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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Wulava, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. FirestormZ

    FirestormZ Member

    I just beat the Champion :D, First i OHKO'ed the Hawlucha with my Delphox, then switched in MEGA Blastoise and he ripped her Pokemon apart with 3 OHKO'es and 2HKO'ed the Goodra. Then i processed on to faint her Gardevoir with Acrobatics from my Talonflame :D

    I also just caught the Mewtwo in a Premier ball :)
  2. XD Mewtwo

    XD Mewtwo Void#ZX0

    Just got a Druddigon for a Flabébé on Wonder Trade.
  3. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Pokémon X: After losing to the second gym leader the first time I battled him, I was able to win on my second try after teaching my Furfrou how to use Rock Smash. Beat my record on the Pokémon Amie puzzle game on Umlimited again, this managing up to 17 puzzles. Currently wondering if I should keep going further, or go back and take care of some things while they're not too far away since I've used Strength to open up that shortcut back to the previous area. Might do just that, teach a Pokémon Cut and get some items I missed earlier, and I'd also like to catch a Swirlix.
  4. Crimson_Blazer

    Crimson_Blazer Well-Known Member

    Traveled through team flare's HQ and caught xerneas with a critical capture! One ultra ball is all it took
  5. The Winchesters

    The Winchesters The Vessels

    As i said in my intro!
    Just caught myself Yveltal and got my Goodra finally!
    Heading to the 8th gym! and recieved a Tyrunt in a trade as well as a Dratini :]
    May head into the Super training for a big training session to make the adamant dratini a bro !
  6. firelover

    firelover Member

    Playing X with 19 hours and 40 minutes of game time put in. Loving the game. Preparing to challenge the 8th Gym. The best part so far was the climax of the Team Flare story arc.

    Team as of now:
    Charizard: lvl 61
    Tyrantrum: lvl 61
    Jolteon: lvl 60
    Greninja: lvl 60
    Pidgeot: lvl 60
    Snorlax: lvl 57
  7. JD

    JD Well-Known Member

    Recently, I beat Ramos in both X Version and Y Version.

    Frogadier 34
    Pyroar 35
    Gogoat 33
    Tyrunt 33
    Sylveon 33

    Chesnaught 36
    Alakazam 36
    Wartortle 34
    Helioptile 33

    Total play time: 27:50 minutes.
  8. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Continued along Route 7, battled some of the trainers. I arrived at the Battle Chateau and got a title, battled the trainers in there which increased my title. I got the opportunity to invite more trainers there, but decided to wait with it as the price was too high for now. I continued through the Route and met Serena again, as well as Trevor and Tierno. Serena wanted to have a battle (finally!), she teamed up with me against the two guys. We won, and she said we should be heading for Ambrette Town, so that is where we are going next. I explored the final part of the Route, found more items, battled more trainers and caught a Croagunk. Found two different entrances to the same cave, entered one of them leading to Cyllage City, but couldn't get very far as a hole was blocking the way, all I did was to battle the Pokemon Breeder there.

    I entered the second entrance instead, which was just a short passage. Before exiting, I caught Whismur, Axew, Meditite and Zubat. Despite what the map said about Zubat being common here, I didn't meet many of them. I exited the cave and was on Route 8. Here, I battled most trainers, picked up some items and caught Spoink, Drifloon and Mienfoo. I went down through the Route and arrived at Ambrette Town, where I met Serena again. She said we should go to the Fossil place here, so I guess we should. I explored he town first, but didn't find a lot of interesting things. Will head to the Fossil center next, might make a fossil Pokemon a part of my team if I can find any fossils. Then I'll also go back to Route 8 and battle the trainers there that I haven't battled yet. But for now, I had to charge my 3DS again, so I will continue later on.

    [​IMG] - level 25
    [​IMG] - level 24
    [​IMG] - level 25
  9. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    Decided to go ahead to Cyllage City instead of backtracking. I skated through the city and onto Route 10 where I captured an Eevee. I spent a little over a hour or so in Pokemon Amie trying to figure out how to raise affection but I finally maxed Eevee's and evolved it into Sylveon! And it learned Draining Kiss at Lv20 so it gets a Special Fairy move which is nice. I explored Cyllage City after that and then went to the gym where I climbed to the top and challenged Grant. Quilladin and Sylveon both OHKO'd his two Pokemon. I got the Cliff Badge and a new upgraded Rock Tomb TM (which I taught to Tyrunt) and saved.

    Quilladin Lv28
    Fletchinder Lv27
    Inkay Lv23
    Tyrunt Lv23
    Sylveon Lv23
  10. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    Got my Chespin to evolve on Route 22.
    Caught a Flabébé at level 8
    Tried out Pokémon Amie with Quilladin and played the Headbutting game.
    Put Flabébé in Amie, and played Berry Picker, and Puzzle Blocks.
    Caught a Combee at Level 9.
    Scatterbug evolved into Spewpa, and Kakuna into Beedrill.
    Spewpa evolved into Modern form Vivillion after defeating Viola's Surskit.
    Received Bug Badge and traveled more through Route 4 to collect some items and get some experience.
    Left half of my team in the PC box to distribute less but gain more Experience with Exp Share.
  11. MastersOfMonsters

    MastersOfMonsters ~Yaoi FanBoy~

    *game is super easy. Gets to Second Gym Leader. Loses 4 times*

    Oh well, I turned off the Exp Share and I run from most wild Pokémon to keep my Team from destoying Everything. Glad I finally met a challenge. ^^ My Tyrunt vs his Tyrunt, both having about 1 HP left, and I missed...
  12. Nibbles4Ever

    Nibbles4Ever 1 more day ^^

    I caught everything on route 9 and in the glittering cave I believe except rhyhorn. I also got my 5th team member,a amorus named Lassen. I also decided to use my squirtle even though it's not new just because I really want a water type. Current team:
    Fluff Tail the braxion lv 22
    Pekoe the panchem lv 21
    Fillmore the espurr lv 23
    Squirtle lv 13
    Lassen the amorus lv 21
  13. Creole

    Creole New Member

    My Goodra received an attack that left him at 1hp, then there's a heart animation and a message saying that "Goodra wants to show his best to you" (or something similar like that).
    Is it common occurence? Is it because of the high affection level? I didn't take a pic though.. I'm quite shocked when it happened, coz my Goodra should be KO'ed with that attack, lol
  14. Lithexive

    Lithexive Member

    There's a restaurant opposite the Looker's Beureu called the Sushi High Roller which costs 500,000 to challenge. I guess it's a step up from the 3 star restaurant
  15. Tommyb2405

    Tommyb2405 Well-Known Member

    Just captured a wild Zoroark :D And Ditto is mine :p
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  16. SoulOfSilver

    SoulOfSilver Gym Leader

    I got Pokerus! I swear I always get it when I start a new game.

    In another news, I'm only 2 badges in but about to take on Korrina. I took my time in some areas, and now my Pokemon are all level 35+ thanks to the Exp. Share. I'll still keep it on, but it is pretty easy. Still fun though, I'm just worried about my Pokemon exceeding the obey levels lol! Should be OK after this gym though.

    My team is assembled and almost fully evolved. I'm using Greninja, Venusaur, Talonflame, Sylveon, Pangoro and Tyrunt (last one to evolve!).

    I also used Vivillon for a while before I found my remaining team members. I got the High Plains pattern (orange). He was a beast with Psybeam!
  17. Eeveemaster

    Eeveemaster Amemoth Fan :D

    At long last! My much anticipated and long overdued Surskit joined my team! I breed Masquerain to get a Timid nature. Oh yeah I'm on clouds!

    Gonna save the Power plant.. So cool the storyline weaves in together the old gens occurances.

    We have the trading of Farfetch'd.
    The Viridian forest like forest that had pikachu..
    The Furfrou maze puzzle that mirror's the Farfecth'd maze in the Ilex forest..
    Snorlax barricading the route.
    Power plant running low of electricity as Gen 1 own power plant.

    So much reminisce..

    Anyway. Of to rescue them folks at the power plant.
  18. PsychicsRox

    PsychicsRox Well-Known Member

    Used the IV checker to check the Ralts given by Diantha. It has 31 in Sp Atk and Speed and has superior potential. Woo don't have to breed for one now. But then I can't nickname this one :(
  19. TheChamberlain

    TheChamberlain Active Member

    I caught a Zoroark at level 50. :D


    Now I'm fighting my rival... who finally has some heart behind her now that she has five pokemon. Her Absol is a beast.
  20. Paladin of Arceus

    Paladin of Arceus Grey Warden

    OK, Operation: Get Pokémon X has begun. Primary objective: Do what mom asks without being told. Impress her enough to hopefully get a shot at getting my copy of Pokémon X. Secondary objective: Continue to do so after getting my game so as not to lose it or access to the computer (altho I'll still have no wifi access.) Tertiary objective: Play Pokémon X version ONLY in my spare time, hopefully get to enjoy it as much as posssible while balancing it with chores.

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