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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Let's go to the beach, each.
After picking up the Deep Sea Tooth and Deep Sea Scale on a grassy island, I also picked up the X-Scissor TM and then I went back into the water and Surfed towards a bigger island. I entered the Sea Spirit's Den, but there was nothing of interest in there yet so I went back outside. I spent about 15 minutes battling against wild Tentacool in the area for some extra training, then I headed back south to Coumarine City. I quickly healed my Pokemon at the local Pokemon Center and bought some healing items as well. I headed back to the Coumarine City Gym after that and once I was inside, I started climbing on the various vines throughout the Gym and I defeated two Pokemon Ranger trainers and their Grass-types.

Violent Red

Well-Known Member
Holy hell, it's one of those outrageous GTS requests. It's amazing that people like those are here...

Also, you're out of luck. Pokemon fished from the water are the easiest to capture as Shiny Pokemon.

That's funny because I woke up to about 7 Private Messages this morning from people all wanting to make the trade. You'll be overjoyed to know that, despite your rubbish attitude and cutting words, I am now the owner of a nice Latias. The Skrelp had a perfect nature - not easy to get whilst chain fishing. Just because it means nothing to you doesn't mean I wasn't proud of it, and doesn't mean somebody else isn't now enjoying it, which they are. Overall, I got my first shiny, and a Latias, and somebody has a perfect natured Skrelp which they wanted, and all you accomplished was looking like a snarky fool.

In other news! I was on the GTS this morning and I traded a random Articuno I had for... a shiny Horsea! Timid nature! In a heal ball! Untouched! With Sniper ability! (With Razor Claw and 1 Focus Energy, Kingdra has 100% crit chance so Sniper is amazing ability). English too! Wow! Best find I ever had in the GTS! It's been a great few days in Pokemon Y for me! :)
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Let's go to the beach, each.
I kept moving throughout the Courmarine City Gym after beating two Pokemon Rangers, then I encountered two more and I beat the male's Carnivine, Ferroseed, and Lombre with Aerodactyl and the female's Gloom and Exeggutor with Pyroar. I then arrived where Ramos was and I challenged him. He first used his Jumpluff and I used Pyroar's Fire Fang attack to defeat Jumpluff. I then switched to Aerodactyl and I defeated Ramos's Weepinbell with Aerial Ace before it even got a chance to counter attack. Ramos then sent out his Gogoat and I sent out my Pyroar against it. One Fire Fang attack was enough to reduce Gogoat to ashes, and I got the Plant Badge and the Grass Knot TM from Ramos after that battle and saved.


Rare collector
Hatched another 50 MM eggs in my quest for a shiny 5 or 6 IV Cyndaquil. Up to 500 total. Getting sick of seeing normal Cyndaquil. This hunt needs to end soon in order to preserve my sanity.
On the other hand, I now have lots of 5 and 6 IV Cyndaquil.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I left the Coumarine City Gym after winning the Plant Badge, and I visited the Pokemon Center and healed my Pokemon there. Now that I had four Kalos badges, I had to return to Lumiose City in order to battle Clemont for the fifth badge., I left Coumarine City and went south to Route 13/Lumiose Badlands. After passing through a gatehouse, I met Dexio and Sina again and they upgraded my Pokedex into the Mountain Kalos Pokedex. I wandered around the arid route and I encountered and I caught a wild Trapinch in the dirt, then I picked up some items including a Nest Ball and Smooth Rock as I wandered around by a stairwell. I then encountered a wild Graveler and Gible and I caught both as well for my collection.
I planted a boatload of berries on my X version, and I'll need to check on them pretty soon. I planted every berry I had, so hopefully I get a good yield.

In Y, I battled the Levitate guy in Kiloude and Psychic Inver on Rte. 18, where got a couple pages added to my 'dex, and a handful of Shuca Berries that I planted right away.


1 more day ^^
I caught a whismur in the connecting cave, and then caught a drifloon which I will use instead of beedrill which I named Orville.


Trainer in training
Just received an Yveltal from the GTS in exchange of my useless male shiny combee. If this person is lurking this forum, I want to say him/her a super big thank you!. On an other subject, still trying to rebuild a team for battle maison with a new Shiny Noibat. Still trying to have a shiny Skiddo after 1500 eggs but still not giving up.


Strider: Spider King
Currently plaguing the wonder trades with Eevees in an attempt to breed a shiny one

Aw, man. Don't do that! People hate when people flood the wt.


1 more day ^^
Just had my first death. Tinkerbell the Oddish died to a goldeen DX RIP Tinkerbell D=
Current team
Quil the braxion lv 18
Dim the vivillon lv 16
Cleo the furfrou lv 16
Orville the drifloon lv 15
Tinkerbell the Oddish lv 19
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The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
Luckiest trade ever! I wonder traded a shiny scraggy to make someone's day and in return I get a groudon! One of my fav ground type poke :) yeah!


Well-Known Member
Been wonder trading and seriously wondering why more bank pokemon haven't come up, the only two I've gotten are Totodile and Snivy


Let's go to the beach, each.
I battled more wild Pokemon in the dirt along Route 13 and I also picked up more items including a Heat Rock by a railing and a Star Piece to the right of it. I walked along more sand and picked up the Charge Beam TM as well after using Rock Smash. I then met a Team Flare grunt and I battled him. I beat his Houndoom and Golbat with my Blastoise and Raichu, then I got the Power Plant Pass from the grunt. After picking up a Sun Stone, I went west all the way to the Kalos Power Plant and I encountered another Team Flare grunt once I was inside. I beat his Scraggy and Croagunk with Aerodactyl, then I found the Zap Plate in a room with many power plant workers. I also purchased some Fresh Waters there and saved.


The Golden summit!!
going to start Wonder Tradeing Pokmeon with there hidden abillities in 10min, my OT is Ivan if you get any!!


Let's go to the beach, each.
After leaving the room where the power plant workers were hiding, I encountered another Team Flare grunt as I started to explore the rest of the Kalos Power Plant. I defeated his Croagunk and Golbat with Aerodactyl, then I encountered and beat another grunt and his Mightyena with Chesnaught. I moved along the halls and battled half a dozen more Team Flare grunts. I then encountered a Team Flare Admin and I defeated his Houndoom easily with Blastoise's Surf attack. I then came face-to-face with a Team Flare Scientist: Team Flare Aliana. I battled and defeated her Mightyena with my Pangoro's Circle Throw attack. Once Team Flare Aliana was beaten, I received some Full Restores from Dexio and then saved.

The Hiker king

Non Sequitur
In anticipation of the release of Pokemon bank for the English X and Y games I started transferring Pokemon to my white 2 version. I noticed that I have only two Shaymin while having a ton of Mew and Jirachi (with Draco meteor). I guess I'll have to do some trading once it comes out (if ever).

Otherwise I haven't been doing much, still breeding Froakie... I wonder why I haven't seen a shiny in months of MMing. I would say how many eggs I have hatched but I lost count after one thousand eggs and was a while ago.
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Queen of Charizards!
Well i haven't posted here in a while but I have been doing alot in Y lately

I have been breeding alot of Pokemon. Currently breeding IV and Masuda Methoding an adamant swirlix with belly drum. Hoping to get a shiny

Also been wonder trading alot, i need to make alot of room before we can finally get bank.

A friend on here has just helped me evolve my feebas into milotic so i can ev train her soon.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After I defeated Team Flare at the Kalos Power Plant and ended the crisis there, I went back to the room where all the power plant workers were and I obtained a Magnet and the Flame Charge TM inside. I then left the Kalos Power Plant and wandered around Route 13 again. I headed south towards the entrance to Lumiose City and I found a Rare Candy as I wandered towards the gatehouse. I arrived at North Boulevard once I entered the city and I encountered Shauna upon arrival in Lumiose City, and I was told to visit the Prism Tower. I headed over there, but I didn't challenge the Lumiose City Gym yet since there were still parts of the city that I wanted to explore. But first I healed my Pokemon at the local PC.


AKA Nightlingbolt
Luckiest trade ever! I wonder traded a shiny scraggy to make someone's day and in return I get a groudon! One of my fav ground type poke :) yeah!

Good karma for you!