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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Never Say Forever
Continued with the breeding just like I have done for the past week or so. I managed to hatch another Magikarp, this time with my third desired nature as well as perfect IVs in all stats except Sp.Atk. It was female like the previous two I had obtained. So with that, my Magikarp breeding is complete. Time to move on. I went to the Friend Safari again and captured some Ditto, wanting them to have a Modest nature so I used a Modest Synch lead. I got some with the right nature and was satisfied with that. Next up, I am going to breed Dedenne. It is not my next target, but I need to use it as a parent. Maybe I should have picked something else instead, but I felt like going with it. I started with somewhat using one of my Ditto and a Dedenne that I caught in the Friend Safari a while ago, but I didn't get any of the results I wanted yet. Will continue tomorrow and see if it goes better.


I battled more Pokemon inside Victory Road until I got tired of the encounters and used some of my Max Repel to avoid them. I picked up a Dragon Fang and a Full Restore and I was spotted by a male Pokemon Ranger when I picked up the latter. I beat his Crobat with Raichu and then I walked towards another exit and battled a Veteran before reaching it. I beat his Banette with Greninja and his Leafeon with Pyroar, then I pushed a boulder and found a different exit, but I backtracked into the cave afterwards since that exit led to just another boulder. I passed the torches and arrived at another grassy section where I battled an Artist, then I encountered a wild Hydreigon which I caught with some trouble.


Lilac Dungeoneer
Did it ages ago, but I bred ralts with chimecho's evolved from chinglings (Love how all baby pokemon get 3 max IV's, breeding'll be a lot easier this gen) and now I have a male ralts with max IV's in everything apart from attack. Might breed him a bit more to get one with perfect stats, but I really just want a duplicate of my team with competitive qualities. Need to breed to get a female though X/


Well-Known Member
Reporting live! Went into the Battle Chateau, battled four trainers, made some major moolah thanks to Victor holding the Amulet Coin, went through Connecting Cave, made it to Route 8, caught a Mienfoo (Freya), a Wingull (Kamome), and a Spoink (Psyche). I ran out of PokeBalls, found some items, and made it to Ambrette Town. Healed my Pokemon, got some PokeBalls and Potions, made my way to the rocky path where I have to ride a Rhyhorn, and saved right in front of Glittering Cave. I plan on getting the Sail Fossil since I want an Amaura on my team.

Charizard Lord

Probably Napping
Sadly, not much to report. Still no Shiny Fennekin... :/ Several dozen eggs later, haha. No one said it was gonna be easy! At least I was able to complete the first Looker mission while I hatched some more.

OH! Completely forgot to mention... While Surfing over to the cave with the Banettite the other day, I ran into Articuno! : D It ran, obviously, but at least now I can keep track of where it is. I'll get to work catching it at a later time.

I've spent the last few days farming Ditto, and now I've FINALLY got one for every single beneficial nature... Phew! : P Pretty soon, the breeding bonanza can begin.

At the moment, I'm just grinding for BP at the Battle Maison. Sigh. I tell ya, Pokémon Bank can't be released soon enough. : P

Current Party:
Nutcracker (Chesnaught, Female, Lv. 63)
Smaug (Charizard, Male, Lv. 62)
Roland (Malamar, Female, Lv. 62)
Frillawatt (Heliolisk, Male, Lv. 62)
Littlefoot (Aurorus, Male, Lv. 61)
Clawdia (Clawitzer, Female, Lv. 61)


After catching that pesky Hydreigon, I wandered south along the grove-like area between the third and fourth caves of Victory Road. I healed my Pangoro with a Soda Pop since it had gotten injured, and after crossing a bridge along a river, I battled a female Ace Trainer. I used Greninja against her Marcargo and Scizor, then I used Surf and Waterfall and I battled against Hiker. Greninja swept both his Pokemon with Surf, then I collected the Dragon Claw TM beside a stone wall. I headed back down the waterfall and I Surfed into the fourth cave. I battled a male Veteran inside who used Trevenant and Gigalith, then I battled two more Veterans as I passed some torches and I finally arrived at the Pokemon League.


Master Of The Clouds
Today on Pokemon Y...

I encountered the Grand Duchess. She had quite a few strong Pokemon, but all of them were no match for my Venusaur. Afterwards, I trained a few Pokemon (Most notably my Tangela), And he evolved into a Tangrowth. Right now I'm training my Yamna to evolve.


Received a Shiny on Wonder Trade!! A Basculin, but nonetheless a shiny!


Shiny Sensei
I've had the game completed for a while now, with a Pokedex collected number of 236. I have all the evolutions of kanto and kalos starters, and currently am working on raisng pokemon(found all mega stones).The friend safari seems to increase shiny chance, as i have found a shiny Nosepass and mMgmar.Funny thing is, the Magmar I found literally 10 minutes after reading an article on finding shinies in the friend safari!


ra ra ra IERUKANA?!
Grinding out my shiny Sylveon in the friend safari today during my lunch period at school. Suddenly, something just made me look away from a conversation with a friend only to see that I almost Dazzling Gleam'd a shiny Grumpig! I threw an ultra ball immediately, catching it, then screamed so loudly everyone could hear me! Even the teachers were excited! BTW, its UFT for a shiny eevee


Battle Team Engage!!
researching to get two mega evolutions in battle and trading in the GTS, later am going to catch mewtwo...


After exiting Victory Road and arriving at the Pokemon League, I visited the Pokemon Center there and I healed my Pokemon since almost all of them had been injured during the various battles I had inside the caves. I headed back outside afterwards and I wandered north to the actual Pokemon League building. I visited the lobby and spoke to some people there. I headed out after that though since I wasn't really confident in my team's strength yet and I wanted to train them some more before challenging the Elite Four. I first taught Greninja Ice Beam from the TM that I won from Wulfric, then I taught Poison Jab to Pangoro to give it a diverse moveset. I headed back into Victory Road to train my team and saved.


Man of 1000 Goomys
finally got a rhydon, saw one of my friends was on, traded over electrabuzz and rhydon and trade back, filling part of the pokedex. instead of giving them back, he disconnected keeping both for himself and leaving me with pokemon i already had. this is the exact reason why i cant trust the wonder trade or the gts, because of stupid people, so im earning the bp to get both of the trade items again, thank you very much person on my friends list who seems to be on team rocket, stealing my pokemon.


I went back inside of Victory Road and trained against wild Pokemon like Graveler, Lickitung, and Druddigon inside there for about 30 minutes. I usually hate grinding but I managed to level up my Pokemon to above level 70 each in a shorter amount of time that I expected thanks to the Exp. Share item. I healed my Pokemon again after training and I bought some Revives and Full Restores before entering the League building again. I passed by a gallery and spoke to Malva inside the main chamber. She told me that I had to beat all the Elite Four members before reaching the Champion. I entered one of the rooms and saw a giant dragon-esque head statue with wings that opened. I walked up to Drasna and saved.
I was wondering were I could ask this does anyone have a noibat,pachirisu,mawile,petilil safari they are willing to share I will be very grateful please :)


I finally challenged Drasna of the Elite Four to a battle and I used Raichu first against her Dragalge. I attacked it with Thunder Wave first to paralyze it, then I used Thunderbolt. That was somewhat effective, but Raichu got poisoned by its Sludge Bomb so I switched to Malamar and I beat Dragalge with Psychic instead. I used Greninja against Drasna's Altaria next and Ice Beam was super effective against it. I used Greninja against Drasna's Druddigon as well and I beat it with Ice Beam too. All that remained on Drasna's team was her Noivern, but Greninja single-handedly beat with another Ice Beam attack. After speaking to Drasna, I headed out and healed my Raichu with a Full Restore before visiting another room.


New Member
3 Days ago I got my first ever shiny! I have played every generation, got Red version a few months after release when I was just 7 years old. I didn't even know shinies existed until about 6 months ago, before then I never had been involved in the online Pokecommunity. Fifteen years later I finally had a random encounter with a shiny Floatzel! Now I am hooked, I researched and learned about the Masuda Method, and was lucky enough to get a JPN Shinx from GTS, and began breeding it. I lucked out because it couldn't have been more than 20 eggs before I got my Shiny Shinx! I've now hatched about 50 Bulbasaurs, still looking to get my third shiny :D

Shiny Budew

Well-Known Member
Restarted my game again, and chose Chespin. Didn't nickname him because I hate coming up with nicknames on the spot/under pressure. His nature is Calm (-Atk +SpDef); my game says trololololol. Currently mulling over what EVs to give him. I'm thinking 252 Atk to help compensate for the bad nature, 252 HP and 6 Def (or 252 Def and 6 HP).