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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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The smartest (yet most time-consuming) thing I've ever done in Pokémon was spend the last two days breeding a Ralts until I obtained a Ralts with Synchronize with every beneficial Nature.


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I've been working on my levelling in the Battle Chateau: including the full slate of Fossil Pokemon. I only have Tirtouga and Archen to go. It was shocking to find out the the Gen-IV fossils evolve earlier than the usual 40... it was because of this I had Lilleep, Anorith, Cranidos, and Shieldon trigger evolution at once.

I also recently bought all the TMs obtainable by shopping.


After beating a Hex Maniac and her Gourgeist with Malamar, I passed by some more stone walls and a person there healed my Pokemon for me. As I headed south to explore the stone ruins in that area, Serena showed up and spoke to me. She wanted to battle me and she sent out her Meowstic first and I used Malamar. I defeated Meowstic with Night Slash, then I used Pangoro against her Absol, which I defeated with Hammer Arm. I switched to Raichu to beat her Vaporeon, then I used Pyroar against her Chesnaught. Fire Fang missed though, and Chesnaught attacked with Body Slam. I switched to Talonflame and beat Chesnaught with Fly, then I used Raichu against Serena's Altaria and I saved after winning.


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Salamence (Lv60) just soloed Wikstrom in the Battle Chateau. Couple close calls, though Probopass gave him more trouble than annoying Aegislash did.


After Serena left the area, I picked up a Quick Ball and was attacked by a wild Skarmory. I caught it in an Ultra Ball after Raichu paralyzed it and I continued moving forward. I had Pangoro use Rock Smash on a wall and I picked up a Zinc, then I entered the third cave of Victory Road and battled against a female Ranger inside. I beat her Slowbro and Altaria with Raichu and I then jumped down a series of ledges. I climbed some stairs and battled a Veteran and her Talonflame. I then encountered a Graveler horde and went down a slope and jumped down more ledges. I battled more wild Pokemon and exited the cave. I picked up a Max Elixir on a ledge and I headed back inside and turned on the Dowsing Machine.


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Finally got a bulbasaur Calm Nature with 31/x/31/31/31/31 IV. He have Chlorophyll but doesnt matter that much since I intend to use it as a mega...it will probably be useful againt a Nintales with Drought if i want to land a quick hit.


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Chlorophyll is better anyway, even if you are just planning to Mega, as even if you M-Evolve first turn, your action will run off your non Mega speed (which could be boosted by Sun)
So I taught my Torchic some TMs, and I found out he could get Rock Slide without having to evolve. I'm impressed, he couldn't do that in previous generations. I took him to the Chateau, where he evolved and got taught Poison Jab. After an E4 run-thru, he evolved again and hit Lv.41, went Mega on Wikstrom's Probopass, and got recorded as a league champ. I then went to Madam Reminder and taught him Flare Blitz and HJK, thus completing his moveset. He has a Mild nature, which would work for mixed-sweeping, but I went full physical because he has limited special options short of Flamethrower and whatever Hidden Power type he might have.


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Super Trained my Noivern, Sylveon, Greninja, Mewostic, and Lucario.

In the process of Super Training my Heliolisk.

When this is all done, they will all be EV trained and have max Affection.


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Noticed two pokemon missing that I saw in the cafe in Cyllage City- Escavalier and Munchlax. I saw the Escavalier a while ago though so it might not have been from the same place.
Can someone make a thread for Cafe sightings please? This is the closest thread I could find and I'm sure there's more pokemon to see than the ones listed. Might just be derping but I'm pretty sure there isn't a thread for it.

Dark Sharpedo

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Caught a few different dittos. Each of them having a different nature. I am planning on getting my Goomy fully evolved and also get Greninja to Lv. 70 so It can learn night slash. I also want to level up Hippowdon and Gengar.


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So, Xand Y have finally arrived, so... Yeah.

I have started the Game, and got a Modest Female Fennekin from Tierno, who I decided to all Radiance.
After a short while, I brought the letter, and caught my second Team Member, Phoenix the Hardy, Male Fletchling.
I went through Santalune Forest, and trained a bit in Route 22, and beat Viola without problems, earning me the Bug Badge.
Afterwards, I went to Route 4, where I met my third Team Member, Rosedew the Female Budew.
I trained them a bitin Sper Training, and went on, when I atled Sycamore and met Lysandre and Diantha.
I went on, and Radiance Evolved!
Once I got to Camphrier Town, I renamed Phoenix to Robin, and went to Shabboneau Palace.
It's small.
I went on, and found a Sorlax blocking the way, so I went to Parfum Palace to participate in an annoying minigame, get Iems, and watch a Fireworks show.
Robin Evolved, and I saved and quit.

Current Team:

Radiance the Female Braixen
Level 23
Flame Charge

Robin the Male Fletchinder
Level 20
Quick Attack

Rosedew the Female Budew
Level 21
Stun Spore
Mega Drain

And I also caught a random Oddish who I decided to give Cut to.


I started up, and well, similar to X.
Saved outside the Parfum Palace, got a Male Froakie who Evolved, and who has maximum Affection.

Level 20
Water Pulse
Quick Attack

And some andom Pokémon I can't remember.
Oh, there's a Skitty there, though.
So i was in the Friend Safari just catching some pokemons and i got 5 critical captures in a row xD i didn't know it was possible


Hmm thought I posted on here last night, I must have not clicked post XD

Anyways last night I was Pickup grinding in Le Wow just trying to get myself some Leftovers. After that I finally got one of my Togepi's to evolve now I just need to evolve another one with Follow me to make breeding a little easier. Also need to get an offspring with Serene Grace so I can breed it with a 5 IV Togepi with Modest and Serene Grace that I got from Japan on Wonder Trade :)
After need to figure out the other pokemon on my team. I went on Pokemon Showdown last night to test my Snorlax with a few random mons and participated in double battles. I won all of them after setting up Snorlax either at the beginning or late game. I can't wait to finish training the Munchlax I have in my game and try this out online but I need to figure out the other mons on the team first.


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Well I defeated the elite four finally last night. Now I'm not sure what else to do xD I only have 3 people on my friends list at the moment, and they are fighting, bug and flying and none of them are currently on so pickings are scant. I did a few battles at the battle maison and am now just sitting here deciding what to do.


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So.. Today was eventful for me. First of all, I finally defeated the elite Four, which was now a lot more challenging seeing as my team was not overpowered and overleveled. After that, Sycamore threw me a parade, while in all reality, I simply want a themed Battle hall just like the other Elite Four members.
Then, I went to that city Sycamore gives you a Train ticket to, and caught a Golurk and a Lampent in my friend Martin's Safari. traded a bit With him, getting stuff like Accelgor, Gengar and Machamp, helping him Complete his Pokedex.
So now, I'm simply harvesting Money in thw Battle Chataeu while training a few of my Pokemon, mainly Lampent, Trevenant and Accelgor.


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I did some breeding yesterday, hatching Pokemon with several 31 IVs. I traded away these Pokemon using GTS and Wonder Trade. I received several foreign Pokemon and also some Pokemon I really wanted, like Cleffa and Chansey. After that, I visited the three star restaurant in Lumiose. I missed getting a perfect by one turn, but my Pokemon did gain a few levels so it was okay. Then, I went to the Battle Maison. I completed the single battle challenge and earned a ton of BP.


210 Charmanders and still not one shiny...sigh...I will keep on keeping on though. On another note, I found the reaper cloth in Terminus cave and evolved my duskclops bringing me to 606 pokemon seen and 592 obtained.