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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

I'm excited to play tn so I want to give a big wrap up. I'm about to explore Azure Bay with these six pokemon:

Frogadier modest 5 iv shiny lvl 26
Gardevoir modest 6 iv shiny lvl 33
Axew "Axerus" adamant 6 iv shiny lvl 32
Lapras Calm 6 iv shiny lvl 24
Swinub jolly 5 iv lvl 25
Snorunt timid 5 iv lvl 25

These pokemon are already leveled past and waiting YOTD:

Shelgon adamant shiny lvl 34
Deino hasty shiny lvl 33
Vibrava calm shiny lvl 35
Druddigon Docile shiny lvl 34
Altaria impish shiny lvl 35
Seadra jolly shiny lvl 37
Also Tyrnunt impish shiny lvl 34

Another group that I will use In Comarine City gym and on with the story line after Azure Bay :

Machoke jolly 5 iv lvl 28
Scraggy jolly 5iv lvl 29
Medicham jolly 5iv lvl 38. Mega evolution too much fun.
Meinfoo adamant 5iv shiny lvl 29
Breloom jolly 5iv lvl 33

Then waiting to find a spot in a rotation somewhere when I can, are some personal faves:

Nidorino modest 5 iv shiny lvl 33
Aron impish 5iv lvl 24

Just been rotating and havin fun when i get a chance to play :)


So I defeated my BFF Serena at Route 14/Laverre Nature Trail and I continued to walk around the route and I located a Rare Candy near a swing set by the playground and I continued moving around. I arrived at a swampy area and I battled against a Pokemon Ranger. After beating them, I picked up a Tiny Mushroom near a log, then I found a Big Mushroom and a Cleanse Tag as I headed deeper into the swamp. I battled another Pokemon Ranger and their Goomy, then a Hex Maniac and her Litwick and Haunter which Pangoro beat. I battled another Pokemon Ranger and a Fairy Tale Girl who used Floette and Slurpuff, then I cut down a tree and reached the Will-O-Wisp TM. I then picked up a Roseli Berry.


Defeated Lysandre thrice, got the 7th gym badge and right now in Geosenge town.


So long
EV-trained my upcoming Super Singles team on Y today. The team currently consists of Axew, Scizor and Suicune, I finished EV-training all of them today. Made a minor screwup during the training of Axew as I forgot to switch between the Power Items, but I was able to solve it easily. I always carry a lot of EV-reducing berries with me for this reason, so now I got some use for them for the first time in quite a long while. Now that the team is EV-trained, I will soon move on to the actual training. But first, I need to max their affection in Pokemon-Amie, something I am hoping to both start and complete tomorrow.


Beyond Infinity
On Route 5, I caught a Female Skiddo and named her Rosie. Trained her five levels to level 15. Used her to beat Tierno and his Corphish. I can tell she's going to be a powerhouse member of the team. I'm gonna had over to Camphrier Town after I train Rosie some more.

Current Team:
Bellatrix the Braixen (F) Lv. 23
Bazooka the Wartortle (M) Lv. 23
Rosie the Skiddo (F) Lv. 15


Pokémon Breeder
I got the guy the Poke Flute, and then decided to rename my Pokemon based on my closest friends. So, my Pidgey is named Avery, my Squirtle named Connor, my Chespin named Blake, and my freshly caught Audino named Kallie. Right now I'm on Route 5, and gonna try and use my new Combee to EV train Avery, Connor, and Blake possibly with hordes. *finger crossed for maybe a shiny, but I doubt it*


Ultamate Magnemite
I wonder traded all my pokemon that i hatched after i got a shiny nidaran male. After that while i was wounfer tradeing i got the same type of noctowl that ash had which was a shiny noctowl. Decided to hatch slugma eggs to get shiny hopefully it dont take 120 eggs lol and if have any questions about wanting to trade or wanting me to try hatch a shiny just ask lol but anyway on topic after i am done hatching a shiny slugma i will try to go for a shiny treeko


So I crept around the swamp at the Laverre Nature Trail and I waded across some murky water as well. I navigated my way back to the dried tall grass after beating more trainers along the route and I caught a Carnivine and Bellsprout there. I also walked around the water puddles and caught a Stunfisk and Quagsire too. I eventually saw my pals Shauna, Trevor and Tierno and we went into a spooky house. After listening to a "spooky" story, we went out and Tierno and Trevor left to Laverre City. I left the area as well and found a Spell Tag as I moved around the swamp some more. I battled a few more wild Pokemon in the swamp and then I headed out to Laverre City. I got the Torment TM and then saved.
So my dads birthday party came first last night then I got home to play for maybe 30 mins. I checked out Azure Bay and battled everyone I could find. I grabbed the Deep Sea Scale and Tooth. 2 of my favorite items. Gorebyss is in my top 10. Made 1 last pass thru the Bay and then headed out. My 6 pokemon I took ended this way :

Frogadier modest 5 iv shiny lvl 26 --> lvl 32
Gardevoir modest 6 iv shiny lvl 33---> lvl 36
Axew "Axerus" adamant 6 iv shiny lvl 32----> lvl 36
Lapras Calm 6 iv shiny lvl 24---> lvl 32
Swinub jolly 5 iv lvl 25----> lvl 32
Snorunt timid 5 iv lvl 25----> lvl 32

I thought Axew would evolve but there's 2 more lvls. Gonna check on Snorunt today to see if I need to level more for moves or evolve soon. Another one of my faves but first time using her.

Checked out everything on the beach of Comarine City. I have 3 of the 4 Tms from the Quiz Master. I'll ride the Mono rail to the top and waltz into the gym. Serena has already been swatted aside.

Time to check out an Evolution schedule for everyone. Nidorino for example is going until he gets toxic spikes and evolving in time for Earth Power. I know I'm pushing Seadra to level 57 first for Dragon pulse then evolving.


Panda Power
This trip through Victory road went alot better then yesterday. My pokemon still lost more HP then i would have liked, but thy weren't getting KO'd every fight like before. Along the way through Victory Road i caught a Lickitung. The fight with Serena went easily enough, even if i forgot to heal my pokemon before hand. Had to Teach Gengar Strength along the way, so i could get through Victory Road Without Having to go get Snorlax. When i reached the Pokemon center outside the Pokemon Leauge, i took a quick Detour to Dendemille Town to fix Gengar and remove Strength. Also, Bought 10 Revives, Hyper Potions and, Full Restores before heading into the Pokemon Leauge Building.

First Fight was against Wikstrom. Fight Didnt go as Smooth as planned since he started with Klefki instead of Aegislash. Gengar got OHKO'd by Aegislash. Thats what the Revives are for though.

Second fight was against Drasna. Turns out Zuzu can barely scratch Dragons with Play Rough. Had to use Nessie for most of the Fight, but Walnut took on Dragalge with Earthquake.

Third was Malva, where Nessie Took center Stage again. Only used Walnut to take out Torkoal because i could. :p

Fourth ended up being Siebold. This fight ended up a Team effort. ZuZu handled Clawitzer, Lapras Took on Gyarados , Walnut Handled Barbaracle, and Gengar Took out Starmie.

With all my pokemon 4-8 levels below Dianthe's Gardevoir, I took no Risk and saved just in case i lost. Zuzu Suprized me and OHKO'd Hawlucha. Nessie Managed to avoid 2 Focus Blasts and take out Goodra. She Also Took out Tyrantrum. Sizzler Used its own Focus Blast to take on Aurorus. I was Suprized again when Sizzler took out Gourgeist as well. Mega Gardevoir took out Mega Gengar, but Quintly Avenged him and won the fight for us.

I am now pokemon Leauge Champion. As i watched the Ceremony, i realised this is my first time beating an E4 without a Legendary in along time.

The Winners Ceremony was interupted by AZ. Nessie was able to sweep all 3 pokemon.

Credits Roll...

Final Team
Walnut/Chesnaught lvl 64
Quintly/Dodrio lvl 62
ZuZu/Dedenne lvl 62
Nessie/Lapras lvl 62
Sizzler/ Heatmor lvl 63
Gengar lvl 63
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Porygon2 - DoomDuck!
Well I havent played much ... but today has been a goood day :D

My Event Collection grew by 4 today after I was a bit cheeky in a store.
I got dragged shopping today by my parents and whilst walking past all the shops I noticed the city had a GAME store (which my city used to until about 3 years ago ><) ... taking the oppotunity I walked into the store and asked for the code to be able to get the Mega-Charizard Event .... how ever she asked me .. "Which one?" ... So I cheekily said .. "All of them" ... So she handed me three codes.
Once I got home I used the Charizard code and one of the "Free Pokemon" codes on my copy of X.

So I got a
GAME 2014 Charizard and
SPRING 2014 Magmar

So I looked up the Magmar and realised it was for an event that I thought had run out in April ... so I used the other code on Y and got
SPRING 2014 Electabuzz and traded it over (making sure it didnt evolve with the Electrilizer)

Then logging into Serebii I see that NA had been given the Pokeball Vivillon event. So hoping onto the Wifi Chat I was lucky enough to be able to trade for a SUM2014 Pokeball Vivillon :D ..

My Event collection is now at 56! :D .. (I did ALOT of trading when Online Trading first came out xD) .. my favourites being my クラウン (Eigakan/Crown) Dogs and their English WIN2011 Counterparts :D
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To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Been doing some hunting in X version... finally came across a shiny Lapras. Will be saving it for Ruby/Sapphire. Also been looking around the GTS recently and have been having some luck on there :). Might do some breeding tonight for the heck of it, along with some battling. Continuing shiny hunting for Wartortle and Abra as well.


After waltzing into Laverre City I spoke to various NPCs around the city and then I skated over to the local Pokemon Center quickly and I healed my Pokemon inside there. I spoke to people around the lobby of the PC and encountered Mr. Bonding again and I got another O-Power from him. I bought some items at the Poke Mart section and then I headed back out to explore more of the city. I found the Laverre City Gym, but I didn't enter it just yet. I went to a house and found a person who taught the Pledge moves to Starter Pokemon, but I wasn't interested in using his services, so I left. I picked up an Ultra Ball as I moved around and I got the Gengarite Mega Stone from a woman by a house, then I headed out.


So long
On Y, I played with my upcoming team in the Pokemon-Amie. I maxed the affection on Axew and Scizor, also got started on Suicune but didn't make it all the way. I still have one heart left to go so I will be maxing it tomorrow, then I'll start with the actual training of the team.
I started playing by climbing my way up the Coumarine City Gym leaders tree. Had some good battles. Grass is fun. Peeled out down the Badlands. Looked around as much as I could to see if there's any clues of Volcanion. I did find a hidden fire stone. That's was ab it along with 100 or so random things that popped up. I got down to the Power Plant and was kinda amazed by all the team Flare grunts (Zultan!). Lots of battles and a challenge was exciting. Aron and Machoke did most of the work. After we finished I talked to the 2 protectors of Kalos and noticed their masks for the first time. Just made it to Lumoise City my team has shaped up like this :

Machoke jolly 5 iv lvl 28 --> 36
Scraggy jolly 5iv lvl 29---> 35
Medicham jolly 5iv lvl 38 ---> 41
Meinfoo adamant 5iv shiny lvl 29----> 36
Breloom jolly 5iv lvl 33---> 37

Aron impish 5 iv lvl 24 ----> Lairon impish 5 iv lvl 34

Prolly check things out then trade the rest of my items over from X.


1 more day ^^
I beat everyone in the frost cavern, got to Anistar city, got everyone to lv 45 before that and then beat everyone plus Olympia in the gym, then I beat everyone in lysandres cafe, talked to AZ, got to geosenge, beat everyone in the hideout there, caught Yveltal, got back to Anistar, and am now headed to Couriway town.

The Majestic Mr L

The Green Thunder
I decided to get a few Pokemon for competitive use. I got an Absol, Zoroark and two Tyranitars. The first, Armageddon, is for use in doubles with my Garchomp. My strategy is to have Armageddon hold a Smooth Rock so his sandstorm is extended, and have Garchomp Mega Evolve and take use of his Sand Force in the sandy weather. Then use Protect on Armageddon and Earthquake on Garchomp. It has so far been working extremely well. The other Tyranitar is for use in singles, because the first preformed horribly when I tried to use it in single battles. Absol and Zoroark I got for several reasons. I like them both a lot, and I never see anyone really use them.
While testing my strategy out in the Battle Maison, I fought a guy with a Magnaton and a Swalot. I used Protect on Armageddon and Earthquake, as I said I would. The Magnaton had a berry that lowered the damage from Earthquake. I was afraid it wouldn't faint, but that changed when I got a critical hit!
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Baby V Alex

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I have all the Kalos Dex ready for competitive, just looking for the different Vivillons atm. Next is Unova, and I'm happy to announce that I'm just like 15 mons away to finish.
But today I breeded my Timid Electrike with HP Ice 31-4-30-31-31-31 and I'm SR for a good Pokéball pattern Vivillon.
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I just caught a shiny Liepard in Friend Safari, like a minute ago.
I've complited my X game and played 999:59 hours xD ... Still going to do shiny hunting~
Clemont really knows how to design a Gym. The amount of trainers was awesome. Especially considering how many pokes I rotate. I missed every question I could so I could battle all the trainers. I took my Dragon team to have a resistance to Electricity. They did good. Shelgon was my lead with Rock Tomb to dent things and slow them down for a switch. Clemonts Magneton 1 shot my Tyrunt after he set up Stealth Rock. Then Druddigon came in Dragon Tailing stuff for chip damage and to deactivate Magnetons Sturdy ability. Fun fun. My dragons ended up this way after the gym :

Shelgon adamant shiny lvl 34 ---> lvl 40
Deino hasty shiny lvl 33----> lvl 41
Vibrava calm shiny lvl 35---> lvl 40
Druddigon Docile shiny lvl 34--->lvl 40
Altaria impish shiny lvl 35--->lvl 40
Seadra jolly shiny lvl 37---> sat this one out. She's ab to be cut loose on Route 14 w/ rain to activate her ability swift swim.
Tyrunt impish shiny lvl 34--->lvl 41

-I finally came around to Vibravas shiny sprite. It's cool :)

I'm headed up route 14 with the natural rain. I have a group of Blue pokemon going with me. Except Altaria because her shiny sprite is Golden.

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