neutral nature though. Fraxure is the 4th shiny Pokemon i have found in the friend safari in a week, the others were Shuppet, Lampent, and Quilladin!

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Went back to Frost Cavern and evolved a Glaceon. Then went back to the Pokemon Center to grab some Eeeves and some evolution stones to get Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon. Now I just need to work on an Umbreon and an Espeon and my Eeveelution collection will be complete. Oh wait, and Leafeon. Went to Route 17 and hopped on a Mamoswine to plough through the deep snow. Reached Anistar and looked around a little, took a photo, heard about Yveltal and saved at the Center. If I have time this evening I'll go battle my rival and take on the gym.
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Icy Mudkipz Breeder
So I've currently been filling my dex like crazy. A friend helped me get a bunch of trade evolutions, Slowking, Gigalith, Politoed, Slurpuff, etc., and I have been training for many 3rd evolutions. The pseudos are tough cause they evolve so high but I finally got Garchomp last night and am working on Salamence and Haxorus currently. I am using the exp share for others too to make it easier, such as ruffler and sealeo who both evolve at extremely high levels. Well back to the Chateau I go; writ of challenge sent!


So long
Continued with my Magikarp breeding today. I did a lot, and in the end, I managed to get two of the Magikarp that I was after, each with one of my desired natures and perfect IVs in all stats except Sp.Atk. Hatching them has gone very quickly, I can usually hatch the eggs faster than the next egg or eggs are generated. All of my Magikarp with 5 perfect IVs has also been female so far, haven't gotten a Male one yet, and I don't think will either, but it doesn't matter. Will continue tomorrow, I am pretty sure I can get a Magikarp with my third and final desired nature as well as perfect IVs in everything but Sp.Atk tomorrow.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I continued to wander around Route 21 on my way to Victory Road. I went down a slope after beating a Veteran and I had Pangoro use Strength to push a boulder, but I realized that it had to be pushed from the other side, so I went around to the red flowers. I spotted more boulders nearby and after cutting down a tree, I pushed one of them into a hole in order to fill it. I pushed another one as well, then I went passed the red flowers again to the other side and I encountered an Altaria there. After Raichu paralyzed it with Thunder Wave, I caught it in an Ultra Ball and pushed another boulder into a hole. I Surfed and found a Rare Candy, then I pushed one last boulder and found the Solar Beam TM. I then saved.
Woohoo! I can connect my 3DS to my sister's wifi! I downloaded the bugfix patch and the event Torchic, and Game Synched to the PGL! Also, I met 322 passersby from all over the world.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After picking up a TM, I used the Dowsing Machine to look for items and found a PP Up on a rock. I headed east towards Snowbelle City again so I could heal my injured Pokemon, then I returned to Route 21. I battled more wild Pokemon in the red flowers including some Scyther and Ursaring and a Swablu horde, then I entered a building that I had previously spotted in the west side of the route. I arrived at the gate and a guy counted by badges, then we battled. I used my Greninja against her Carbink, then Pyroar against his Raichu. I beat his Kingdra with my own Raichu and after beating the Ace Trainer, I was allowed to proceed into the actual cave. I passed some torches and battled another Ace Trainer there.


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A couple of days ago, I defeated the Elite Four on my Y for the first time. All of the battles went pretty well, with all of my Pokemon contributing at least once. My Mawile was probably my most useful Pokemon, especially against Diantha.

Since beating the E4, most of my time has been spent in Kiloude City. I have been visiting the Friend Safari a lot and have captured many Pokemon there, including Ivysaur and Metang. I will try out the Battle Maison soon.


Pokemon Master

ive beaten the elite four and presumingly all trainers but now im in the process of restarting and breeding and getting all pokemon

But i don't want to just catch a high levelled pokemon, i usually breed it and start from level 1. But there aren't any trainers to help speed this up and it will take a very long time just in grass and water etc.

I wanted to know if using the exp share and beating the elite four is a good way to level up without damaging the stats.

So will i still be able to get a high stat pokemon if i use the elite four method as apposed to battling wild pokemon?

I would have to use the anime and super training as well but my fear is using the elite four method and having the pokemon grow 5-6 levels after one battle. Is that still okay or does it need to level up by one stage?


Fluffy Pokemon Trainer
I started the Looker side quest, but did the first one and got bored so I stopped the second one and went back to the friend safari. There, I keep running into the same pokemon over and over again, as most ppl I know get the same sets.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After beating an Ace Trainer and her Weavile, I Surfed across some water and I arrived at the other side of the cave. As I was about to headed up some stairs, I found and battled another Ace Trainer. I used my Greninja's Surf against his Steelix, then I switched out to Pyroar and defeated his Electrode with Flamethrower. I used Pangoro to beat his Kangaskhan and then I climbed the stairs and was challenged by a Black Belt trainer. I used Greninja to beat his Machamp but it was a difficult battle and I had to use a Super Potion to heal Greninja afterwards. I caught a wild Lickitung that appeared as I moved around, then I battled a Battle Girl and I beat her Hawlucha and Mienshao with Talonflame's Fly and saved.


Saiyan Jedi
got bored so I went out and caught a white flower flabebe I even nicknamed it ivory, there is just 1 tiny little problem..........it has an adamant nature :(


Let's go to the beach, each.
I moved along Victory Road some more and battled wild Pokemon like Graveler and Haunter as I made my way around an underground pond. As I moved past the Black Belt from before, I encountered a wild Druddigon. It took a long time to catch it though, and I had to heal Raichu afterwards with a Super Potion since it got hurt during the attempt. I then passed some torches and arrived outside at a grassy area near a waterfall. I battled a Backpacker and his Haxorus on a bridge there, and as I made it to the end, a strange shadow swooped down and it turned out to be a wild Fearow which I caught in a Quick Ball. I headed east and then north and found a Hyper Potion on a rock as I moved along stone walls.

Shiny Budew

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got bored so I went out and caught a white flower flabebe I even nicknamed it ivory, there is just 1 tiny little problem..........it has an adamant nature :(
You can breed it, and the offspring will be white flower Flabebes. It's easier than trying to catch them until you find the nature you want (unless you have a Pokemon with Synchronize of the desired nature).

As for me:
Finished EV training my Pokemon. Goofed on two of them, but I use them for Pickup and the goofs are pretty minor so it's not worth using a Reset bag and retraining them. I can wait until I have EV reducing berries.

I'm trying to amass a Skrelp collection off the GTS. So far have ones from Austria, Mexico, and Japan. It's fun not knowing what exactly you'll get when you deposit a Pokemon. Ultimately I'll use one of them for MMing a shiny Skrelp, since I have X and I'd rather obtain shinies in my own game rather than trade for them.

Also did some GTS Scatterbug trading. I can see why others find it so frustrating lol.

Finally, I explored Santalune City, took on Viola, and earned the Bug Badge. It was long overdue and the battle was pretty anti-climatic.

Next will be playing with my Pokemon in Amie (some are close to evolving and I don't want to miss out on interacting with them in their unevolved forms), exploring route 22, and making my way towards Lumiose City.


Saiyan Jedi
You can breed it, and the offspring will be white flower Flabebes. It's easier than trying to catch them until you find the nature you want (unless you have a Pokemon with Synchronize of the desired nature).
thanks yeah I found that out when I went to the help section shortly after making that post but thanks anyway :)


Let's go to the beach, each.
I re-entered Victory Road from a cave in the north and I battled another Battle Girl at the entrance. Talonflame beat her Medicham easily and then I jumped on some rocks to move around. I broke a rock using Rock Smash on the other side and found a hidden Ultra Ball. As I moved south, I encountered another shadow that was just a Noibat, then I exited the cave. I headed down a narrow path along some rocks and entered another cavern. I got the Psyshock TM inside and then backtracked to the previous cave. I battled against a Black Belt near a boulder and I beat his Pangoro with Talonflame and his Heracross with Malamar. I then caught a wild Gurdurr, then I battled a Psychic and her Espeon with Pangoro.


Queen of Charizards!
Well i was very sucessful today. I bred 3 pokemon with almost all stats with 31 ivs. Bagon and Dratini had 5 stats with 31 ivs when Axew managed to get all 6 stats with 31 ivs. It wasn't supposed to get 31 ivs in special attack but it managed to get it even though both parents didnt carry the necessary ivs. I got lucky indeed since it was my first fully iv bred pokemon. It might be useful in the future when I want to have a fully iv bred charmander or goomy.

I finished ev training Dratini and I'm almost done ev training Bagon and Axew at the same time. Can't wait to get all three as their final evos. Then its off to battle maison again to obtain battle items for future wifi battles

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Currently trading a Box of Bunnelbys I hatched in the process of trying to get Adamant Huge Power Spikes 31/31/31/x/31/31 Bunnelby.

I'll take a pic of what I get.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I pushed a boulder with Strength and used Rock Smash to break another rock. I battled the Graveler that jumped out of that, then after moving my Pokemon around, I battled a Brains & Brawn duo. I used Malamar and Talonflame against their Gallade and Medicham, then I crossed a wooden bridge after I beat them. I battled a wild Haunter and Druddigon on the other side and I passed between two more torches and arrived outside to an area between the second and third caves at Victory Road. I battled a Fairy Tale Girl and her Azumarill and Florges, then I pushed a boulder and found a hidden Revive. I entered another cave after that and pushed another boulder. I then went back outside and battled a Hex Maniac.