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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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I dropped Azumarill and Venasaur from my team because they started to get boring. Plus, I want use more different Pokemon. I'm currently trying to Super Train a Jolly Trapinch I recently caught. Then, I'm going to challenge the gym in Courmarine City.

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I'm trying to complete my dex in X lately, because I like doing it (and want the shiny charm). For some reason, someone in the wifi chat traded me a Manaphy for not a lot (I gave them an Ability Capsule though). They say the Manaphy is legit (I asked a buuunch of questions), but I'm still skeptical to wether it is real or not. They said they weren't a big fan of Manaphy, so who knows.
(And one of my friend's helped me get Arceus' dex data, but it was in a Pokeball... but it was Level 100 too, so it may have been the Dream World Event one someone caught in a Pokeball for all I know.)
I'll try to give both of them the benefit of a doubt. And if they aren't real, well ; I asked and they said yes, and they look legit as far as I can tell. I'll give them the benefit of a doubt.


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I spent a lot of time trading between my X and Y versions to get all the version exclusives in each version. Still spending most of my time trying to complete the Pokedex.
Finished the game. Elite Four was pretty easy with six level 70s, all with good diverse movesets even in mono-type. Lanturn is statistically a straggler but having Surf, Ice Beam, Signal Beam and Thunderbolt is very helpful. Manectric's Flamethrower was really handy too, as was Heliolisk's Surf.

Just going to prepare for my next game now I think. Gonna get all the battle items and Pokerus for EVing first, then start breeding for either an all-bear team (Pangoro, Ursaring and Beartic) or my nine-Pokemon type coverage team (minimum possible Pokemon to have one of every type). Proposed for that is Dragonite, Scizor, Pangoro, Rhyperior, Lapras (five I'll carry) with a bench of Roserade, Gardevoir, Heliolisk and Chandelure, or possibly even an 'All Speed' Team of Jolteon, Scizor, Sceptile, Weavile and Talonflame. Idea is that I'll get all the eggs ready (natures/IVs etc) and trade them to a new game, along with some mules holding Battle Items, Pokerus, Lucky Egg etc.
Ideas for the bear team. I'm adding to those 3. Electivire nicknamed " Squatch ". Renucleus based on a water bear I read somewhere. It's probably not legit tho. And snorlax.


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Ideas for the bear team. I'm adding to those 3. Electivire nicknamed " Squatch ". Renucleus based on a water bear I read somewhere. It's probably not legit tho. And snorlax.
I thought the Solosis line was based on a cell. Like single cell with cytoplasm and organelles and such. Reuniclus doesn't really look like a tardigrade.


I exited Kiloude Station after obtaining a Max Revive and I received the Vs. Recorder upon leaving the station. I then explored Kiloude City and I randomly entered a house and spoke to a girl there. She wanted to see a Pokemon that knew Petal Blizzard, but I left since I didn't have one. I quickly visited the nearby Pokemon Center and I purchased various items and spoke to people in the lobby. After speaking to someone who offered to tell me my Pokemon's potential, I headed outside again and I visited another house and got the Flash Cannon TM from a little girl inside which was great. I then encountered a male Ace Trainer and I beat his Weezing, Bronzong, and Eelektross with Pyroar and Chesnaught and saved.


I have completed the pokedex in X. Except for the ones not released of course.


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Haven't done a lot for the past days, but I am theoretically done with planning my upcoming Maison team. I did a friend with a trade today, he gave me a Chespin and Fletchling with their Hidden Abilities which I am very thankful for. Next up, I will start breeding again, I need at least 2 new Pokemon for the team I am going to make. Not sure when I will be able to start but hopefully sometime next week at least.


After I defeated a male Ace Trainer inside a house in Kiloude City, I went outside and I headed over to the Battle Maison facility. I spoke to some people inside the lobby and at the exchange counters. Afterwards I went back outside and wandered around the outside of the Friend Safari place and activated my Dowsing Machine to locate hidden items. I found a PP Up nearby, then I entered another house and met a Team Flare grunt. I spoke to them and I went back outside after that conversation was done. After wandering around Kiloude City some more, I returned to the Battle Maison and competed in some battles. I managed to do fairly well even with just my regular team and I left the facility after getting Battle Points.


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Today I bred my very first flawless Pokèmon (a Larvitar) with IVs spread like this: X/31/31/31/31/31.
Too bad for the HP, but I'm more than satisfied with the final result, so I'll keep it like this. :D
In any case the Destiny knot really is awesome; it made the breeding much easier!
I think that tomorrow I'll breed a flawless Metagross. :D
I thought the Solosis line was based on a cell. Like single cell with cytoplasm and organelles and such. Reuniclus doesn't really look like a tardigrade.
Absolutely your right. But it kinda resembles a bear inside and that was there comparison. On a run thru like that its ok to stretch it, if it works for them.


After winning some BP at the Battle Maison, I went back out and wandered around Kiloude City and headed north to a park and I encountered Serena there. She wanted to have a battle with me and I agreed. I sent out my Pangoro against her Meowstic and beat it with Crunch, then I defeated her Clefable with Poison Jab. I sent out my Chesnaught against Serena's Jolteon and I defeated it with Dig. I then switched to Blastoise and defeated Serena's Altaria with Ice Beam. I used Blastoise's Surf to beat Serena's Delphox afterwards, then I used my Pangoro again to battle Serena's Absol, which Mega Evolved. I beat it with Hammer Arm and I obtained the Absolite Mega Stone from Serena after that battle and saved.


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Just finished breeding a 5iv adamant charmander with dragon dance/outrage/flare blitz/crunch in a luxury ball (since its my fav pokeball and feel the need to have everything in one lol)

I also found that I have a 6iv beldum that I might breed with my 6iv jap ditto to hopefully get a 5iv shiny one :)

Not sure what other pokemon I could go for now since I have most of the ou pokemon and some that I just like. Maybe a blastiose since I already have a squirtle with good egg moves, maybe ill just breed for all the Megas I'm not sure yet :p


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Finally got an internet connection! :D
So I decided to find my copies of X & Y and start playing again ! ^_^
If anyones has FC feel free to add me ^^

Currently shiny hunting a Swirlix .-.


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Today I decided to hunt shinies for the first time, so I tried some chain fishing, got 4 shinies in 2 hours :D: barboach (x2: one of them is a Whiscash now), Octillery and Relicanth.


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On Friday, I sent over some more Pokemon to Y. This time, I transferred Kanto Pokemon that originated on my LeafGreen. I evolved a few of them using stones and then began training some of the others. I spent more time at the Battle Chateau battling many trainers. Later on, I went back to Lumiose City for more training at the Sushi Hi-Roller and Le Wow restaurants. Currently, my Pokedex is at nearly 570 owned.
I also trained some more of the EV trained Pokemon that I transferred over last week. I levelled up several Pokemon including Honchkrow and I'm currently training a Raichu.


After receiving a Mega Stone from Serena, I visited the Kiloude City Pokemon Center to heal my team and to buy some items as well. I headed back out after that and I flew back to Anistar City. I visited the house where I had left a Pokemon with an old man inside and I found its Poke Ball with a letter from the old man who had recently passed away. He left a Comet Shard for me so I got that too and I headed out again to swap Pokemon on the PC. I wandered north to the Anistar Sundial area of the city and I met Professor Sycamore. He talked to me about Mega Stones and he wanted to upgrade my Mega Ring. After that conversation, I was told to find more Mega Stones around Kalos and I flew to Coumarine City.


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A wonderful thing happened in my game yesterday. I was breeding a National Dex team for fun, started to breed team member number four, Shinx. I wanted semi good IVs and nature (because more I know how to do it I just can't help myself) and on the 15th or so egg I got a shiny! It's the second hatched shiny I've got in the whole game series and I wasn't even trying :) So lucky! It has 4 IVs but it also has the rivalry ability so it won't be in my team. Still, one more for the collection!

The smile on my face that evening... :D