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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

Surfing Pikachu

Active Member
Just got the mega ring and saw my first mega evolution! I then ventured to route 12 and saw Lapras' awesome surfing sprite! Also, on the water there were sparkling spots. At first I thought it was a mega stone but pressing the A button wouldnt do anything.

Shiny Espeon0429

Well-Known Member
Beat Serena in the Tower of Mastery in Shalour City. Frogadier outground Meowstic with Water Pulse and Strength, Talonflame 2HKOed Quilladin with Aerial Ace and Ember, before Doublade used Swords Dance and then Aerial Ace to KO Absol in one hit. Frogadier evolved into Greninja after the battle! He joins Fletchinder and Honedge in the recently evolved club. :)

About to go to Shalour Gym, but waiting for my friend (who got X today) to catch up.
My Team:

Greninja Lv36
Talonflame Lv36
Doublade Lv35
Amaura Lv35
Sylveon Lv35

It sounds ridiculous, but I'll probably trade with my other friend for a Skrelp for my final Pokemon. I prefer all X version exclusives bar Dragalge and since I saw it, I wanted it on my team, so yeah, later that'll probably be Poke #6. Really, really enjoying it so far and I'm so impressed with the Bonus features (Amie, Super Training) that I really don't care about the low number of new Pokemon.
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Queen of Charizards!
I have been doing alot of things like super training, hatching froakies, and doing many wonder trades

I got a goomy japanese female last night on wonder trade, someone's krockorock yesterday as well

and today, i got a hatched larvesta on wonder trade

and im not even up to the 5th gym yet since im slowly taking my time

Also today I used super training to finish ev training my aerodactyl and my newlly hatched froakie, now i need to finished my gabite and tyrunt


Well-Known Member
Let's see... I got a female Skrelp from a trade. Bred her with a Horsea, and got a male for myself. Leveled him all the way. He evolved just before I captured Xerneas. I defeated Team Flare once and for all, and went on to Couriway Town. I went as far as I could through Terminus Cave and caught a Noibat. SO CUTE! Met the Professor in Couriway Town, then proceeded along Route 19. Battled all the trainers, and caught a Sligoo. Defeated all my friends on the bridge, then went on to Snowbelle City. Bought the orange bag, green hoodie and yellow shoes! Saved after taking a picture in front of the gym!


Info Gatherer
Playing in the friend safari and got a shiny pikachu.


Porygon2 - DoomDuck!
Return of the Adventures of Dizzy in Kalos! o/

So I carried on my adventures and managed to break the wonder trading habit for a while to carry on. Dang that is still addictive ><
Making my way along route 5 from Lumiose City to Camphrier Town I battled and worked my way past trainers. Camphrier Town was a strange place, seemed a bit quiet.
But alas time was a-wasting and route 7 and what was this?? A SNORLAX ... welll doesnt this bring back memories of Red and Blue ... Nostalgia! Ahhhh :3
Well off to Parfum Palace and welcome to the first place in X that I thought was a pain. But hey got me a snorlax out of it. LOL
So onward again and through connecting cave I went.
It was whilst travelling on Route 8 that i decided to catch a Meinfoo. Why? I have no idea. I did not want it. Nor was I going to use it. Maybe I should trade it to some kind fellow that would give him a happy home.

So into the GTS I headed for the first time. Now what would make a good addition to my team? Well I need a water type. Clauncher! :D .... 30 minutes later (thought that was nice and quick xD) and my new French Clauncher called Flingouste was on my team. Probably one of the better french names I have heard XD

Into Ambrette Town I headed and went to the Aquariam. FISHIES!! PRETTY!! xD
But I was told Glittering Cave was a nice place so lets head there :D
Riding on a Rhyhorn was fun! Albeit a bit slow, cant they go any faster?
Well into Glittering Cave I headed and thats when I met them.

Team Flare, (Dont they look FAB-U-LOUS! XD), they are up to no good, so I put an end to that. Saving the Fossil Professor and rewarded with the Sail Fossil for my troubles.
Well off to the lab I went and welcomed member number 6 into my team. Littlefoot.

So on we went more and made our way to Cyllage City, training a little and now waiting outside to get our second badge! :D

Ylvis - Level 29 Braixen
Dandi - Level 29 Floette
Lucha - Level 31 Hawlucha
Goomy - Level 28 Goomy
Flingouste - Level 30 Clauncher
Littlefoot - Level 27 Amaura

Shiny Espeon0429

Well-Known Member
I just passed the seventh gym, but that "romantic moment" that was supposed to happen with Shauna hasn't happened yet.

It may not be what people are referring to, but there was definitely some sexual tension on the balcony watching the fireworks in the mansion where you get the Pokeflute!


I just passed the seventh gym, but that "romantic moment" that was supposed to happen with Shauna hasn't happened yet.

Yeah, I'm beginning to think that all of that "romance" stuff was just people blowing things out of proportion.


An elderly couple in Luminouse talked about the 40th wedding aniversary being Ruby, and the 45th Saphire =( I wish everything to have a hype!


Well-Known Member
It may not be what people are referring to, but there was definitely some sexual tension on the balcony watching the fireworks in the mansion where you get the Pokeflute!

Can't wait until I get to this part. ;)
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Back in MY day...
I've been on Route 8 for almost 2 hours searching for a Bagon, but have yet to encounter one. Im starting to question whether or not there are any here. Encountered a hoard of Wingull and captured one of them, which also happened to be a shiny. Also frustrated with the fact that every time I encounter a Seviper in a hoard, the Zangoose attack it.

Anyway, here are my stats so far.

Version: X
Current Location: Route 8
Badges: 1
Hours Played: 7:56

Current Team:

Frogadier Lv. 25
Pidgeotto Lv. 25
Charmeleon Lv. 24
Pikachu Lv. 23
Budew Lv. 25
Diggersby Lv. 23

Central Kalos Pokedex:
72 Seen
54 Obtained

Coastal Kalos Pokedex:
10 Seen
7 Obtained

82 Seen
61 Obtained
So begins the Elite 4. Can't say with words how easy it was this gen to level up pokemon. Here is my team going into the E4:
Lvl 89 Greninja
Lvl 71 Aegislash
Lvl 81 Blaziken
Lvl 69 Goodra
Lvl 70 Venusaur
Lvl 71 Florges

Wish me luck (like i'll need it)

XD Mewtwo

So I decided to take care of getting a perfect Yveltal later, so right now I'm playing X now, resetting Froakie til I get one with + Special Attack or Speed, preferably Timid or Modest.


Titan Tamer
Just saw jiraya in luminose badland lol. Seriously wonder of what is was talking about
have just defeated the elite four and despite my original plan to "catch em all" i ended up with a team i was happy with fairly early
Chestnaught 65
zorak (who isnt usually part of my team but was in there to evolve pancham) 50
talon flame (this has got to be one of my new favourites) 61
gogoat 59
pangoro 59
lapras 55

usually i have furfrou in insteasd of zorak and i believe she is in high 50s as well.

I think this is the first time i've used a normal type without it being a hm slave :/

Edited to add: just won my first wifi battle ever!
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New Member
beat elite 4, on hunt for megastones when the time is right :D

Greninja lv 76
Talonflame (shiny) lv 75
Pangoro lv 75
Tyrantrum lv 76
Dragalge lv 74
Goodra lv 65

post game seems a bit lacking in content... maybe there's more to explore?