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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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I continued battling at the Battle Maison until I lost. Then, I decided to train and evolve some of the Pokemon in my PC in order to start completing the Pokedex. I did a lot of training at the Battle Chateau. While there, I had my first Gym Leader rematches, against Grant, Wulfric, and Olympia. After all that training, my National Dex was at more than 160 Pokemon owned IIRC.

Today, I also hatched Torchic eggs until I got one with Speed Boost and the 31 IVs I wanted. I traded some of the rejects on Wonder Trade, and received a couple of interesting things, like Growlithe with Close Combat.


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Well a lot has happened since I last posted here. Beat the elite four and became the new champion! My team was Greninja, Staraptor, Jolteon, Aggron, Gardevoir and Charizard. I found all the mega stones in my version [x]. I caught Mewtwo, Zygarde, Moltres and Xerneas! I lost my first wifi battle but it was a really close fight. I want to start working on my wifi battle team soon, but I need to find someone with a ditto safari.


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Caught a shiny magneton in a friend safari (after failing to hatch one, going through around 400 eggs in the process), bad nature and EV's in the wrong place for the FS one. Oh well it looks good.

Now to try and hatch a shiny Klefki (after attempts at magnemites, kangaskhan's, larvitar and solosis's have failed).

Sailor Saturn

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Finally! It was raining on Route 14 and I managed to evolve my Sliggoo. Into the PC with Goodra and I was off to explore Route 18. Beat the Inverse Trainer and got a berry (was hoping for an evolution stone). Battled the other trainers and the sky trainer on the Route and then called it a day.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After arriving at the Lumiose Museum and agreeing to help Looker, I headed over to the alleyway near Galette Stand. I battled against a Suspicious Woman and her Jellicent and Volcarona, which I defeated with Pangoro and Talonflame, respectively. After beating her, I headed over to Cafe Triste and I found another alleyway and I battled against a Suspicious Child there. I beat her Whimsicott with Talonflame's Flare Blitz, then her Mawile with Pyroar's Flamethrower and her Granbull with Pangoro's Hammer Arm. I wandered over to the Lumiose Station afterwards, then I wandered to South Boulevard and found a Suspicious Lady at another alleyway and I used Pangoro to defeat her Persian and I cleared the case.


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Today, I used the Pokemon Amie to max the affection for the members of my upcoming team for the Battle Masion. I also beat my record on the Head It game and got 5 stars on the Unlimited level there. After being done with the Amie, I played a little more in the Super Training to get a Dusk and Shiny stone as I will need those to evolve my Honedge and Flabébé into their final evolutions in the future. I had planned to start a little on the regular training as well but couldn't as I had to charge my 3DS, so I will start on it tomorrow instead.


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Just unwrapped X, and am currently soft-resetting for a timid/modest froakie. So far pretty neutral on the game, I'm not liking the new sidekicks or the stuff I have to go through every time I reset. I don't want a nickname, what's wrong with my name? I want my rival and professor back! On the plus side, the graphics are pretty cool so far.

Edit: and two minutes later, get a modest one!
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I found a Shiny Dedenne ♂ inside a Friend Safari. I'm trying to look for a (♀) Shiny Dedenne for a friend.

Two shiny thus far: Furfrou ♀ and Dedenne ♂


Let's go to the beach, each.
I passed through North Boulevard and then I returned to the Looker Bureau in order to complete the next assignment for Looker. I battled against a Butler class trainer and his Braviary there and I defeated it with Greninja's Ice Beam. I headed back outside after that battle and I made my way to Hotel Richissime. I climbed to the top floor and met Malva of the Elite Four there and we battled. I defeated her Pyroar with Greninja's Surf, then I headed for Cafe Lysandre and I accessed Lysandre Labs again. I used the elevator and I arrived at a hidden floor within the lab. I battled against a Scientist upon arrival and I beat her Elgyem with Pangoro's Crunch and Klinklang with Hammer Arm. I then saved before continuing.


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IN Y: Was ev training my 4 iv trevanant when i stumbled a shiny bellsprout in a horde. I caught it with no worries. It had chlorophyll which is fine i dont like its hidden ability. It was docile nature though.. meh i dont mind it either. managed to finish ev training trevanant after that. Tomorrow, I am aiming to hatch an almost perfect iv litwik. A friend gave me a perfect iv spinarak, which I am going to ev train next and get it to a very high level to learn its final move when its an aridos before i use it not only for wifi play but to also breed with its bug egg group for perfect iv pokemon.

in X i finally pushed Deidara to get to snowbelle to talk to wulfric in pokemon village to get him to the gym. About to face him so i can head to the league. All my pokemon but farfetchd are in the late 60s with the exception of azumaril who is 76. Sheesh amie + traded pokemon = very quick leveling up xD


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Just finished the entire Kalos Pokedex (seen and captured) ending with one of my least favourite pokemon ever, Garbodor.


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With the evolution of Doduo into Dodrio, I "completed" the Kalos Central pokedex!


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I started my X version and decided to go with Chespin, as it is the only one of the three I haven't used before. I've just got to route 8 and have to say I've been really impressed with how bulky Quilladin is, whilst still being able to pack a punch back. I've also got a male Kirlia that I want to evolve into Gallade.

On my Y version I hatched a Shiny Timid Male Ralts after 400 or so eggs. It is now a shiny Gardevoir, and Mega Gardevoir is one of my favourite Shiny Pokemon ^^ It has trace as well, so I'll be EV training it soon. also in the friend safari after a couple of hours of hunting, I ran into a Shiny Male Timid Braixen (using another synchronise Timid Ralts) It doesn't have it's hidden ability, but it does have perfect HP, Sp.Atk and Speed so I'm very happy! ^^


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Just caught that Articuno.....with a Brave Nature -.- (+Att, -Speed) probably gonna give it...


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Beat everyone up to Santalune City, and promptly changed into pants. Who wants to go running through tall grass in a skirt? It seems like the first gym came up really fast this time. Currently looking for a female fletchling of a specific nature. For supposedly being a common pokemon, I'm not running into many, female or otherwise. Plus my froakie fainted one with a critical hit, boo.

Edit: and again, right after posting, found what I was looking for! Nice. Now to train her up for the gym...
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~250 eggs. No shiny charmander yet...still trying.


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I made my way to Parfum Palace and searched for the owner's Furfrou with Shauna. We managed to catch the Furfrou by trapping it in the garden. Elated, the owner of the Furfrou threw a fireworks display. I watched with Shauna. After the show, the butler gave me the Pokéflute and a TM. I explored the grass outside the palace and caught a Honedge. I returned to Snorlax and woke him with the flute. I managed to capture him.

As I traveled the route beyond where Snorlax had slept, I met up with tierno and Trevor. They showed me the day care. I then continued on to the battle chateau where I was given the title "baron". I was awarded the title of "viscount" when I defeated every trainer I could. Serena and I battled both Tierno and Trevor. We won with ease. I passed through Connecting Cave and reached route 8. Sycamore's assistants upgraded my Pokédex. Squirtle evolved.

I arrived at Ambrette Town with Serena. I went to the lab first and talked to the researchers who directed me to the Glittering Cave. I explored the rest of the town and received a new O-power.


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Started with training my team today. I managed to get all three to level 36 which I'm satisfied with. Along the way, Honedge evolved into Doublade, Flabébé into Floette, and Froakie evolved all the way into Greninja. Regarding their movesets, Greninja has its final moveset while Floette still needs to learn one move and Doublade has two moves left to learn. Will continue training tomorrow, I don't think I will be able to finish them then since I won't have much time to play, but I think I will be able to get them done on Thursday at least.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After beating Scientist Sonia by the elevator in the hidden floor at Lysandre Labs, I teleported and battled against another Scientist trainer. I beat his Weezing with Malamar's Psychic and I switched to Pyroar to defeat his Heliolisk with Flamethrower. I teleported again afterwards and ran into a Lumiose Gang Member and I battled her as well. After beating her Mandibuzz, I encountered yet another Lumiose Gang Member and I beat her Pangoro and Bouffalant with Talonflame's Aerial Ace. I teleported again and beat a Scientist with a Muk and then another Gang Member's Druddigon and Krookodile with Greninja's Ice Beam and Surf, respectively. I then battled against a familiar trainer who used Jellicent and Volcarona.