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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

Recently obtained a Protean Froakie through Wonder Trade. It's awesome. :)


Let's go to the beach, each.
I battled against a female Team Flare grunt at Glittering Cave next and I used Litleo against her Gulpin and I beat it with Ember attack, then I switched to Quilladin and I used it against her Electrike. I defeated Electrike with Bite, then I encountered two more Team Flare grunts and I teamed up with Serena to battle them. We defeated their Scraggy and Croagunk with Litleo and Espurr and then I found the missing scientist in the center of the cavern. I spoke to him and he offered me either the Jaw Fossil or the Sail Fossil and I chose to take the Sail Fossil from him so that I could revive an Amaura from it. I then left Glittering Cave and went back to Ambrette Town and visited the local Fossil Lab to revive my fossils.


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Team update:
- Chesnaught
- Gyarados
- Charizard
- Skarmory
- Dragonair

I just did the 3rd badge and my team is around lvl 30 now, with both Chesnaught and Charizard being lvl 36


Lightning zebra
Have been doing some breeding and evolving. Won the Elite 4 second time, whit this team

Talonflame lv 100
Greninja lv 89
Noivern lv 100
Garchomp lv 79
Gogoat: lv 60
Charizard lv 66

Also been Wonder trading, gotten great ones, and played with GTS little bit, I got Glameow, all Starters, Togepi and things like that. And of course waiting pokebank to come, so I can trensfer my legendaries and my shinys to X.
Did some modifying of teammates and HM slaves on Y, changing my Meowstic's hold item to Tanga Berry, and catching a Weepinbell for Sweet Scent, which I then evolved thanks to the Stone Emporium in Lumiose. After realizing it still knew Sweet Scent and didn't need a Heart Scale to remember it, I deleted its other moves and gave it a nickname.

In X, I renicknamed my Malamar that I use for stealing Heart Scales from Luvdisc, as I noticed I put the wrong tags in its nickname, something that I do to distinguish which of my characters the Pokémon belongs to. After doing that, I used my Malamar to get back the Heart Scales I used on my Victreebel and Arbok while breeding my Tyrantrum.

Lastly, I put my Pokémon games away, at least until Bank comes out, and put my 3DS away right next to them. I should probably recharge my 3DS and my DSLite for when I'll need to do transfers later, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Too much worrying is bad for my health, and worrying about video games is even worse for me.

The Super Kid

The Underdog :(
(Oh wow, haven't been here for ages!)

I just got a Chimchar through wonder trade. Breeding it now :)
Found out I have a Dragon type Friend safari
Found a shiny Graveler... used explosion (NOOOOO!)
Found Articuno 11 times, battled him at Sea Spirit's den
OHKO'd it...
Trying to find it again...

That's all I've done for today. Loving this game and I can't believe I have it in my hands!


Link Jokers!
Found Shiny Charmeleon in FS, then Shiny Dragonaire the next day. Got Ditto and Eevee Safaris this week, along with a 5IV Shiny Froakie from a friend. Need HA Sableye and my second Shiny Honedge to hatch now


Let's go to the beach, each.
Once I had entered the Fossil Lab in Ambrette Town, I spoke to a scientist and revived my Old Amber and Sail Fossil that I had obtained inside of Glittering Cave. After getting Aerodactyl and Amaura, I received the Aerodactylite Mega Stone from a scientist inside and then I headed back outside and visited the Ambrette Town Pokemon Center and I deposited the Amaura and swapped Aerodactyl with Fletchinder. I left Ambrette Town afterwards and went back to Route 8 and I wandered around the coast. I picked up a Pearl in the sand as I roamed and then I used Rock Smash on some rocks. I managed to find a Binacle due to that, which I captured. I then fished with the Old Rod and I caught a wild Luvdisc.


So long
Continued in the Super Single Line in the Battle Maison. Won 80 more battles, bringing my total streak to 140 battles won in a row. Like with Doubles, I got much farther than I had ever expected. Though there have been a couple of battles where I was close to losing. Will continue tomorrow and see how much further I can go.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After picking a Mago Berry on Route 8/ Muraille Coast, I fished for more Pokemon and battled them for more experience since I wanted to train my new Aerodactyl. I then encountered a female Swimmer by the coast who gave me the Dowsing Machine key item. I activated it and searched around the sand for hidden items and I found a Rare Candy, an Ultra Ball, a Stardust and a Heart Scale as I moved around. I then battled against a Fisherman and his three Tentacool, a female Swimmer and her Wingull and Psyduck, and a couple more trainers to level up my Pokemon. I healed my Pokemon at the Ambrette Town Pokemon Center again, then I went north on Route 8 until I arrived at Cyllage City. I saved the game there.


Well-Known Member
Did a few things. Finished evolving and teching moves to my X Maision team (Swampert, Mega Manectric and Noivern) and decided on my Y Maision team (Sharpedo, Mega Garchomp and Ninetales, or Dedenne, Mega Gyarados and Arcanine).

Swapped friend codes and safari's. Discovered i'm Bug with Ledyba, Volbeat and Pinsir, and got several others in return, including one which gave me a Female Drought Ninetales as soon as I entered ^_^.


The Original 151
I just got a phione;489; through wonder trade! talk about luck!


Let's go to the beach, each.
Upon arrival in Cyllage City, I went to the house near a Black Belt and I received the Whipped Dream item from a man in the kitchen there. I went back out to explore Cyllage City afterwards and I headed north and I visited the local Pokemon Center. I healed my Pokemon, changed clothes in the changing room, then purchased items before I went out to the Bike Shop. I spoke to the manager of the shop and I answered his quiz questions correctly and got a Bicycle for free. After that I visited another house and spoke to a woman inside who offered to massage one of my Pokemon which would increase its happiness. I went back outside after using that service and I bought a Soda Pop north of the Pokemon Center.

SoulSilver Eric

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Someone actually traded my Cyndaquil for a Xerneas....

GTS never ceases to amaze me.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
I just got a phione;489; through wonder trade! talk about luck!

Sweet :).

I've been working on a shiny Mareep hunt. Been hunting for over a week now. Not giving up either. Just started to trade for some legends over the GTS and got a shiny Rayquaza from it :O. Now I can't continue to chain, dang it. So now onto shiny hunting on the side for some more stuff to put up for trade.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I continued to explore Cyllage City and I entered a boutique that sold clothing, then I headed out and entered a house and I obtained three Persim Berries after answering some girl's quiz. I then visited Hotel Cyllage and I picked up the Sleep Talk TM and the Rest TM after speaking to some people by the entrance. After speaking to a maid on the second floor of the hotel and getting a Destiny Knot, I found and spoke to Mr. Bonding in one of the rooms and obtained another O-Power from him. I visited a cafe afterwards and spoke to people and they showed me some Pokemon that were then registered in my Pokedex. I then met Gym Leader Grant outside and received the Strength HM from him and then I saved the game.


The Golden summit!!
Recently obtained a Protean Froakie through Wonder Trade. It's awesome. :)

thats interesting because i recently traded a Froakie with protean on wonder trade. what was the OT??

anyways...iv been breeding pokemon for fun. so far so good i have gotten,





which pokemon should i do next?


Let's go to the beach, each.
After I got the Strength HM from Gym Leader Grant, I followed the bike trail up towards the entrance to Connecting Cave. I couldn't do much though since I couldn't use Strength to push some boulders around there until I got the Cliff Badge, so I went back down to the main part of Cyllage City. Since my team was still not organized well, I headed over to Route 10 to train my Pokemon some more. I went across a bridge and I arrived at Menhir Trail and I picked up an Iapapa Berry from the ground near a berry tree. I then spotted a male Psychic and I battled him. Pancham defeated his Solosis, then I battled against a Tourist trainer and I beat her Skiploom with my Litleo and her Dunsparce with Wartortle's Bite attack.

Violent Red

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Lately, I have been really struggling to build a team. I am over the ultra competitive scene.

I've been trying to build a team of my favourite Pokemon. The problem is, I've got too many faves. I am finding it really hard to whittle it down to just six team members that have a kind of 'chemistry'. I don't just want a rag tag team full of powerful Pokemon. Too many times I see people with teams like:


It kind of makes me sick haha. I prefer cute Pokemon with maybe one or two 'powerhouse' members. Like I said though, just can't seem to create a team with chemistry.

I've considered just gathering all my faves and rotating them, but I've never ever done this before, and I've been playing since RBY.

Does anybody here rotate teams? Any advice to give?