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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Pokemon SwordMaster
I managed to hatch a shiny Ralts the other day. It's IVs aren't flawless (only in def and speed. though it still has outstanding potential), but it has the right nature (Timid), ability, and gender (female). That currently makes three shinies I've hatched: Eevee (now a Sylveon), Absol, and Ralts (who's now a Gardevoir). The funny thing is that they all hatched while I wasn't paying attention. lol

I tried the Masuda method again to try and get a shiny Honedge, but after nearly 400+ eggs I still haven't gotten one. I'll try again later though.


Well-Known Member
Bought a Water Stone earlier to evolve a Lotad I recieved in a Wonder Trade. Just finished collecting all the available Mega Stones in my game too, with the exception of Venasaurite and Blastoisite as I'm waiting till they go lower in price (currently at $70,000) and Mewtwonite X, which I don't have as I haven't got Mewtwo yet. For that matter, I haven't even caught Zygarde yet! Too much to do, such little time!


Let's go to the beach, each.
After battling at the Battle Maison and losing, I hurried back outside and wandered around Kiloude City some more until I arrived in front of the pond again where I met Serena. She wanted to battle me and we did that. I used Pangoro's Crunch to beat her Meowstic, then I beat Serena's Clefable with Pangoro's Poison Jab. I used my Raichu against Serena's Vaporeon next and I defeated it with Thunderbolt, then I switched out to Greninja to beat Serena's Altaria with Ice Beam, which was super effective. I switched out to Pyroar in order to beat Serena's Chesnaught with Flamethrower, then I used my Pangoro again to beat Serena's Mega Absol. I obtained the Absolite item from Serena after I defeated her and saved.


So long
Continued with my breeding today. I was able to get a Male Modest Dedenne with perfect IVs in everything but Attack quite quickly. With one of the parents ready, I just need to obtain the others. And that is easier said than done... I realized I needed new Synchronizers as I need to catch Ditto with natures I don't have, so I started breeding some Ralts, hoping to get a Calm or Bold one with Synchronize. Since I don't have one with the right nature already, the odds are pretty low. I didn't get one today so I will continue tomorrow until I have both, and I fear that it might take a while. I also captured the very first parent of my actual target at Route 7, but I can't use it to breed yet, hopefully tomorrow.
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Gives 'em the slip..
Watered berries, knocked out bugs, and pulled out nearly 10 weeds. Whoever came up with that mechanic probably thought up tripping in SMBB too. -_-

Caught my n+1 = nth female Fraxure with Mold Breaker in FS while the males are the ones I'm after.


Spiffy ~ ^^"
AHHHHHHH … i was in the winding woods and i found a shiny trevenant in a horde!

i got confused coz it was at the back and i accidently killed it .. T.T


1 more day ^^
I caught my final x exclusive pokemon, larion. I'm not getting the fossils because it will take to much time, I'm just going to transfer them over from white 2 when the bank app comes out. Now I'm in the next town and finished battling professor Sycamore.


Finally managed to get an Apicot berry and a couple of Ganlons. I stuck them back in the ground, so hopefully I'll have some more in a few days. Continued hatching Ralts. I think I might just need to find one with some speed IVs to get more than just 4 IVs...

Armored Mewtwo

Unrepentant Pokefan
142 hours into my experience.

I'm slightly obsessed.

I got all my dittos for breeding natures, but I need some now for IV breeding. Once that's all done, I plan to finish breeding one of every mega, just for the hell of it.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After getting the Absolite item from Serena, I headed over to the Kiloude City Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon, then I swapped some on the PC. Afterwards I headed back outside and I used Talonflame's Fly to return to Anistar City. I visited the old man's house where I had left Caterpie and I found its Poke Ball there with a letter from the old man who apparently passed away. He left a Comet Shard as well and I headed out afterwards to swap Pokemon on the PC again. I headed north to the sundial and I met Professor Sycamore there who spoke about Mega Stones and he wanted to upgrade my Mega Ring. Afterwards, I was told to find more Mega Stones around the region and next I flew to Coumarine City.

Charizard Lord

Probably Napping
Finally found a Dragon-type Safari! : D And now. To begin my first breeding project... A Perfect IV'd Goodra with its Hidden Ability...


a paper man
I've still been mostly levelling and evolving creatures to full up the Pokedex thus far by use of the Battle Chateau, and I was just promoted to Grand Duke tonight.

Yesterday, I spent some evening free time during my birthday attempting some online battles against two of my friends from Champions Online, as well as in the Battle Spot. I... need some work on that, really. I did get a win against one friend, but my record against randoms is horrid.


Active Member
Is there a "stupid things you've done online" thread? Cuz if so, these two definitely qualify: The other day I went into a battle with 3 pokemon, not realizing it was 6v6 -.- Just now though, I was in a battle up 5-2 and turned off the wifi switch thinking that I was turning up the 3D one -___-


Let's go to the beach, each.
I took the Coumarine City monorail to the southern section of the city, and I went north to visit the girl by the shore. She gave me a quiz and I obtained the Confide TM from her after answering it correctly. I visited the little incense shop and purchased a Wave Incense and Lax Incense there since I had money to spare. I headed out to Route 12 afterwards (aka, Fourrage Road) and I visited Azure Bay since I wanted to do some more fishing with the Super Rod. I searched the water and hooked an Octillery. I caught it in a Net Ball, then I encountered an Alomomola which I also caught. Afterwards I returned to Route 12 on my way back to Coumarine City, and I encountered Moltres in the tall grass but it fled quickly.

The Thunderbird

Dreams come true
I just bred for a 31/31/31/x/31/31 IV Marill as well as a 31/31/31/x/31/0 Honedge. Honedge was bred pretty quickly while Marill was a pain. It took over two boxes and a day to breed. I've started to Wonder Trade the extras. From what I've sent so far (a little over a box) I've got a very interesting array of Pokemon.


Shadow Lucario
Found some areas in the game I didn't see earlier or couldn't get to. Battled the trainers and caught some Pokemon in the areas. Now I am in Victory Road evolving the small forms I have. So, I need to stop catching for awhile. I may head in to the League and train by battling the Elite 4 & Champion again.

Shiny Budew

Well-Known Member
I finished EV training Zigzagoon and Bunnelby. I leveled up Zigzagoon a bit, and then I realized that it'd probably go a little faster if he had 2 Affection, so I played with him, Bunnelby, and Chespin in Pokemon Amie. Chespin now has 3 Affection and Zigzagoon and Bunnelby 2 Affection. Finished leveling up Zigzagoon and Bunnelby while collecting Pickup items and working towards leveling up the Capture and HP Restoring O-Powers.

Next will be exploring Route 22 and Santalune City. But that'll have to wait until tomorrow because it's almost midnight here.
Currently working on breeding shinys. Not the easiest of tasks either. On the plus side, I've finished collecting what Mega Stones I can get in my game. Whoo!

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Haven't posted in a couple days. Let's see, I left off having just arrived in Anistar. I took on and beat my rival and then went to the gym. The gym wasn't too difficult and I snagged my 7th badge. Went to Lumiose and checked out Lysandre's labs. Chased after Team Flare back to their secret base. Made my way to the lower levels where poor Yveltal was being held captive. Managed to free it and then entered into battle. Weakened it a bit and started chucking Ultra Balls at it. After a few failures switched to regular Pokeballs and managed to capture it =). Did a couple wonder trades last night and got a Hawlucha from Brazil and an Inkay from Finland. Pretty cool.