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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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I just got all stars in le wow battle, something changed, after the battle I am given the option to tip 10,000. anyone have an idea what that would lead to.


I finally challenged the wild Zygarde inside of Terminus Cave and I used Pangoro against it first in order to slowly weaken it. It took a while for that to happen and I actually messed up the first time I tried and Zygarde fainted, but luckily I had saved beforehand so I kept trying to lower Zygarde's HP until it was close to the red zone and then I started tossing Ultra Balls at it. I switched to Dusk Balls once my stock of Ultra Balls started to run low, and I successfully caught Zygarde after 15 minutes of trying. After catching Zygarde, I used an Escape Rope and I returned to Route 18. I went south to Couriway Town and I healed my Pokemon at the local Pokemon Center. I then withdrew Zygarde from the PC and saved.


I now have 35 shinies on pokemon X.

You get a medal if you donate enough money. So it's basically pointless
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Well, it's been awhile since I've posted on a Recent Happenings Thread....

After I finished breeding my Timid Protean Froakie, I wonder traded off the rest, giving me a decent Noibat and Vivillon to train. I evolved Noivern, and in conjuction with Greninja and Gardevoir, I managed a few wins on the PSS, but I lost terribly to a Kangaskhan. So, my next project it to breed for an Azumarill, and then a Technician Breloom!


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Just fought Malva and Siebold at the Battle Chateau! <3 I absolutely love them!
Managed to evolve my Dragonair to Dragonite, Fraxure to Haxorus, and a bunch of other Pokemon. Almost completed the Central Kalos Dex!


I left Couriway Town and I headed north to Route 18 once again in order to battle using Zygarde. I had fun trying out all its different moves, then I went into Inver's house and I participated in another Inverse Battle there. I used Greninja against Inver's Weavile, then after beating it with Waterfall, I used Malamar against Inver's Granbull. Once I had won that match with Psychic, I used Pyroar against Inver's Azumarill and then I headed back outside after that. I had Talonflame use Fly and I returned to Lumiose City since I wanted to visit Boutique Couture. After browsing there, I purchased some herbs at the Herboriste shop, then I visited the Poke Ball Boutique. I headed to the Pokemon Center afterwards and saved.

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Awesome! Managed to defeat the Singles Battle Maison leader! I unlocked Super Singles, and am now moving on to Doubles. With the BP I earned, I bought an Assault Vest for Malamar, and a Toxic Orb for my Swellow and Breloom when I can transfer them next month.

Aside from the Maison shenanigans, I've filled up several more pages in the PokéDex, and got quite a few nifty Lv. 1's on Wonder Trade. Still no Shiny to be had, though... But soon it'll happen. I can feel it.


Had my first "real" Pokemon battle today. I was planning to look around and see if I could find a shiny Pancham, and I'd recently used the GTS so I was getting passers-by from all over. Some other person wanted to battle, so I decided "sure, why not?" I should mention that I don't know the first thing about competitive Pokemon battles, so I got my whole team sliced and diced and handed back to me on a silver platter. It was hilarious, I was laughing the whole time and I sincerely hope the other trainer had fun thoroughly owning me. Then we traded a a Charmander I hatched this morning for a Solosis.

I realize none of this is noteworthy at all but I had a lot of fun and that's the important thing.


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I've just become arch-duke and finally got the access to the black writ of challenge, which it's very nice considering that I'm still in the middle of training.
As for the rest, nothing much; I'd dare say that I've almost done all the important things. :D


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So now I've tried that consecutive Fishing, and after like 47 Battles or so, I met a shiny Cloyster. It sucked thuogh, and is not usable for Battles. lol
Other than that, I've obtained and trained a Banette, Umbreon, Gallade and Greninja
Finally got the medal for extremely stylish in Lumiose! Now I can go see what lies beyond in the Lost Hotel. I'm excited :) Still in the process of breeding pokemon.


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I've been wonder trading this morning and got a Bulletproof, Impish natured, 4 Egg Move, Chespin. I also got a Timid Ghastly and an Adamant Eevee. This is so great!

EDIT: Got a Protean Froakie with a Hasty nature, but I;m going to stick to my Timid Torrent Froakie. I also got an Adamant Shroomish, but it is not in a regular Pokeball, which upsets me. Regular Pokeballs look so organized and clean...
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Ok I'm not sure if someone's discovered this already (someone probably has, but I'll mention it anyway)

There's a really easy way to train your Pokemon to Lv.100.
Make sure they've passed the level at which they learn their final move, then toss them in the Day Care. Head to Lumiose City:Centrico Plaza. Go to the middle of the road and get on your bike. Place something heavy on the right or left key and you'll keep going in circles. Leave it overnight and it's easy training.


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Place something heavy on the right or left key and you'll keep going in circles. Leave it overnight and it's easy training.

Or you could wedge a coin/guitar pick under the Circle Pad, works for me while hatching eggs.

Back on topic: I've been spending most of the last two evenings breeding for a flawless Dratini (using a 5 IV Dratini + 4 IV Japanese Charmander for MM effects). So far I've gotten 5 Dratini with 5 perfect IVs - 2 with Marvel Scale and 3 with Shed Skin. Was also pleasantly surprised by the Shiny Dratini (with Marvel Scale) that popped up, though it's a pity its IV spread of 31/31/31/12/31/15 isn't exactly ideal. That adds a third to the Shinies list, and also the first I've hatched this generation by the Masuda Method!


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I got my Pokemon X a while ago. Wonder traded and got a lot of wonderful things <3 ;w; I feel bad to be only able to give them early Pokemons...
Currently at perfume palace and about to encounter Snorlax.

In my Y... is trying to complete my dex. Used the GTS and got a Korean Bulbasaur with Pokerus <3
Mass breeding and spread the love on WT
Finally got every Central Kalos Pokemon seen! Time for Coastral Kalos P:
But I I will still go with the catch one too for the central P:


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How are people getting legendaries in wonder trades? lucky lol. Anyway on my Y report, a friend helped me evolve my haunter with max ivs in all stats to gengar last night so i've been going ahead to level him to high levels so he can help my level 100 noivern level other pokemon I ev trained to high levels at le wow in lumoise

with pokemon X i haven't touched it in a while but i have to head to snowbelle for badge number 8