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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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Currently trying to get a shiny Nincada from Masuda method. Trying to hatch the egg on and off for about two weeks. It's a struggle.
Traded the team I had on my second X play-through so I can restart and play-through it for the third time. (That team was, if you're curious: Furfrou, Tyrantrum, Aegislash, Lapras, Hawlucha and Houndoom)

This third play-through I'm doing is going to be different, in that I'll be trying something I've never done before, team-wise.
The team I'll have will consist of the six Pokemon Ash has had during his Kalos adventure on the anime.

That team will end up being:


I know he doesn't have Goodra anymore, that's just to have a full team of six.
Also, I'm not going to have the exact move-set they have on the anime because I do need to account for some HMs I'll need.

All in all, this should be quite an interesting (and at times, challenging) play-through. :)

Mrs. Oreo

- I visited a few more spots in Coumarine city, then I went to the gym and saw Calem outside and he wanted to challenge me cuz he's a masochist ha ha. I won and entered the gym.
- I swung from vines in Coumarine's jungle based gym and defeated trainers on my way up to Ramos' location. When I arrived, I battled his grass types and won the Plant badge.
- I went down a slide and healed my team next and did some shopping as well before leaving to Route 13's path. I went through the desert and caught a Gible and saw Team Flare nearby too.
- I started my new X adventure with meeting my two new friends Shauna and Serena. Looked in some nearby houses while talking to everyone I could talk to.
- Made my way down Route 1 to Aquacorde town where I met two more of my friends, Tierno and Trevor. I then received my first Pokemon, Froakie.
- As I made my back to Vaniville town Shauna asks me to battle her, where I win. I then continue my way back to Vaniville town to give my Mom her letter.
- After looking around the rest of Aquacorde town, I make my way to Route 2 where I get taught how to catch Pokemon.
- I then proceed to catch Pokemon to add to my team.

Team so far (bolded = Pokemon I'm keeping on my team)

- Froakie ( lv. 7)
- Pidgey (Lv. 7)
- Bunnelby (Lv. 7)
- Fletchling (Lv. 7)
- Zigzagoon (Lv. 7)

Mrs. Oreo

- I finished exploring the Kalos power plant's desert exterior and received a key that allowed me to go inside. When I got in, I saw a room full of employees who were kept as hostages.
- I went to the back room of the power plant and discovered more Team Flare stooges there, which I began defeating hee hee. I defeated Aliana as well and I saved the power plant.
- I went out again and went south till I saw a tall man by the Lumiose city entrance. When I was at North Boulevard, I chatted with Shauna and saw Clemont by the Prism Tower/gym.


Panda Power
So i rage quit my Y playthrough.

My pokemon were 2 levels lower than the Victory Road pokemon and 5 less then the Strongest Trainers. Also the E4 are levels 63-68. Didnt feel like spending 2 days training my whole team up 10 levels. (forgot about the EXP Share until after i deleted my game.) Team got Wiped out by a Snorlax at the end of Victory Road, so i had to do the whole cave over again. Then I ran into a Medicham trainer i missed the first time and she Ko'd my team a Second time. Minor complaint, but i also couldnt find the Brick Break and Energy Ball TMs anywhere. Despite searching Route 20 and Terminus Cave from top to bottom.

I regret it now, but it is done.
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After battling the youngster (I can't recall his name at the moment) outside Santalune forest, I went inside and caught two more Pokemon to put on my team: Pansear and Pikachu. Since we now gain experience through just catching Pokemon, I only catch Pokemon that will be permanent (or decent temporary additions) to my teams.

- I then proceeded to explore the rest of Santalune forest battling any trainer I could and finding the occasional item.
- I then left Santalune forest and began making my way through route 3 towards Santalune city, battling any trainers I could on the way there.
- Arrived at Santalune city where I began looking around and talking to various people
- Made my way to route 22 where I caught (and added) a Riolu temporarily to my team, also training up my party for my gym battle.
- After, I went to the gym and battled Viola where I won.

Team so far:

- Pikachu (Lv. 11)
- Riolu (Lv. 9)
- Froakie (Lv. 9)
- Pansear (Lv. 9)
- Fletchling (Lv. 9)
- Zigzagoon (Lv. 10)


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Just beated two people (out of ~ 8) in random Battle Spot Battles. The first one was a pure lucky one in which I, in the end, defeated a mega evolved Mewtwo (X), with a Kyogrew which succeeded with sheer cold, while my team (of 4 Pokémon) in double battles was almost defeated. The second one was 2 vs 0 thanks to a few attacks that landed in the end. Almost beaten more people, but 1 used Arceus with Perish song, I had two mons left and he in the end only Arceus, because he switched it out.

Mega Altaria

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I played Pokémon X and started to finish the National Pokédex. At first, I levelled up Chespin so that it could evolve into Quilladin in Victory Road. I didn't have much time but at least Chespin evolved. Once it evolved into Quilladin, I saved.
- Explored Route 4 while picking up the items that I could find, but not battling trainers the first time around
- I then met Sina and Dexio, and they introduced me to the new Fairy type, I then made my way to Lumiose City.
- I arrived in Lumiose city and walked to the Pokemon lab
- Before going to the top floor of the lab, I looked around the first two floors to talk to anybody I could.
- I got to the top floor where I had my (as in my character) first face-to-face meeting with Professor Sycamore.
- We had a battle, and then he gave me my choice of which Kanto starter I wanted. I chose Charmander, but I have no plans of using it.

Team so far:

- Zigzagoon (Lv. 10)
- Riolu (Lv. 10)
- Fletchling (Lv. 10)
- Pansear (Lv. 10)
- Froakie (Lv. 11)
- Pikachu (Lv. 11)
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Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Played X to continue my quest to complete the Pokédex. Today was very productive and I ended up getting Chesnaught, Frogadier, Greninja, Diggersby, Linoone, Fletchinder, Talonflame, Pidgeot, Metapod, Butterfree, Kakuna and Beedrill registered in my Dex. Most of it was done by level grinding in Victory Road while the bugs levelled up at Frost Cavern. After such production, I saved in the Dendemille Town Pokémon Center.
All I did the last time I played was exploring Route 5:

- Meeting Korrina for the first time
- Battled against Tierno for the first time (I think this is the first time you battle him...?)
- Obtained the TM for Hone Claws

Then I arrived in Camphrier Town


Completed my national dex for my Y :) got the shiny charm. Booming!

Going to complete my pokemon X now then going to transfer my pokemon I want to my Y and start again with a new team.
- I went to Shabboneau Castle to look for the Poke-Flute, but it wasn't there
- I went to to Route 7 to find that a Snorlax was blocking the bridge, so I had to go to Parfuk Palace to find the Poke-Flute
- I look around Parfum Palace a bit where I eventually end up in the Courtyard where I had to chase down a Furfrou that ran away
- I watched the fireworks with Shauna, and then afterwards I received the Poke-Flute along with the Protect TM
- I left Parfum Palace and went back to Route 7 to wake up (and catch) Snorlax
- I then began levelling up my team a bit before my up coming double battle with my friends

Team so far:

- Zigzagoon (Lv. 12)
- Riolu (Lv. 13)
- Fletchling (Lv. 12)
- Pansear (Lv. 12)
- Froakie (Lv. 12)
- Pikachu (Lv. 13)


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Started Pokemon X yesterday for the first time. Started out with a Froakie (I can't wait to get Greninja). Caught a Scatterbug and Fletchling en route. Caught a Pansour and Pansage and a second Fletchling while making my way to the first gym. Managed to defeat the first gym with some luck (Fletchling definitely helped), then battled Sycamore and beated his three Kanto starters.

Plan on sending Pansour, Pansage and the second Fletchling to OR to get some serious training done.

Current team is:
- Fletchling (lvl 15)
- Spewpa (lvl 9)
- Froakie (lvl 13)

Bolded are the one I plan on keeping on my team for a long time.
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- I finished leveling my party up before my tag-team battle(?) with Serena, Trevor and Tierno
- I then made my way across route 107 where I learned about the Daycare and the Battle Chateau
- I go to the end of the route where Serena, Trevor and Tierno and me had our tag team battle(?)
- I then made my way through Connecting Cave where I caught an Axew to replace the Zigzagoon I had on my team originally.
- I arrived at Ambrette Town where Me and Serena were to go to the fossil lab to learn about Mega Evolution
- From there I go on to investigate Route 109 to get to Glittering Cave
- I search the cave to eventually have my first meeting with Team Flare

I'm now just leveling up the Pokemon I have a bit before I have that last battle against Team Flare in Glittering Cave

Team so far:

- Axew (Lv. 14)
- Riolu (Lv. 14)
- Fletchling (Lv. 14)
- Pansear (Lv. 14)
- Froakie (Lv. 15)
- Pikachu (Lv. 15)


I just traded a level 14 slurpuff for a level 74 rayquaza on the GT...
I'm pretty stoked tbh but does anyone have any advice on how to check if it's hacked? It looks alright to me but I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
- Started by finishing leveling up my team so I'm strong enough to face Team Flare for the final time in Glittering flare, which Serena and I, together, accomplished. I then received the the Jaw fossil from the scientist
- I proceeded to look around the rest of Route 8 where I smashed the rocks I could find to receive some items (including the Dowsing Machine) or find Pokemon
- I arrived in Cyllage city and began looking around the place
- I then started backtracking everywhere I've been previously using the Dowsing Machine to find hidden items

I'm still doing that last point, actually. I left off at Santalune City the last time I played

Team so far:

- Axew (Lv. 17)
- Lucario (Lv. 17)
- Fletchinder (Lv. 17)
- Pansear (Lv. 16)
- Frogadier (Lv. 17)
- Pikachu (Lv. 17)


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took a bit of time recently to continue my MM pairing for a dive ball corsola and got a shiny regenerator with 5 perfect IVs (missing speed iv). i EV trained the corsola and got 3/4 moves onto it and all thats left is SR and 30 or so levels to get it to lvl 50. i had to restart the pairing a few times in the past to breed other pkmn but im glad i got that shiny bred out. i also got an awesome honedge in a MOON ball from WT, i had to let it go free for obvious reasons.

Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis
A few days ago, I restarted Y in frustration after losing my Greninja (I was doing a Nuzlocke). I decided to do a Badge Quest instead, and looked up the shiny appearances of every Pokémon obtainable before the Santalune Gym battle, finally settling on Fennekin. And, let me tell you, SRing for a shiny is boring. I don't know how people do it.