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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

Platinum fan.

I returned to Lumiose City and went to Lysandre's little cafe and defeated his waiters. After getting to the secret lab, Lysandre himself was waiting for me and challenged me to a battle. His battle music was very nice and made the battle more fun. He was easy except for two Pokemon. Pyroar and Gyarados. Pyroar wasn't hard it just made my Pokemon flinch a lot with Dark Pulse. I used Jurassic the Tyrantrum to defeat it. Then there was Gyarados, everyone on this forum should know about Gyarados. I did not have a electric Pokemon with me, nor did any of my guys know a electric move, so I had to use Seed Blast the Venusaur. We got him with Toxic and Venoshock, but Gyarados did score a critical hit on me with Outrage. So Lysandre was defeated and thanks to the amulet coin I earned a truckload of money, I'll be going to Lumiose Cities shopping stores later :) so after that he said I had to find a key held by Team Flare. I went around the secret lab, spinning on panels, fighting Team Flare grunts, raising my levels, and asking about the elevator key. I finally found it with one of the Team Flare admins. I don't know which one, they all kinda look alike. It was the blue haired one. I defeat her go down to the basement where Lysandre had that really tall guy AZ captive. I listened to his depressing story and I thought "this is too dark for a light hearted game like Pokemon"

Afterwords I went up the elevator where I had to battle another Team Flare Admin. I swear they all look alike. He was easy and he gave me a choice of buttons to push to stop or turn on their Ultimate Weapon. I don't know if the choice you make is fixed or not but I pushed the blue one and that turned off the Ultimate Weapon, but the admin decided not to care and turned it on anyway via a remote. So I guess it doesn't matter which you choose. The animation to turn on the Ultimate Weapon was nice. So now I need to find a way to turn it off.

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Oh yes, I'll second that about Gyrados. He was harder to defeat than Yveltal.

The Thunderbird

Dreams come true
When I fought Xerneas, my whole team was nearly swept due to Geomancy.


Well-Known Member
Forgot to mention that when I traded with Diantha yesterday for her Ralts with Gardevoirite, it came with a Modest Nature! Really happy with that. Tended to some berries and managed to catch a Spewpa too, which will be great to evolve and then trade on the GTS for the other Vivillon forms I'm looking for.


Active Member
Spent the last two days trying to find a shiny Mareep. End up with a Shiny Wingull, One of my least favorite Pokemon, It's my first shiny ever and I have very mixed emotions right now


1 more day ^^
I got my final badge pretty easily. Now I'm on my way to victory road.


Titan Tamer
Starting to breed to get Trevenant Impish with Harvest. Still wondering wich pkmn should I use as Rapid Spinner or Defoger

Platinum fan.

It took me awhile to figure out I had to actually go to the town where the Ultimate Weapon was. I was running around Lysandre's lab like crazy trying to activate the next chain of events. So I go there, met up with my rival and we enter Team Flare's secret base where I had to battle Lysandre again. He had Honchkrow now, but It really didn't make a difference. I use the exact same strategy as last time and then we had to go to the basement of the base where I seemed to fight a endless supply of Team Flare soldiers who all looked alike and gave me tons of money thanks to the amulet coin. Shauna joined us half way there, I like Shauna. She might be the weak rival but I enjoy running into her. We got to the main room where there were even more Team Flare admins. This was endless! How many Team Flare guys was I forced to fight? Oh well I got filthy stinking rich off them with my amulet coin. Just a little longer Lumiose City shopping spree. Anyway after beating the endless wave of Team Flare guys my team were once again over powered and I was a little afraid if I would be able to catch the Legendary Xerneas without killing it.

I entered the battle with the legendary deer and hit it with Psychic with Mozilla the Delphox, it countered with Geomancy. I switched to Serecham the Pangoro, knowing that this thing could take it out due to it's type match up. Used False Swipe and got it down to one HP and all it did was Geomancy. Threw a Ultra Ball at it, and caught it. I really lucked out but I figured Xerneas had a low capture rate. These staged legendaries tend to these days, minus Giratina and Kyogre. Afterwords Lysandre came back in his Dr. Octopus gear and challenged me yet again. The battle was mostly the same, music was epic the only difference was Gyarados Mega Evolved. I took a moment to laugh at the design of Mega Gyarados before attacking. Thankfully the thing lost it's annoying Flying part so grass moves worked, I just think it sucks that it can get both it's two abilities in. You're already hit with it's Intimidate before it gets Mold Breaker. Curse you Gyarados and your Mega form. After slaying the thing the rival and Shauna say something to Lysandre and he goes on about his beautiful world stuff. We all escape before Lysandre can do...whatever it is he did. So Team Flare's beat. Rival, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno go off, and I met AZ one last time before being able to leave myself. Now I'm off to Lumiose City to shop. I'm very rich from all these Team Flare fights and the amulet coin.

Seriously Mega Gyarados's design made me laugh. I love that thing :D


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I got all of my pokemon and items back from my neighbor. I ev trained chespin and pidgey. I then trained them to level 13. After they were at level 13 I took on the first gym leader and obtained my first gym badge.


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Let's go to the beach, each.
After the wild Moltres fled on Route 12, I used the Pokedex to track it down. I knew I had to encounter it about a dozen times before it would return to the Sea Spirit's Den, so I flew to Couriway Town and I wandered north to the red flowers on Route 18. I explored the flowers but the Moltres wasn't there so I had to track it down again. I flew to Dendemille Town and I wandered over to Route 15 to search for Moltres. I searched Route 15 and Route 16, but the Moltres had fled to another area. I decided to stay on Route 15 anyway and I fished with the Super Rod some more. I Surfed and used Waterfall as I approached a waterfall on Route 15, and after climbing it I found a Stone Plate. I saved before moving on.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I climbed down the waterfall and explored a patch of tall grass nearby while looking for Moltres, which the Pokedex indicated was on the same route. I wandered the tall grass and battled some wild Pokemon including a Klefki horde, then as I moved towards the gatehouse that led to Dendemille Town, I finally encountered the wild Moltres again in the tall grass nearby. It fled like before and I had to chase after it some more. Luckily the Pokedex indicated that Moltres was at Route 16 now which was just south of where I was. I battled some more wild Pokemon as I moved around the tall grass by the entrance to the Lost Hotel, then I encountered Moltres for the third time. I used the Pokedex again to see where it went.


Someone has to win..
As a bit of a joke I tried completing my copy of X in french (selecting the "french" game mode on the title screen). Long story short: apparently that's all you need to do in order to acquire "foreign" pokemon. Trying out a ditto I caught from that game to see if MM'ing works (which wouldn't surprise me, with it having "FRE" in the top right corner).

Shiny Budew

Well-Known Member
I explored what little there is on Route 22, and entered the entrance to Victory Road just to hear the awesome music. Then I explored Santalune City. I bought a Black Logo Cap and Pink Button Accessory at the Boutique to go with the Green Pokéball Babydoll Tee and Aqua Skinny Jeans that your mom gives you as a change of clothes. I don't mind the default outfit, but I wanted a change.

Beat Viola quite easily. A second turn Rollout from Chespin OHKO'd her Vivillon lol

Now I'm on Route 4 looking for Synchronize Ralts, white flower Flabébé, and female Combee.


Saiyan Jedi
just completed lv.5 in the super training course and I can honestly say lv.4 and lv.5 seemed easier than super training course lv.3, at least for me anyway I don't why


Panda Power
Began with training my new Slurpuff up until it reached level 20. I then turned on the EXP Share and headed to the Cyllage Gym. Only trouble i had in the gym was from a Roggenrola's Mud Slap. Though 3 levels lower Slurpuff managed to take out Tyrunt, while Combusken took out Amaura. Skip ahead to Geosenge where i had Quite a bit of trouble with Korrinas Lucario. She managed to take out 3 of my pokemon before Combusken dealt with them. Healed up, then it was off to Reflection Cave where i spent almost a dozen hours looking for a sableye. Once i found one, I Nicknamed it Graven. I also caught a Mime Jr to honor james' from the anime. I then headed my way on to Shalour to replace Tonka with Graven. Turned on the EXP Share and headed up to the Tower of Mastery to face Calem. Had some Trouble with his Meowstic due to Disarming Voice, but the rest of the battle went smoothly. Onto the Gym where Slurpuff and Tunafish handled everything. Slurpuff swept Korrina with no troubles, even against Hawlucha. Deposited Bolt for awhile before headeding back up the Tower to get the Mega Ring and TM 47. Started the Lucario fight with Bone Rush, which almost cost me the fight. Luckily my Lucario was faster and i managed to win. Named Lucario Dash then switched him back out for Bolt. On the way to Route 12 i found a man who took Tierno's Mysterious stone and gave me a Sun Stone. For fun i caught a Miltank name Moolatta and a Tauros named Ironwork. Then found out that Skiddo can learn surf and taught it to him for Fire Types.

Saved for the evening shortly after.

Combusken lvl 35
TunaFish/Ducklett lvl 31
Graven/Sableye lvl 29
Bolt/Skiddo lvl 31
Sonar/ Helioptile lvl 31
Slurpuff lvl 34

Platinum fan.

So after spending much of my millions of dollars I decided to name my Xerneas FawnYouDork which is short for "I'm a fawn you dork!" Little Spyro reference there, lol. So after that I went back to Anistar City and went on to this place called Couriway Town where I got to battle the Professor again and his level 50 Kanto Starters. I was a little disappointed that none of them could Mega Evolve. After Mega Gyarados, I craze Mega Pokemon to battle to make it more dynamic. Anyway after I won he said there was a treasure here and I could have it if I find it. I didn't find it and have no idea what it is. So and went out to continue my journey and ran into Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno and battled all three of them back to back. All three were as weak as ever but I still enjoy the Kalos Kids company so I welcome any chance to see them. After battling the Kalos Kiddies I made it to Snowbelle City and wouldn't you know it the Gym Leader was out. So I had to go find him. He was in this weird Pokemon Village place. A place where I got to capture a Zoroark. Never had a Zoroark before. So afterwords I went to Wulfrics Gym and I admit the Gym puzzled me at first. After I solved the puzzle I battled Wulfric and with Mozilla the Delphox, Serecham the Pangoro, and Bluelobster the Clawitzer all at levels from 69 to 73 this was a easy win. I got the badge and now it's finally League time.


Radio - On Air!
Finished breeding all the Pokemon that I could. :)
Also fought Wikstrom for the first time in the Battle Chateau! Prolonged the fight with my Ninetales, Kita, (I was leveling up every other Pokemon in my party) because I wanted to listen to that sweet Elite Four theme. xD; Now on my way to evolving the Pokemon that do so by levels and earning money at the Battle Chateau~ Lastly, went on the GTS and was lucky enough to snag me an Arcanine! <3

P.S: Thanks to the person who loved my shiny Pidove! :D