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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Your Big Buff Bro
Huh. Maybe I should try Wonder Trade after all.

Progress of Team X after getting the 3rd badge. Korrina was a joke, but she dresses cute as a skate girl.

Greninja Lv38
Talonflame Lv37
Butterfree Lv36
Venusaur Lv36
Pangoro Lv35
Tyrunt Lv.33


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Today, I did the second Gym. My Pancham did very well in the battle against Grant, taking out both of his Pokemon. After receiving my badge, I left and headed out to Route 10. I battled several Team Flare people and then went to Geosenge Town. I battled Korrina and her two Lucario there. I eventually made it onto Route 11, and then went inside Reflection Cave. There was a lot to explore, so I took my time going through the cave. After a while, I ended up in Shalour City. I visited the Tower of Mastery and I'm now training for the Gym.

While playing, my Skiddo, Pikachu, Pancham, and Charmeleon all evolved. I'm currently levelling up a Hawlucha.


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I already beat the game! My team: Greninja lvl 83 Charizard lvl 82 Victreebel lvl 82 Malamar lvl 83 Goodra lvl 83 I actually dont have a 6th member :p


Dreaming of Greece
My Tyrunt finally evolved into Tyrantrum, it looks so badass! Still unsure about having it in my team though.


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Had a friend help me out, and I evolved Samhain into a Gourgeist. A LARGE Gourgeist. Nice attack, but sadly its Nature hinders its defense a bit. Oh well, its a large one. Had to get a Heart Scale so he could use Phantom Force. A pretty cool attack if I say so! Him and Cecil the Greninja mopped up all the trainers in the Anistar City Gym!

My team:

Cecil the Greninja (Water/Dark)
Leo the Pyroar (Fire/Normal)
Wake the Hawluch (Fighting/Flying)
Rex the Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon)
Samhain the Gourgeist (Ghost/Grass)
Jangle the Klefki (Steel/Fairy)


I want to ask a quick question. I'm about to enter the Shalour City now and my pokemons are a bit overleveled and I want to keep them training more and more instead of finishing one GYM and rushing to another.

Every GYM after Grant, follows a linear pattern? Or still there are tough and quite good challenges after every GYM? Obviously I'm not looking for a huge gap between 1st and 2nd, but at the same time I don't want a very small gap between 2nd and 3rd.

Leafy Sea Dragon

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Holy crap Reflection Cave is like the gen VI of Rock Tunnel. I was annoyed on my first playthrough in LeafGreen, now I'm annoyed with Reflection Cave. I have to leave the cave so many times... Pokemon can fall on top of you if you don't pay attention, been through tons of horde battles (stopped trying to battle those though now, haha), trainers were able to knock out some of my pokemon, even wild pokemon were able too. Especially Wobbuffet, darn that pokemon's ability and its move Destiny Bond... >.> So glad there's someone that heals your pokemon there, but she's still a pain to walk to all the time, haha...

The King of Ho-oh's

<---- Newest Shiny
Found my first shiny in the sixth generation. It's a female, Roggenrola I found in the reflection cave. She was actually in a horde battle (which I found really awesome) with four others; even has her hidden ability. Which ironically bums me out a bit. But still I love it. :3


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I got a female charmander when I choose one of the Kanto starters, it is now a Charizard though, but just got Charmander out of one of her eggs and traded it through GTS for a Haunter, so I have a Gengar now :)

Found my first shiny in the sixth generation. It's a female, Roggenrola I found in the reflection cave. She was actually in a horde battle (which I found really awesome) with four others; even has her hidden ability. Which ironically bums me out a bit. But still I love it. :3
I also want to find a shiny Pokémon haha


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My main accomplishment today was leveling my Blaziken to 100.


I've got all of them besides Yveltal.

In my Signature

Working on leveling my two underlevels (Delphox and Chesnaught) to prepare them for my 6 pokemon level 100 E4 grind across the next few days. Want to be one of the first to have 6 pokemon level 100. Pretty sure I'm one of the first to have a level 100.
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Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Beat some Gyms, caught myself a Xerneas. I think the box legends have fairly high catch rates again. Reached Couriway Town, fought Sycamore. Team is:

Lv. 59 foxe the Delphox
Lv. 59 Bulwark the Venusaur
Lv. 59 Leslie the Doublade
Lv. 58 Government the Snorlax
Lv. 59 Auraholic the Lucario
Lv. 58 Lapraos the Lapras
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Last night I caught a Naughty Male Dugtrio at Lv. 26. Is this any good?:) It's stats look decent to me, but I'm no professional. :p

King Shuckle

Don't be daft
My team currently:
Chesnaught Lv. 50 (Seed Bomb, Needle Arm, Hammer Arm, Cut)
Malamar Lv. 50 (Night Slash, Psybeam, Psycho Cut, Foul Play)
Aurorus Lv. 51 (Freeze-Dry, Thunderbolt, Rock Tomb, Rock Smash)
Raichu Lv. 50 (Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Dig, Slam)
Azumarill Lv. 52 (Play Rough, Surf, Strength, Super Power)
Charizard (w/ Charizardite X) Lv. 51 (Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, Fly)

I'm at the Frost Cavern.


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I am loving the new games...

I am currently in Reflection Cave, levelling up my Floette (best pokemon ever!). I seem to be finding loads of Thunderstones, but not much else in terms of evolutionary stones. Eevee might just have to wait.


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Can anyone tell me all the locations of the roller skaters in Lumiose that help you learn tricks, I found 2 of them.

One was that trick that makes you seem like you're dancing, the one where you slowly move your circle pad in the direction you're going, I think it's the one where you sway right and then sway left while moving forward.

Also I have the black flip one where when you jump the ledge and you back flip

Is there more? If so, locations please. If not then tell me so I don't have to worry about it.

Oh my team you ask?

Level 57 Aegislash
Level 65 Florges
Level 63 Charizard
Level 63 Malamar
Level 57 Goodra
Level 63 Greninja

Haven't gotten to the league yet, but I do have all 8 badges.


Titan Tamer
I just captured a shiny golett,without make him lost some hp since my pokemon where to strong...but lucky me its the night and i had some duck ball!!
But still I am sad with his stat, the worst of the worst. Ability: Klutz. Nature: Modest.....
I will probably still use it for the story!

Hope that he will at least learn Phantom Force!
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Was given a Gurdurr through Wonder Trade before the 2nd gym which promptly evolved. Maybe having a Lv.57 Conkeldurr with 1 badge is a bit of overkill.
Also just now an Inkay, haven't seen one of those yet another addition to my team for now at the perfect level of 15.

Hoping to pick up a Chespin and/or Fennekin through a Wonder Trade seeing as I picked Froakie.


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my XY Mini Review

my XY First Impressions!

Time: 19 Hours | Badges: 4 | Dex Seen: 324 | Own 249 | Gender: ♀

Well folks, I just wanted to quicky share my thoughts and feelings on X and Y, while I take a breather from the game!
XY is one for the fans! GameFreak really listened to the community on this one, especially those of us who've been here since gen1. Fans wanted a 4th evolution, but we didnt want to turn our Charazard into another disregarded middle evolutions. Charazard wouldnt be Nintendo's 2009 and IGN's 2012 highest rated pokemon, if Blarzillad was a thing. and GameFreak really did this a cleverly careful way to appease to an advancing pokemon universe, but not to offset nostalgic oldschool players.

Japan not getting an edge on us for the first time in Nintendo history was a marvel of how much they put into this game! and despite a few leaks, Nintendo did a great job keeping what to expect air-tight. Everyone went into this game on their own, with no guides to follow, no tutorials, no information on the internet, nothing! Wow that makes it soo amazing!!

Level playing field for everyone! Not just a world-wide simultaneous release, but the only way to transfer past gen pokemon is through the cloud storage, which Nintendo wont be launching until almost 2 months in! This means for the first time since Ruby and Sapphire, the thousands of hours your friends accumulated across the 14 past games isnt applied here. Which as someone whos returning to pokemon after having not played seriously since FRLG, makes the game soo much more enjoyable. Go take a look at the GTS, search for a lv 100, there arent any! the day BW2 launched, there were more lv100 pokemon from BW2 than you could even look at in a day, nothing could be more discouraging. I finally feel like my grinding matters!

Some final thoughts, I feel like AC New Leaf tested the water for some XY features. I love the character customization, and cant wait to see what i can do with it. For the first time in years I feel like I love pokemon again, and it feels like the time i put in matters. The only things I would have liked to have seen would be some sort of customization, like your room in GSC/HGSS and your hidden base in RSE. I also would have liked pokemon following you to have carried over from HGSS, though now these features have the possibility of being added in later on via DLC.

thanks for listening to my mini first impressions, I just wanted to express my feelings for the game, i did try to make it to the point! happy XYing!!

Shadow Dialga

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Well I got Pokemon Y on Saturday October 12 (release day) and I deciced to choose Fennekin. I was hoping to get a shiny and I would settle on one with a good nature. Literally as soon as I booted up the game and selected Fennekin,....BOOM!!!!! there is my shiny Fennekin! It was my first shiny starter that I hadn't soft reset for!. Now I am currently EV training my Goomy.