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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


1 more day ^^
I beat everyone on the route after anisyar and beat my rivals. I hate how Trevor heals you but not Tierno >.>. After that I got to Snowbelle city, went through the woods the pokemon village, and finally beat the trainers in the gym. Now I'm getting everyone to lv 55.
Current team
Greninja lv55
Swanna lv 55
Vaporeon lv 50
Tentacruel lc 51
Kingdra lv 52
Lanturn lv 50


I finally entered the Pokemon Fan Club and met the Pokemon Fan Club Chairman who gave out an Effort Ribbon, then I showed a small Pokemon to the man by the Pokemon Center and received a Poke Doll. I headed out and found a Leaf Stone near mushrooms as I wandered around outside a cafe. I visited that cafe afterwards and spoke to customers inside and they showed me Pokemon that were then registered in my Pokedex. I headed out after that and I wanted to visit the Poke Ball Factory, but I couldn't enter it yet. I picked up some items outside and then I headed over to the Laverre City Gym because I wanted to start battling against the Gym trainers. I stepped into the Gym and I saved before battling.


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X: Finished training my Poliwhirl and Dugtrio, evolving the former into a Poliwrath. I also maxed out my Clauncher's affection in Pokémon Amie, and then EV trained her, evolved her and continued training her and my Exploud while waiting to see if one of my Pick-Up Pokémon would find some Leftovers. Finally, one of the three picked some up, and I gave them to the Sableye in my Battle Box so I could enter it in the upcoming Double Battle Competition. Right now, I'm still working on leveling up the Clawitzer and the Exploud until they learn the rest of their level-up moves.


So long
X: After an unnecessarily long break, I continued with the breeding here. Put my Chespin and Smeargle back in the Day-Care, and on the first egg, I hatched what I wanted; an Impish Bulletproof Chespin with perfect IVs in everything but Sp.att and the egg moves Synthesis, Spikes and Quick Guard. So that is now finished, and it went much faster than I had expected, which is good. Next up, I am going to rebreed some old Pokemon that I have trained and used, but I wanted to have untouched base forms of them as well which means I'll have to rebreed them. Went to Pokemon Bank and shifted some Pokemon I need for the breeding from Bank to X, going to start (or continue?) with the next part of the breeding tomorrow.

Y: Started with maxing the affection of my Suicune in Pokemon-Amie, which went quickly. Then, the real training could start. I got Scizor to level 41, Axew (which evolved into Fraxure) to level 40 and Suicune to level 45. Also taught them some TM moves that they need for their final movesets, though Fraxure still needs to learn two more moves before its moveset is done, and it can only learn both of them once it has evolved into Haxorus. I should be able to get all three team members to level 50 tomorrow.


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A lot has happened since my last post. I finished the Snorlax side mission and beat all the trainers outside of Parfum Palace with Rosie. I beat all the trainers on the next Route and entered the Battle Chateau only to introduce myself. I went through Connecting Cave and made my way to Amberette Town. I was asked by the Fossil Researchers to find their Colleague in Glittering Cave. I beat Team Flare and got the Jaw Fossil from the researcher and found an Old Amber with Rock Smash. I made my way back to Amberette Town to revive my fossils. I got a female Tyrunt and named her Royale and I got a male Aerodactyl and named him Skar. I boxed them both and headed towards Cyllage City. I made sure to evade all the Trainers so I could go to the Route just past Cyllage and catch myself a Snubull. I caught a female at level 21 and named her Helga. I decided to train at the Battle Chateau. I was able to get Helga to level 23 so she could evolve into Granbull. I saved before continuing on.

Current Team:
Bellatrix the Braixen (F) Lv. 27
Bazooka the Wartortle (M) Lv. 26
Rosie the Skiddo (F) Lv. 26
Helga the Granbull (F) Lv. 23
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So I just got the Poke Ball Vivillion today, and my 2 eggs still haven't hatched yet. (wish I had my Lv 2 hatch power again...) So I'm basically running up and down Route 5, occasionally fighting in the Battle Chateau for a couple battles to level up my team. Lost to those annoying painters and then crushed them once I healed back up. ^-^
I made my way up route 14 Frogadier was doing work with Grass Knot. Bought some clothes finally in Laverne city. Took care of things at the Pokeball factory. Faced the gym leader her Sylveon was pretty tough. Luckily I took the time to lay down Toxic spikes before hand. Checked out everything on route 15. Made it to West Dendemille town ?? Ab to hit Frost Cavern. Sucks cause I used Froslass exclusively thru route 15 so she's my highest level already. Glad somovesets are coming together now :)


So after I had slayed all the Gym trainers inside of the Laverre City Gym, I headed over to at Valerie's area after teleporting around randomly. I challenged her and I used my Pyroar against her Mawile first. I defeated Valerie's Mawile with Flamethrower, then I switched to Pangoro and I attacked Valerie's Mr. Mime with Crunch attack. Only Valerie's Sylveon remained and I used my trusty Gogoat against it. I attacked Sylveon with Seed Bomb, but that didn't beat Sylveon like I had expected. After withstanding its Dazzling Gleam attack, I switched to my Greninja and beat Valerie's Sylveon with a Surf attack instead. I finally obtained the Fairy Badge from Valerie as well as the Dazzling Gleam TM and saved the game.


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Got my Pokéball Vivillion in both X and Y. Had some good luck on the GTS today -- got a shiny Jellicent from it. Did some shiny hunting too and I might go on for a little more of it before heading off to sleep. Planning on doing some shiny breeding this weekend, hopefully.


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With my last two team members in tow I returned to Route 15 and 16 where I defeated the trainers I had previously skipped. Bergmite evolved shortly after I began fighting the trainers and I ended up evolving Phantump soon after due to how weak it was meaning my team is complete! Next I returned to the Frost Cavern and cleared that of all trainers and Team Flare goons so I could progress through Route 17 and into Anistar City. After another battle with Serena I headed into the gym. This gym was full of Psychic types which was great for Trevenant but not for Avalugg due to its low Sp Def. It didn't take too long to reach Olympia and my battle began. Avalugg took out her Sigilyph to start things off and Trevenant defeated Slowking with Wood Hammer. I let Barbaracle get some action and let it defeat Meowstic with Night Slash! I got my 7th Badge and then received a message from Lysandre...it's the end of the world!!

I hurried to the Lysandre Cafe and beat two waiters before entering a secret hideout. Lysandre was there and challenged me to a battle. After he lost he ran away down an elevator and forced me to track down the elevator key which meant lots of teleporting and walking on spinning pads. I did eventually find the key and met a strange tall man who told me a sad story. I continued down and met a Flare Executive who started the end of the would sequence by launching the weapon from the ground of Geosenge Town. I took a break after arriving in Geosenge Town.

So I thought I was off to the frost Cavern. Then I noticed there was a lot more to Route 16. I really like the super tall grasses too. I went and grabbed my YOTD team and skidattled down the trail ..


After I snatched the Fairy Badge and Dazzling Gleam TM from Gym Leader Valerie, I left the Laverre City Gym. I met my pals Shauna and Trevor out there and they told me to come to the Poke Ball Factory. I walked out of Laverre City as they had instructed and I met Trevor and Shauna at the factory. Shauna went to the entrance and Serena and Tierno appeared as well. They spoke to me for a bit and then Shauna ran past us, being chased by a Team Flare grunt and I cackled. I could enter the building now since nobody was guarding the entrance. I wandered around the mazes outside to pick up some more items, then I entered the Poke Ball Factory and defeated a Team Flare grunt and his Toxicroak and I saved.


So long
X: Continued with the breeding. Started by putting two Froakie in the Day-Care, one Timid holding an Everstone, the other Modest holding a Destiny Knot. On my 4th egg, I got what I wanted in the form of a Timid specially Flawless Froakie with Protean and the egg move Toxic Spikes. Continued by putting two Gible in the Day-Care, one Jolly with an Everstone, the other with a Destiny Knot. Got my target on the 10th egg this time, a Jolly Rough Skin Gible which was physically Flawless and had the egg moves Iron Head, Outrage and Rock Climb. Then I put a Male Gible in the Day-Care with a Kangaskhan. On the second egg, I hatched my third target for the day, a physically Flawless Kangaskhan with Scrappy. Now I don't have that much left regarding the Pokemon I had planned to rebreed, only two targets left, both are of the same species. Though I fear they might be a bit more difficult compared to the ones I got today, but it doesn't matter, I am going to get them.

Y: Continued with training the team. Got all of them to level 50 easily, Fraxure evolved into Haxorus and I taught it Outrage and Earthquake, which completed its moveset. With the team done, I was ready to challenge the Battle Maison. Gave the team the items they should be holding and entered the Super Single Line. Won the first 15 battles so far, will continue tomorrow.
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1 more day ^^
I got everyone to lv 62 after getting through victory road and battling Wulfrik. It was all easy except for Dianca's stupid mega gardevoir. I had to use revives on my members so many times >.> anyways here is my winning team
Greninja lv 65
Swanna lv 62
Vaporeon lv 63
Tentacruel lv 63
Kingdra lv 62
Lanturn lv 62


So after I defeated a Team Flare grunt and his Toxicroak, I wandered around and explored the Poke Ball Factory some more and I quickly spotted another Team Flare grunt after walking on a conveyor belt. I beat his Mightyena and Golbat with my Pangoro and Raichu, then I walked on another conveyor belt and located a Quick Ball. I backtracked and battled another Team Flare grunt and beat his Scraggy and Mightyena. I picked up a Metal Coat item after that battle and then a Timer Ball nearby. I battled a fourth Team Flare grunt and his Swalot and then I healed my Pokemon since they were a bit injured from those grunt battles. I then found a computer and I used it to change the conveyor belt's direction and saved.


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So right now I got through that cave by the Day Care and just got to Ambrette Town with Calem. While I was in the grass, caught a Seviper that I named Molly after my best friend. I got Rock Smash from that girl, then went to the Fossil Lab. (not sure why this guy wants to see Genesect, but I guess it has something to do with fossils) I taught Connor Rock Smash, and got the Rocky Helmet from the girl in the connector. I rode the Ryhorn for a while, tried my best with Avery in a Sky Battle and won, then went into Glittering Cave. I'm following a guide so I don't miss anything now, and I'm sure to get some decent EXP from Connor being a lead man. Gonna get through the cave, get my Tyrunt and then keep on going~ :)
So I made my way down Route 16 and checked everything out I think ... That route confuses me I couldn't give someone directions lol. Then made my way into Dendemille town and turned up for Frost Cavern :) Saved Abomasnow but I think he could have taken out team flare himself if he a trainer to use the Mega stone for him. Except Houndoom I guess. After that I looked around Dendemille town and head South to the snow covered route. Mamoswine was ready and waiting ! I saved.

I then grabbed my Ds and my friends which he quit playing pokemon X. Downloaded the Event Pokeball Vivillon. Went ahead and tried the first time on his in-game and got Timid :) On my Y copy I got the Friendship and Pokeball Vivillon waiting for Soft resetting at the Pokemon Center :)

Grabbed a few things from my bank to level up. All of them were Ev trained already jus needed some levels. So I'm running around with these 6 ATM. Training.

Shiny Charizard to help with the Sky battles. Lvl 45
Male Frillish 5ivs lvl 17
Feraligatr 5 iv lvl 30
Shiny Politoed lvl 43
Blastoise 5 iv lvl 36
Shiny Nidoking bringing up the rear. Lvl 45

Waiting in the wings :

Scrafty 5iv lvl 46
Breloom 5iv lvl 47
Medicham 5iv lvl 49
Meinfoo 5iv lvl 52
Machamp 5 iv lvl 49

YOTD all shiny

Flygon lvl 46
Altaria lvl 45
Deino lvl 45
Druddigon lvl 46
Seadra lvl 44
Shelgon lvl 43

Fraxure lvl 44
Tytantrum lvl 47

EXTRAS jus waiting for a spot to fit:

Mamoswine lvl 44
Lapras Shiny lvl 42
Gardevoir shiny lvl 43
Aegislash shiny lvl 46
Litwick 5iv lvl 29
Shuppet shiny lvl 35
Froslass lvl 51
Greninja shiny lvl 43
Aggron 5iv lvl 45
Grotle 5iv lvl 26

Also today a passerby traded me a lvl 1 Modest shiny Mismagius for a shiny Trapinch. I'll continue training a while then head down the path riding on Mamoswines back.


So long
X: Continued with the breeding. My next target, and the final one that I am going to rebreed will be Togepi. I put two Togetic in the Day-Care, a Male Modest one holding a Destiny Knot and a Female Timid one holding an Everstone, it also has Serene Grace. I guess I should be trying to give them some Egg Moves as well, but I am just too lazy for that at the moment. Started hatching eggs but I haven't gotten my target yet. I'm expecting it to take a while longer compared to the three I hatched yesterday as my odds are lower this time around. But I'll keep going until I get it.

Y: Continued in the Super Singles. I won a bit more but ended up losing at Battle #40. My opponent started with a Porygon-Z which I wasn't sure how to handle, it OHKO'd Haxorus on the first turn, I could then beat it with Scizor but at the cost of having it with only 5 HP left. Next up was a Chandelure which defeated Scizor, I sent in Suicune and started to set up but the Chandelure got 2 Critical Hits in a row which defeated Suicune. So that was a bit devastating. But I'm not going to give up. I made another try and won the first 20 battles again, will continue tomorrow and see how far I can go then.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Won against two of the Maison mistresses (Singles and Rotation), or whatever they're called.. Obligatory obstacle characters without backstories.. Like many in this game..

Sadly enough, after that, I completely lost interest in X/Y. Took out the cartridge, put the cartridge back in the box, put the box in some drawer I never look in - and started playing Platinum again..

Won't be posting here for quite a while it seems..


I continued to traverse the Poke Ball Factory after following some more conveyor belts. I then found a room with people who worked in the Poke Ball Factory and I healed my Pokemon there, which was really convenient. I headed out again and I entered an office and some some Team Flare members talking to a man inside. They spotted me though and I battled against a Team Flare Admin. I beat her Scraggy and Houndoom with Gogoat easily and then I had to battle against the two Team Flare Scientists: Celosia and Bryony. Serena appeared just in time and we battled them together. I handled most of the battle myself and I beat Liepard with Greninja and Manectric with Pyroar and beat those scientists.