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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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Sorry since I can make a new thread being a new member and half the other ones I check were locked I'm a new 3ds owner and haven't played since emerald so I naturally bought omega ruby

No idea how online trades work but I saw that larvitar was only catchable in x and y so I was looking for a trade...basically give away I don't care about evs and shiny..decent trait would be proffered but tyrannitar is my fave pokemon and I was a little let down when I saw he wasn't in these games after googling


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Over the past few days, I've been hatching a lot of eggs for my sister. She wants to do an Electric-only run on one of her games and has been making me and her friends breed Pokemon for her because we're all her slaves she's too lazy to do it herself for some reason.

Anyway, her friends managed to breed a few shiny Pokemon for her, so she wants me to breed shinies too. And since I'm practically her slave so nice, I couldn't say no and have been trying to do just that. I have been breeding on my Y as I have some Japanese Ditto on that game to use for the Masuda Method.

First, I bred for a shiny Joltik. I hatched a shiny one on my fourth egg! Wasn't expecting it that quickly lol.
Now, I'm hatching eggs in hopes of getting a shiny Chinchou. Right now, I'm up to 360 eggs hatched. I did consider trying the chain fishing thing at one point, but my sister wants to raise a Chinchou from level 1. Plus, going the egg route has allowed me to breed for IVs - currently have a 5 perfect IV Chinchou in the Day Care with a Japanese Ditto. Anyway, I'll continue hatching eggs later and hopefully get a shiny (with great IVs!) eventually.


So I got Pokemon X today... fancied a run through and my Y has all my pokemon on in. Got to purchase pokemon bank to transfer everything to my Aplha Sapphire game.

But with that aside I started my save.

Not much has been done for know but after this post im going to play it for a few hours and update as I go.

Called my guy Rex, I dont know why but I kind of like that name...

I got my Pokemon and instantly chose Froakie, hes my favourite 6th gen starter so it was a no brainer. I nicknamed him bubbles, I like to nickname my pokemon now and then although I am not the best at nicknames so I ran with Bubbles, any suggestions for nicknames would be appreciated and took into consideration.

I checked his stats and nature ect ect to see what he was like and he is a male... (obviously, with all the he, his and hims :p )
Bashful Nature
Likes to run

I then had my first battle against Fennekin which I won and Bubbles grew to Level 6, went and delivered Sycamores letter to my mum and started my Pokemon adventure!!!

I went to route 1 and got taught how to catch Pokemon but shortly after I saved and came onto here to dairy my adventure.

I plan on not using the exp because it makes the game too easy in my opinion. although I haven't played X and Y properly in a while so i'm looking forward to it

Sorry for the double post, just an update before I go to bed and boy!!!! it is a good one!

So I caught a Male Weedle on Route 2 before heading through Santalune Forest. It was a Male so I nicknamed him Clay. As in Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali), float like a butterfly sting like a bee. And with Weedle evolving into Beedrill its the first thing I thought of.

Clay has a Gentle nature and is Strong willed.

I went through Santalune forest, beating all the trainers and proceeded to route 3 and beat all the trainers there too. I then went into Santalune City and beat the skater for a pair of skates.

After, I went east onto route 22 where I decided to train my team to lvl 15 (Although they arnt that level yet, W.I.P ) and whilst training Clay who is infact a Bedrill now, I bumped into a Shiny Litleo!!!

I immediately threw pokeballs at it. I caught the Litleo in two pokeballs and I decided to call it Sarabi, from the Lion king as it was a femlae. I was never expecting a shiny to make an appearance so quick, nevermind a random encounter!

She has a Calm nature and loves to eat. I dont really know what the characteristics means tbh... help? :) I will also put picture on tomorrow as I am calling it a day now.

As soon as I nicknamed Sarabi I saved a quite. Thought Id end the day on a high :)
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Hi guys!

I'm new and I'm wondering if there is any threads on this site which is dedicated for trading pokemons?

Thanks for the help!



Heres the picture of the shiny as promised.


So happy!


No to contine my adventure.

I went on got my first badge with ease, I pretty much swept it with Sarabi. Although I shuffle my party around before unleashing her on all the trainers.
Also got the EXP. Share, and automatically turned it off! Yuckie!!!
Bubbles evolved into a Frogadier.
I then battled all the trainers on route 4 and then made my way into Lumiose City where I went to visit Professor Sycamore.
After a short battle with him I got to chose my Kanto starter which I decided to chose Bulbasaur as I already have a water and fire pokemon in Bubbles & Sarabi.

Bulbasaur turned out to be a male and I also nicknamed him Bruteroot. I couldnt think of any other nicknames for him... like I have previously stated, my nicknames are not brilliant.

He is Hardy nature and he too also Loves to eat. (Seems like I have some rather greedy pokemon lol, as he and Sarabi both have the same characteristics!)

I then found out that I had to meet Serena at the Cafe but I decided to save it there for now as I didnt have a lot of time to play.

Thats it for now!
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Mrs. Oreo

- So I finished my battle with Calem at the Tower of Mastery, then I went to Shalour's gym again cuz Korrina the gym leader had finally gone back ha ha. When I was inside, I battled. ^^
- I skated around until each of the trainers was defeated and now I faced Korrina and I mostly used Meowstic's psychic attacks to win. I was handed the Rumble badge as well next.
- I left the gym and did some healing next and I went to the Tower of Mastery again cuz I had to get the mega ring. I climbed to the top and I had to defeat Korrina using her Lucario.


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Last week, I continued trying to hatch a shiny Chinchou for my sister. Fortunately, I only had to fill up a whole PC box & a little bit of another one before getting a shiny. Hatched it on egg #402.

After that, my sister told me she also wanted me to breed her a shiny Rotom. So, I started hatching Rotom eggs the next afternoon. I was worried it would take another 400 eggs or even more, but I got the shiny on my 19th egg! (And I must say, shiny Rotom looks awesome)

Next, I traded with my sister as she wanted me to store her shiny Mareep and (I think?) Dedenne on my game until she needs them when she starts her Omega Ruby (which could take a while...) Anyway, I got her Pokemon from the trade and checked their IVs and Hidden Power types before storing them in my PC.


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Fighting through Pokeball Factory was a cakewalk. Thunder handled most of the Flare grunts and Mega Wooley swept the admins. The problems came in Frost Cavern. Tons of hyper potions were used, as well as a Max Revive. Most of the Trainers have lvl 44+ pokemon while mine were lvl 42-43. Mable's Houndoom was lvl 48 as well, but Mega Wooley handled it easily. Took some time to go train in route 15. Caught a Liepard for a Wondertrade Joke trade. Got a lvl 5 Seedot back, so i assume i helped someone with a Wonderlocke. Also caught a Pawniard, named Danger, for help against Olympia and Calem's Meowstic. While training i discovered i never got Rock smash back in Ambrette Town. So i deposited Danger, withdrew my HM slave Hawlucha and flew back to teach it to him. Used Hawlucha to clear out all the Rock Smash spots and Strength Rocks in Route 15 and 16. Thunder evolved into Flygon on the way through Route 16. Once i reached Lumiose City again, i swapped Hawlucha back out for Danger. Spent some time fishing with a new Super Rod to beat the fishermans Chain-fishing record. Got 20 Dive balls out of it. Once everyone was lvl 45 and Danger was lvl 38 i decided to head for Route 17. Route is a lot shorter than i remember. Anyway once i reached Anistar City I decided to test my team agaist Calem. Danger actually managed to defeat Meowstic despite being 6 levels lower. The rest of the fight was handled by Thunder. After the fight, i headed over and gave an old man that Seedot to look after. I also flew back to Route 3 for a fishing trip. Caught a Seaking and Corphish on the trip, but was surprised when i found a Gyarados.

Apple/Chesnaught - lvl 45
Ying-Yang/Pyroar - lvl 46
Midnight/Aromatisse - lvl 45
Wooley/Ampharos lvl 45
Thunder/Flygon lvl 45
Danger/Pawniard lvl 40
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Made my way through route 5 discovering horde battles and beating Tierno also trained Bruteroot until he evolved into a Ivysaur and also to get him on par with the rest of the team!

Made it to Camphrier Town where I then visited the Pokemon centre and Boxed Clay as I decided to use Bruteroot as my Cut HM Pokemon. I also discovered the name rater in the Pokemon centre and decided to change Bubbles name to Yakuza. I dont know why but in my own opinion it seems more bad a** :p

Went to the Shabboneau Castle to find out that Snorlax is asleep on the bridge on route 7. I also got told about the pokeflute and where i can find it and im currently on route 6 making my way for it.

Current team:

Yakuza - Frogadier - Lv 19
Sarabi - Litleo - Lv 18
Bruteroot - Ivysaur - Lv 18

So I went back to Route 4 to catch myself a Ralts which I nicknamed Gladius which is Latin for sword. I named him that because I am planning to turn him into a Gallade and I thought it fits.
I also trained him until he evolved into a Kirlia and was a close lvl to the rest of the team.

I made my way to Parfum Palace to collect the Poke Flute to wake up Snorlax. Decieded not to catch him and beat him for Exp. After that I found the breeding centre along with the Battle Chateau which I made use of by battling all the trainers in there.

I finally made my way Ambrette Town where I visited the Fossil lab only to discover the researcher had gone to Glittering Cave, so I made my way through Route 9 on a Rhyorn. And in the Glittering Cave I came across Team Flare, I played the hero game and saved the day and got the Jaw Fossil of of the Professor when I came to his aid.

I then headed back to the Fossil Lab and brought my Jaw Fossil to life which turned out to be Tyrantrum who I decided to nickname Alpha. To be fair couldnt really thing of much for nicknames for this one so I just referenced a name of a Raptor from Jurassic Word :)

Made my way to Cyllage City and got my bike and I had to chose the Green bike. I also went to the clothes shop and matched my clothing to my bike. I got a green zipped jacket so im running with a green theme atm.

I then went and got my 2nd Badge which was a tough task as my Pokemon were undertrained (My Pokemon vs opponents Pokemon were around the same level & I usually like to train my team to be higher) but it made the game a little harder and had to use items and tactics to get my Cliff badge.

After I got my 2nd Badge I also decided that I do not want to use Alpha in my team and therefore I boxed him... havent really planned the last 2 team members but time will tell. I never usually plan teams I just run with how I feel during my playthrough.

Thats all for now
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So I've been nursing this group of HA 'mons for a while now on my X version; critters I've been meaning to train since... gosh, last year already?! They're supposed to be for my retired teams from previous generations, as well as a Gooey Goodra for my main team. In total, I had a Motor Drive Electivire (the only non-HA of the bunch), a Justified Lucario, a Speed Boost Blaziken (no mega), a Rough Skin Garchomp, a Magic Guard Alakazam, a Sheer Force Feraligatr, and the aforementioned Goodra. They'd already been levelled up a bit from previous attempts, but I'd been so bored of Le Wow that I just kept procrastinating this project for a long, LONG time, so making such tremendous headway on it this afternoon/evening while I was chillin' at my mom's place doing my laundry feels really good.

As of this moment, my Lucario, Goodra, Blaziken, and Electivire are Lv.100; my Zam is Lv.97; my Gatr is Lv.93; and my Garchomp is Lv.78. I finally upgraded my EXP O-Power to Lv.3, as well, which made grinding so much faster. But, it's 10:45pm in my area right now, so it's just about time for bed. I don't have to be up all that early in the morning, so maybe I'll finish this long-forgotten project tomorrow! ...Or maybe I'll just go back to my usual routine and procrastinate on it a bit longer. Who knows? Stay tuned for updates!

Update: PROJECT COMPLETE!!! I woke up early and hammered out the last of the levels I had to grind in a couple of hours! Feels good, man!
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I did a few things on Y tonight. First, I flew to Kiloude to check the IVs of some of the non-shiny Rotom I hatched earlier. I found one with 5 perfect IVs and stored it in a separate PC box with the best Chinchou I hatched. Want to send them to my Omega Ruby so that I can raise a Lanturn & Rotom on that game in the future.

Next, I used Wonder Trade to give away a few of my remaining Rotom. Got mostly foreign language Pokemon in return, which was interesting, including Klefki, Helioptile, and Kecleon.

After that, I went back to the Day Care to get the Pokemon I had in it out as I forgot earlier. Finally, I saved and then transferred my best Rotom & Chinchou to my Bank.


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I was being plain stupid. I traded a few non shiny Pumpkaboo on GTS, with 4 IVs, I traded a moment before a shiny (not Pumpkaboo) for a Dragonite (for my living dex). And the description was "it's shiny". I forgot to remove the description, and I got a 4 IV Typhlosion for a 4 IV Pumpkaboo, and some people really thought that it was shiny.


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Started with testing Danger against the Exeggutor trainer in Anistar gym. He managed to knock exeggutor to half health before being Ko'd by two Wood Hammers. Headed back to Route 16 to train him up a couple more levels. Caught a Magneton during a trip to lost Hotel and headed back to Route 13 to evolve it. Put Magnezone on wonder trade and it went to a person just starting a OR/AS game as Liepard did a few weeks ago. eventually Danger reached level 42 and i headed back to the gym. Danger did decent against the rest of the trainers but, Wooley handled Olympia pretty well. Then started the Team Flare battles. The fight against Lysandre was easy. Midnight vs Mienfoo and then Mega Wooley vs the rest. Besides Golbat Confusing Wooley the Flare grunts were not that difficult either. Helps that there was the room of beds to heal my pokemon. Mostly ignored AZ's story because ive heard it a few times before. After defeating Xerosic and him activating the Ultimate weapon i flew to Geosenge. This battle with Lysandre went almost the same as the Lumiose battle. Except Gyrados took out Wooley with Earthquake and Apple had to finish it. the Admin and Grunt battles were all easy since they all targeted Calems pokemon 95% of the time. In the basement i was expecting a battle against 5 Houndoor, I dont know why. Caught Yveltal with the Masterball because i forgot to save and didnt wanna do the whole base over. Sent Danger to the PC temporarily so Yveltal could fight the second Lysandre fight. Swapped Danger and Yveltal again once i flew back to Anistar. Had tons of trouble trying to train Danger on route 18 and Terminus cave. After two trips to the Poke center, i gave up and turned on the EXP share. Explored Terminus Cave with Apple just enough until Danger evolved into Bisharp. Got a Heart Scale from rock smash, so i flew back to Dendemille and taught Danger Iron Head. During the fight in Couriway Town with Sycamore, Wooley took out Charizard and Blastoise and Ying-Yang had Venusaur. Skipped over most of Route 19 because i didnt want to go get Lapras out of the PC at the moment. Nthing exciting during the fights with Shauna, Trevor or Tierno. Though i do wonder how the bridge we fought on didnt break. :p Quick change of clothes in Snowbelle and it was off to route 20. Caught a Jigglypuff named Norma for no special reason at the time. Got lost for a little, but eventually found Wulfric at Pokemon Village. At the Gym Ying-Yang Melted everything with no trouble. Traded Norma for Pierce and taught Apple Fenzy Plant as i explored the City. Flew back to Santalune to avoid Route 21.

Apple/Chesnaught - lvl 55
Ying-Yang/Pyroar - lvl 55
Midnight/Aromatisse - lvl 55
Wooley/Ampharos lvl 55
Thunder/Flygon lvl 55
Danger/Bisharp lvl 55
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Boys, Girls, I want to share my good mood, because while breeding for Egg moves in my Pokemon Y game I randomly obtained a shiny Omanyte! This was unexpected and welcomed! I had that mixed feeling of "well, it could've happened at a better time, with good natures and egg moves" but you never spit on a natural shiny so I was really happy.

Just a bit later while passing Haze to the Krabby that I intended to breed from the get to go... Another shiny happened! And this time it had a positive nature (set with Everstone), came in a bank ball and had actual egg moves! This is some crazy luck because Krabby was my first shiny Pokemon back in Ruby.

Since this all happened thanks to the Community that provided the pokes I needed for my project (I'm away from my old games so I couldn't fetch the bank balls nor moves myself at the time), I feel like I have to give back something to you guys so I'm thinking about holding a few giveaways in order to "pay back" the stupid good luck I had with two unexpected shinies in a row like this :D


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Hi guys, new to the forums here, so sorry if this has been answered. I just started a new run of X today, and I noticed that the player character is holding a yellow 3ds with what looks like the Pokémon 20 years-art on it. Has this always been there, or is it a new feature? Couldn´t remember seeing it before...


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Started playing X a few days ago and, in something new for me, I went in pretty much blind. I didn't follow any of the pregame hype very closely like I did with Black and White and BW2 or even Diamond and Pearl. I had some idea of what to expect--I knew the first stages of the starters and was aware of Mega Evolution, for instance--but I knew basically no new Pokemon, no Gym Leaders, no storyline, nothing about the region, etc. So it's been a different kind of playing experience so far.

Currently, I'm up to Shalour City. I cleared everything I needed to do there with the Mega Evolution Guru and battling Serena and I just spent most of my playtime yesterday and today level grinding on Route 12. I'm pretty neurotic about level grinding, and my general rule of thumb is to have all party Pokemon 6 levels higher than the highest wild Pokemon I can find in the area. Since the highest I bumped into on Route 12 were Lv. 25, and I just finished bringing up my whole team to Lv. 31. I'm currently outside the Shalour City Gym, ready to battle Korrina. I'm not sure if Lv. 31 will be good enough to beat her, especially since I don't have anything strong against the Fighting type. I'll battle the Trainers in her Gym to get a sense.

It's pretty exciting to have all my Pokemon past Lv. 30. They'll start evolving pretty soon--Fletchinder and Quilladin are just around 5 levels away, give or take; Pancham is one level away (and I have a Dark-type Pokemon to get him to evolve, shoutout to Inkay); Litleo is just like one level, and Tyrunt is only a few away as well. Only one who won't be evolving soon is Helioptile, partly because I don't have a Sun Stone and partly because I want to wait until later to make sure he learns all the moves he needs.

Anyway, long story short, I have 6 Pokemon all at Lv. 31 and I'm about to step into the Shalour City Gym to take on Korrina for badge #3.

Team so far:

I wanted a team of all Kalos Pokemon, and unfortunately I didn't have room for Hawlucha, which actually might be my favorite Kalos Pokemon. (Would've been a third Fighting type and second Flying type.) Yeah, I know it's not a super balanced team--two Fire types, two Fighting types, 3 weaknesses to Fairy, etc--but it's in-game, so it shouldn't matter too much, right? Just went with Pokemon I liked.
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@^: You get a Sun Stone in Shalour City. Show the Intriguing Stone to a hiker near the Rte. 12 gate after getting it appraised by Gurkinn, and he trades you a Sun Stone for it. You can also get any evolution stone at any time in the game you want from Super Training, altho they only drop from the top-tier training games, so it takes a bit of grinding to unlock them.

Mrs. Oreo

- So I finished winning against Korrina and she gave me the Lucario that I had borrowed, then I went back to Shalour city once again cuz I had to exchange pokemon on the PC ha ha.
- I went toward Route 12's gate now and saw Calem and he gave me the Surf Hm, which I now taught to my pokemon. I grabbed a gift Lapras as well at Route 12 and began surfing next. :3
- I defeated some trainers right before visiting the Skiddo pasture and I rode on one and picked up items and then I crossed the flowers and started heading toward Coumarine city.


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Today, I used Wonder Trade to get rid of a few of the Rotom I hatched a while ago. Got the usual stuff in return - Zigzagoon, starters, etc. Didn't get anything too interesting.

After that, I went to several places around the Kalos region to visit some berry trees. I managed to obtain several berries and also re-explore some areas.

Finally, I returned to the Battle Chateau. I battled a few trainers there and swept them all with my Delphox.

Mrs. Oreo

- I finished exploring the land section of Route 12's path, so now I went to the shore and surfed until I reached the Azure Bay area. I did some fishing and won some battles along the islands.
- I picked up items on the small islets and I went back to Route 12 when I was done. I entered Coumarine city finally and I passed the boats and got a new fishing rod as well. ^^
- When I was finally inside the monorail station, I spoke with Diantha and professor Sycamore, grabbed the Fly Hm and then I went to Coumarine's southern half and healed my team.