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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Flawless Dittos are an amazing time saver. It took a few minutes to finally get my good Rotom after countless eggs of 4IVs. I even got a great Chansey breeding reject and it only took a few minutes to get outstanding ones.

Additionally I completed super training with my Beldum and Gastly and then did some grinding at the 3-star restaurant where they evolved into Metang and Haunter.


Beyond Infinity
After training a bit more, I finally challenged Grant. I best all the Gym Trainers using only Helga and Rosie. I finally made it to Grant. I used Helga against his Amaura and managed to get an OHKO then used Rosie against his Tyrant. I won and got the badge and the TM. I left Cyllage City and headed towards Geoswnge Town. I got done with everything there and made my way towards Reflecting Cave. There, I was able to get Rosie to evolve into Gogoat, Bellatrix into Delphox, and Bazooka into Blastoise. I finally found my way out and entered Shalour City. I made my way to the Tower of Mastery and had my battle with Serena. I then challenged the Gym. I beat Korrina's Meinfoo and Machoke with Helga and her Hawlucha with Bellatrix. I won the badge and the TM and left to go back to the Tower of Mastery. I challenged and beat Korrina with her Lucario. I accepted Lucario's offer to join my team. Il and decided to box Lucario. I started to leave the city but was stopped by Serena who gave me the HM Surf. I taught it to Bazooka. I made my way through Azure Bay and back I stopped at the lower level of Coumarine City and saved.

Current Team:

Bellatrix the Delphox (F) Lv. 40
Bazooka the Blastoise (M) Lv. 40
Rosie the Go goat (F) Lv. 40
Helga the Granbull (F) Lv. 40

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Got to a streak of 45 on the Super Multi after switching up my strategy a bit, but sadly lost after a mass stall war with a Blissey using evasion and healing spam. The Blissey actually died to its own Struggle, but just as I was getting optimistic, the next Pokemon out was an Aggron that Shadow Claw'd my partner's Gengar and that was that.

I'm still confident this is the right setup, but I need to rebreed my Charizard and Garchomp, to better suit my switch in strategy. My Charizard needs to be more speed-oriented rather than special attack oriented, just to outspeed a certain few things that it isn't already. I also swapped my Garchomp's Life Orb for a Choice Scarf, but he was speed-oriented before, so now he needs to be attack oriented to make up for it, and I think I might as well put Outrage on it as a last resort.


Flawless Dittos are an amazing time saver.
Tell me about it. The day I got mine, I won the breeding game.
Additionally I completed super training with my Beldum and Gastly and then did some grinding at the 3-star restaurant where they evolved into Metang and Haunter.
Super training? When you EV train your Pokes, you should really Horde train. It's, like, 10x faster. That may not even be an exaggeration. I remember it would take me, what, 30-45 minutes to Super Train? Takes me less than 10 to Horde train. Plus, you can EV train multiple Pokemon at once. Five birds with one stone (and a number of Power Items).Here's a 'How to Get Started EV Training With Hordes!' thread, for anyone interested.

As for my recent happenings....breeding. Lots of it. Making a comprehensive breeding trade thread sure means a lot of work. Currently making perfect Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie, Spearow, and Pidgey, all in specialized Pokeballs and with their Egg Moves.
First off, I'd like to say this is an awesome thread!

I completed my Pokemon Y a couple of months ago. I loved it so much I wanted to play it again, but I also didn't want to start my save file over. I bought Pokemon X and I'm currently up to the part where I get my rollerskates. I decided to pick Fennekin because last time I picked Froakie.


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So I got through Glittering Cave, got the Tyrunt, and an Aerodactyl when I found the Old Amber. Then I got my pokemon out of Poke Transfer and Poke Bank, taught Ratatta Rock Smash and went back in to see if I can find any more fossils and at the same time catch up on some levels. But all I keep finding are Hard Stones. Now I got a hold of my friend and I'm in the middle of trading every pokemon from gens 1 and 2 so I can complete the dex faster.


After slaying Team Flare Celosia and Bryony at the Poke Ball Factory, I spoke to the president of said factory and he offered me a choice between a Master Ball or a Big Nugget. I took the Master Ball and also got the Big Nugget anyway. I then sashayed out of the factory afterwards and visited the Pokemon Center in Laverre City in order to heal my team again. With all small tasks done in Laverre City, I decided to head over the next town, so I headed east to Route 15 (aka Brun Way). As I walked along a path of dried leaves, a Pokemon Ranger jumped out of them and I battled him and beat his Quagsire with my Gogoat's Leaf Blade and his Beartic with Pyroar's Flamethrower. Then I headed south and got a Revive.


King of the Gingers
Every single day, up and down, up and down. It has been imprinted in my mind. Route 7. The Day Care man looks sadly as I step off my bike to deposit yet another Goomy in the PC. The Day Care lady smiles, but inside is worrying because the two Goodra in the back have been there for nearly 7 months.
Up and Down, Up and Down. Route 5, Camphrier Town, the bridge, Day Care Centre, Battle Mansion, stairs, cave. It never changes. My calf muscles are huge, and my bike looks worn with age. I'm growing a thick beard, and my moustache looks as long as an Alakazam's.
It never ends,


So long
X: Continued with more Togepi breeding. Hatched a few more eggs but didn't get my target yet.

Y: Continued in the Battle Maison. I won more battles and got to battle #50 for a rematch with Nita, but not without trouble along the way. But now I got to face her again, had been looking forward to this. The battle was quite strange, she was harder than I had expected and the battle dragged on. There was also a bit of hax on both sides, but mostly from her. In the end, I managed to win, but it could have gone the other way if things had gone a bit differently. Battle Video MXBG-WWWW-WWW9-23XZ if anyone wants to see the battle in full detail.

Continued after beating Nita and won a few more battles, but ended up losing in battle #59. Not going to tell the battle in detail but I made some mistakes, got a bit haxed and I could probably have won if I had set up with Scizor instead of attacking directly. But it can't be undone. Battle video WXDG-WWWW-WWW9-2328 if anyone wants to see it. My goal was to beat Nita, and I accomplished it. For that, I got my first Battle Maison Trophy on this game, and my final Trainer Card upgrade. I also had a ton of BP, so I bought the remaining Battle Maison TMs and still have a bit of BP left. Next up is the Super Doubles, and that will require a new team. I have already planned most of the team I will try using, and I will start using it tomorrow.
I took these guys down to Route 16 for some leveling. Looking for them shinies but none of them shined.

Male Frillish 5ivs lvl 17--> 34
Feraligatr 5 iv lvl 30--->41
Shiny Politoed lvl 43--->46
Blastoise 5 iv lvl 36--->42
Lapras shiny 6iv lvl 42---->46
Tytantrum lvl 43--->46

I'm done with this route. Heading to Anistar city and looking for a new route to train. Dishes , laundry , and grocery shopping are coming first for me tn unfortunately lol.


I continued roaming around Route 15 and I found a Net Ball in pile of leaves and then I battled a Hex Maniac next. I defeated her Chimecho with Pyroar, then I moved into the tall grass and I caught a wild Pawniard and a Skorupi for my collection. I continued to wander around and I walked off a ledge and I found Leppa Berry by a tree. I then battled another Pokemon Ranger and beat his Watchog, Seadra, and Swoobat with Gogoat and Raichu, then I spotted another Ranger and I beat his Gabite with Greninja. As I moved towards a stream on Route 15, another Pokemon Ranger jumped out of the leaves and I battled him as well. As I moved close to the water, I fished with my Good Rod and caught a Basculin.


So long
X: Continued with the Togepi breeding, but I still haven't gotten the one I want. Will try to get a new parent in order to increase the odds, but it might take a while to evolve a new Togepi since it evolves through friendship. I will give it a try at least, not sure when the upcoming parent might have reached a high enough level of friendship to evolve but I will start on it tomorrow.

Y: Entered the Super Doubles in the Battle Maison with a team of Scizor, Sylveon, Rotom and Dragonite. It started out pretty well, but then I ended up losing in battle #32 against a Fire-team. This made me realize how much of a weakness to Fire the team had, and that I might have to change it. So I have decided to try using Kangaskhan instead of Scizor and see if it goes better. But before I can start, I need to max the friendship of Kangaskhan in order to make its Return do as much damage as possible. Started working on it today, gave it the Soothe Bell and started biking in laps around Prism Tower. Its friendship still hasn't been maxed so I will continue working on it tomorrow, then I'll go back to the Battle Maison.


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A couple of days ago, I downloaded the PokeBall Vivillon on my X and picked it up at a Pokemon Center. Yesterday, I traded it over to my Y version. I also downloaded the event onto Y as well and picked it up from the Pokemon Center along with the previous event Vivillon that I was too lazy to pick up earlier. Anyway, I wanted at least one of the Vivillon to have a decent Nature, so I kept soft resetting until I got a Timid PokeBall Vivillon. Too bad its IVs aren't that great. >_>

After that, I used Wonder Trade again as I still had quite a few leftover Hidden Ability Gligar. I did several trades and mostly received newly hatched Pokemon in return, including Bulbasaur and Joltik. When I was bored with that, I went to the Friend Safari as I've added a few more friends recently. I just looked around each new safari to see what Pokemon they had, didn't catch anything.


As I danced through Brun Way some more, I picked up a hidden PP Up and then I encountered a Lombre in a stream as I Surfed around. I caught it and I also caught a wild Watchog in the tall grass by the water's edge. I continued walking and I passed a bridge across the river and I soon spotted small ruins behind two trainers as I headed east and I used Rock Smash to break a stone wall and got a Protein. As I went around I was challenged by Mysterious Sisters. I battled and beat their Drifblim and Floette with Raichu and Gogoat, then I received a Holo Clip message from my good friend Lysandre. I Surfed on another stream and caught a wild Floatzel. I then arrived outside some bigger ruins and saved the game.


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Started a new profile in Pokemon X today. I chose the blonde boy with blue eyes, and named him Nicholas. I met with my friends to get my starter Pokemon and picked a Froakie. He has a rash nature, which isn't bad. Greninja can't take a hit anyway, plus he needs all the power he can get. And he has access to some fun physical moves, so a mixed set should be good. I played with him in Pokemon Amie for a little bit before battling my new friend, Shauna, and her Fennekin. I beat her using my Bubble attack.
350th Post

This is post # 3fiddy ! It's taken 1 year. Have not met 1 bad person here on Serebii and have gotten tons of help. Here's bringing 2 of my worlds together.

I made my way down Route 17 on the back of a Mamoswine. I think I battled my neighbor if so she was lacking again. Went to the gym in Anistar city an really liked the battle. The gym leader gave me a good fight. The ending levels of these 6 after the gym :

Aggron lvl 48
Mamoswine lvl 48
Tytantrum lvl 50
Fraxture lvl 47
Lapras lvl 48
Gardevoir lvl 44

I woke up at 4:30 am this morning and played an hour then went back to sleep. In that time I went to Lumoise City and visited Lysandres Cafe. I took my YOTD 6 with me and it was great matchups all around. Lysandres Gyarados was a powerhouse against my all dragon team. It Locked into Outrage for 3 solid turns before being confused then snapped out of it on 2nd turn to Outrage again. I beat it by Sacrificing Druddigon on the switch to give Tough Skin Damage 1/16 after he. KO'd me. I brought in Flygon and used Toxic. Survived the first hit then used dig to duck the next one. Did minimal damage on the way up as he KO'd Flygon. Next came Altaria as she used fly to stall out Gyarados the rest of the way. I'm going to have to think of something next time I battle him lol.

Still searching around the secret hideout putting out Flares fire :)


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X: Did some more breeding, hatched a few more Togepi eggs but my target was not within either of them, hadn't really expected it to be either. Started raising the Friendship of my new parent Togepi a little bit, but not much since I didn't hatch that many eggs, and I didn't even bother checking its Friendship level. Hoping to get more done tomorrow.

Y: Started by maxing the Friendship of my Kangaskhan by letting it get a massage in Cyllage and then going around Prism Tower a few more times. That was enough, so I went back to the Battle Maison. Entered the Super Doubles with a team of Kangaskhan, Sylveon, Dragonite and Rotom, and started battling. I managed to get to battle #50 without any major troubles, so I got to battle Evelyn again. The battle against her went very easy, I won without any problems, and all members of my team were still alive at the end of the battle. This is probably the easiest battle against her I have ever had. Battle Video: X7XG-WWWW-WWW9-3FQG. And for beating her, I got my second Maison monument, only three left to get now.

Continued after beating her and won some more battles, but ended up losing in battle #67 against a legendary team. It wasn't because of bad playing but due to some unexpected happenings and a bit of hax from my opponent. Battle Video: QWWG-WWWW-WWW9-3FQV. But I am happy that I made it to Evelyn and past her since that was what I was going for in first place, this team did honestly work much better than I had ever expected it to which I am happy about. But I have just gotten started on the Battle Maison, I still have three lines left to complete and three monuments left to get, have decided to continue doing them in order, so the Super Triples is next. And for that, I'll need a new team, so it's back to breeding for now until I have all six members of the team I am going to use.


So I had arrived outside of some stone ruins around Route 15 and I found a Macho Brace around there after using Pangoro's Rock Smash. I headed to the tall grass towards the actual entrance since my Dowsing Machine was signaling that an item was there, but I had to battle against a Hex Maniac and her Litwick and Duosion. After I beat her, I went around the ruins and found an X Defense item nearby and I picked it up and after battling a Fairy Tail girl and her Fairy-type Pokemon and exploring the flowers in front of the ruin, I decided to enter the Lost Hotel which was down a staircase inside the ruins I had visited earlier. I realized that my Pokemon were weak though, so I decided to leave in order to heal them.

Blasting Toise

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I was breeding Spoinks in moon ball when I noticed odd graphics glitch. Sometimes Spoinks are completely white in hatching animation- with exception of little rectangular portion near their nose o_0

When you check their summary, place them in poke-amie or send into battle they look normal. Only hatching animation is sometimes glitched and they are lacking most of their color. Spoinks are completely legal and bred from moon ball female caught legitimately in Heart Gold with Hoenn sounds.

Has anyone encountered same oddity? I son't know if it is caused by apricorn ball and whether or not it is exclusive to spoink- since I never have encountered this glitch with other pokemon but now twice with spoink. One Spoink hatched normally. All are non- shiny and I know what shiny Spoink is supposed to look like - so it's not that.
I cleaned out the rest of Team Flares Hideout. My Year of the Dragon 6 had some really good battles. Proud of them. They are all around level 50 and some are still evolving. They all ended this way :

Flygon lvl 51
Calm , Levitate
-Sand tomb it's like Rock tomb but ground ?

Altaria lvl 52
Impish , Natural Cure
-Cotton Guard
-Takedown prolly change jus waiting for something good

Salamence lvl 52
Intimidate, adamant
-Zen Headbutt
-Rock Tomb

Gonna replace Crunch and Strength

Druddigon lvl 51
Docile , Rough Skin
-Rock Tomb
-Dragon Tail
-Dragon Claw

Seadra lvl 49
Jolly, Poison Point
-Hydro Pump
-Ice beam

With I had a move tutor or egg move for Outrage. Make it a DD set. But no.

Zweilous lvl 52
Hustle , Hasty
-Dark Pulse
-Dragon Rush
-Dragon Pulse
-Body Slam

Also :

Tytantrum lvl 50
Impish , Strong Jaw
-Stealth Rock
-Dragon Tail
-Dragon Claw

Putting them into the PC. Brought out these guys which are lower leveled but they are IV'd and Ev'd to take down Lysandre.

Aggron@ Aggronite
Impish , Rock head
Lvl 48
5 iv Eggmoves
252 SpD/ 252 Hp/4 Att

Gardevoir@ Gardevoirite
Modest, Trace
Lvl 44
Shiny 5iv HyperVoice
252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 Hp

Lapras@ Leftovers
Calm, Hydration
Lvl 48
Shiny 6iv egg moves
252 Hp/ 252 SpA / 4 ??

Fraxure@ ???
Adamant, Moldbreaker
Lvl 47
Shiny 5iv egg moves
252Att/ 252 Spe / 4 Hp

Nidoking@ Life orb
Modest , Sheer Force
Lvl 46
Shiny 5iv HA
252 SpA/ 252 Spe/ 4 Hp

Charizard@ Charizardite X
Hardy , Solar Power
Lvl 48
Shiny HA
Evs Scattered.

Some of my personal faves. Evd them then brought them over for a Playthru. This should be ab it for them. Lvl 50 and such. Charizard X I got in a trade. Y shiny is waiting but no Evs yet so sitting tight until then. Ab to walk out of Geosenge Pokecenter. Prolly get the events tomorro or later.